Would you rather earn a huge sum of money doing work you hate or a small sum of money doing work you love? Hit the pink button to get your free copy today. Would you rather lose your dog or your father? Would you rather cheat in a test and get 100% or not cheat and get 30%? Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. Funny Would You Rather Questions For Couples. These personal would you rather questions for couples will have you learning things about your spouse that you didn’t know before. (Although the dirty would you rather questions are often best saved for when you can act out your preferences!). Would you rather be dirty in the bedroom or romantic? Would you rather end homelessness or domestic violence? 3. Would you rather be besties with the boss or the receptionist? So you can relax there. Would you rather always be late or always be early? Would you rather have your favorite food every day of the year or not eat it at all for a year? Make sure you check out all the other questions for couples too! Learn how your comment data is processed. Next: 100 Get to Know You Questions . Would you rather have salty buttered popcorn or sweet caramel popcorn? Would you rather have your belly kissed or have your thighs kissed? Would you rather be the last two people in a zombie apocalypse or be on a stranded island? Would you rather have your parents walk in on you or your children walk in on you? If You’re Playing With A Crush... Basically, you can use dirty ‘Would You Rather?’ questions to get to … Whether it be a young relationship or a ten-year marriage, keeping things fresh in the bedroom isn't easy. Would you rather dominate in bed or be dominated? Would you rather give oral or receive oral? Would you rather have the most loyal dog in the world or friends? Would you rather pass away before your partner or after your partner? Would you rather do something nice for your partner or buy something nice for your partner? If you and your Special One are bored and in need of a fun game to play, you should try these interesting would you rather questions for couples. You might also like: Fun questions for married couples. Would you rather exercise together or watch a movie together? Would you rather watch erotica or read erotica? These would you rather questions for couples will help you see your partner in a whole new light! Would you rather have eloped or had a wedding with 500 guests? The gamers can pick between two supposedly good alternatives or supposedly bad alternatives, but answering “both” or “neither” is … 14 Of The Hardest "Would You Rather" Relationship Questions That Are Really Gonna Make You Think. Would you rather euthanize your spouse yourself or have them live longer but die in pain? Discover unique things to do, places to eat, and sights to see in the best destinations around the world with Bring Me! Would you rather have all the money you could desire or all the love you could desire? It's time to make some hard decisions. But even strong relationships require regular care and attention to flourish. Follow your heart or your head while making important decisions about your love life? Your email address will not be published. Would you rather be able to sing or be able to draw? Would you rather be kissed on the mouth or on the breasts? You might also like: How well do you know me questions. Would you rather be underweight or overweight? Would you rather eat grasshoppers or tarantulas? Would you rather know how to juggle or how to do magic tricks? Would you rather have an emergency fund or have a travel fund? I hope you enjoyed these would you rather questions for couples. How about you ask each other some of these would you rather questions for couples? Would you rather have the same fight every time or different fights every time? Wanting a fun conversation with your partner? I already had one cat so I thought I’d get a few more and call it a day. Then, thanks to a mutual friend, I met Ben and finally got my happy ever after. Would you rather sacrifice yourself and save the life of a child or live and cause the death of a child. Would you rather celebrate a significant birthday with a party or with your spouse? This quiz might make or break your relationship. Would you rather do dinner and movies or play 10 pin bowling? Would you rather make love on the beach or in a pool? Would you rather questions, also known as this or that questions, are questions that present you with two choices. Welcome! Would you rather go on a fun date or be given an expensive gift? And because no one wants to see any of those situations go bad, I’ve tried to make these would you rather questions interesting but not super gross or uncomfortable (that’s to say, there’s nothing like, “Would you rather sleep with my mom or my sister?”). It involves picking between two options – would you rather do this or do that, which makes it a great … Wondering what to talk about on your next date night that's not work, kids or finances? I tested each one on my husband, from the fun, personal, relationship, and dirty, to the hard, and we had lots of fun doing it (but I hope his dad never asks what he answered to number five on the hard questions!). Would you rather be super intelligent or gifted in sports? Would you rather have more time or more money? Would you rather have a great relationship where things aren’t so great in the bedroom or a bad relationship where it’s great in the bedroom? Would you rather have world peace or unlimited wealth for yourself? We loved it. Would you rather go out for date night or do date night at home? Would you rather get rid of 99% of the world’s population or make extinct 99% of all living creatures? Would You Rather Questions or This or That questions game is an amazing game couples can play over text, or while laying next to each other. Your partner go through your phone every single day, Your partner be bad at sex and great at conversations, Your partner be great at sex and bad at conversations, Your partner pee on you every time you shower together, Have to secretly cheat on your partner once a month, Watch your partner sleep with someone else once a month, Have your partner accidentally vomit in your mouth while kissing, Have your partner accidentally shart on you during sex, Your partner's personality be EXACTLY like yours, Your partner's personality be the complete opposite of yours, Always have to pop your partner's pimples, Be the one to pay for everything in your relationship, Your partner have similar interests but different political views, Your partner have different interests but the same political views, Your partner has no ambition or goals but can hang out with you anytime, Your partner be extremely successful but too busy to see you as much as you'd like, Not be able to talk to your partner for a month, Not be able to touch your partner for a month, Never be able to hug or cuddle your partner again. Would you rather learn from your mistakes or never make any mistakes? You can ask would you rather questions in a whole variety of situations: on a road trip, on date night, when you’re at home relaxing – any time you want to have some fun. You might also like: Questions for couples. Would you rather have a quickie or have it last an hour? Would you rather hear a baby laugh or feel a cat purr? Grab your free printable question cards now for good conversation guaranteed. Would you rather keep our life together exactly the same or change aspects of our life? Would you rather… 1. Would you rather visit Europe or South East Asia? This recreation poses a dilemma in question form beginning with “would you as a substitute”. Would you rather save a pregnant woman or save a baby?