"I had a leg injury from a long time ago. In this class, students continue to build on their foundation with more variations of practice and a wider range of poses. ", 300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Program, Learn about our live virtual online classes. Instruction focuses on breathing fundamentals (Ujjayi), basic pose names and foundational alignments, and Forrest Yoga Basic Moves for safe practice. The Yoga Teacher Training Program at All About Yoga integrates the ancient science of yoga with contemporary styles of Hatha Yoga and cutting-edge research on the benefits of yoga and meditation. HIBS YOGA is a Forrest Yoga studio, our principles of practice are Breath, Strength, Integrity, and Spirit. HIBS YOGA Therapeutics is the perfect class for students looking to restore, heal, rejuvenate, and explore their practice at a slower pace. Click on each workshop in the calendar for a detailed description including cost and prerequisites. Take Heart Yoga . Henderson yoga studio, beginner friendly, yoga teacher training facility, yoga for injuries, perinatal yoga, therapeutic yoga. Click on the classes in the calendar for more information and registration options. HIBS YOGA Intensive is a challenging 90 minute class for students with an established practice and a solid understanding of the basics, who are ready to go deeper. I thought yoga might help, but I wasn't sure I'd be able to do all these moves without hurting myself. 80 N. Pecos Rd. This program will enrich your personal practice and provide the foundation for cultivating your own unique teaching style. HIBS YOGA Restorative is a slow paced, meditative class for students of all levels from brand new Beginner to Advanced, no yoga or meditation experience necessary. One-on-one attention guarantees that your practice is good medicine for your body. Below are yoga teachers we love and where they teach. Students with automatically renewing memberships are eligible for 10% off, email hibs@hibsyoga.com for details. HIBS YOGA Mixed Levels is a moderate 60 minute class for Intermediate, Advanced, and Beginner level students with a general understanding of the basics. By mastering the ancient wisdom and modern day applications of our practice, your journey with yoga will unfold in miraculous ways, rippling out into your life, and extending the gifts of your practice to everyone in it. Yoga Pod Reno is a 3-room yoga studio serving Reno since 2016. Our teacher training programs are designed to pull you out of stagnation in your yoga practice and in your life. Yoga teacher training is a doorway to your own healing, and a stepping stone for becoming the teacher and leader that you are destined to be. Henderson yoga studio, beginner friendly, yoga teacher training facility, yoga for injuries, perinatal yoga, therapeutic yoga. Students learn techniques for safe stretch and therapeutic strengthening to increase range of motion, reduce stress in joints, get relief from aches and pains, and recover from, or protect against injuries. Choose any class from the Calendar below to see a detailed description and Reserve. Suite C. Henderson, Nv 89074 702.789.4814 takeheartyoga@yahoo.com We help beginners, gym-avoiding yogis, and older adults struggling with pain, injuries, and anxiety heal without elective surgery, wean off their meds, and get on the floor to play with their kids (or grandkids) without fear of hurting themselves. We also have regular yoga workshops, so … HIBS YOGA Therapeutics is a gentle class for students of all levels from brand new Beginner to Advanced. Established RYS 200-Hour, 300-Hour Yoga Teacher Training and YACEP Continuing Education providers and Yoga Teacher Training in Las Vegas. Shapes are comfortable and held for a luxurious length of time, completely supported by bolsters, blankets, and other yoga props. We recommend: Henderson Aikido, Henderson Parks & Recreation and Evolution Yoga. No more second guessing whether you’re doing it right or not. We offer yoga teacher training, stress management, and yoga teacher continuing education CEC's. HIBS stands for “Holistic Integration of Body and Spirit”, HIBS also stands for “Healing Injuries with Breath and Strength”. Our studio at 2525 W. Horizon Ridge Pkwy is now open for Private Sessions and Small Group Classes. I was practicing yoga here before HIBS took over, and just dealing with it on my own. I'm amazed! This practice is VERY different. Teachers show various demonstrations, and provide lots of clear, specific instructions that are easy to understand and follow. All classes are set to a comfortable room temperature of 80-85 degrees, Teachers incorporate skillful therapeutic hands-on assists, Multiple teachers in each class to address individual needs and concerns, Lots of personal attention to help students feel safe and comfortable, Aromatherapy is used to access deeper layers of integration and healing, 300-Hour Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Program. This is the first time I've been without pain in over 10 years. Students also gain tools for working at their own pace while building strength and flexibility using up-levels and down-levels. Our expert teachers will help you get out of pain immediately, and teach you how to work with your injuries to ensure long-term relief. Guided meditation, breathing, and relaxation techniques are used to let go of habitual tension, anxiety, and stress. They taught me how to be pain-free in my yoga practice. These special events are hosted by HIBS YOGA Mentor Teachers, visiting experts, Forrest Yoga Guardians & master teachers. This class is not suitable for brand new beginners. We are also offering regularly scheduled live virtual group classes online via ZOOM. This practice is more mental than physical. Hours. Henderson yoga studio, beginner friendly, yoga teacher training facility, yoga for injuries, perinatal yoga, therapeutic yoga.