As such, Wonka believed that his father despised him, and was afraid to confront him, causing him to have a dislike for parenting and parents to the point where he refuses to even mention the word, and potentially a reason why he did not marry. With all of this money, Wonka decided to build his own chocolate factory, which opened to grand fanfare. Once recognizing him, Wilbur initially showed a stern face before lightening up after Wonka told him that he never flossed once. For example, when Augustus Gloop fell into the chocolate river, Wonka was only concerned about his chocolate being tainted, and when Violet Beauregarde swelled into a blueberry, Wonka, while showing some remorse, did not care about what Scarlett thought about the situation, playing it all off as a joke. He is always seen wearing a red coat that covers his entire body, as well as a top hat and a cane.Wonka is seen as an extremely eccentric and childish yet brilliant and innovative entrepreneur, having a personality that made a positive impact on Grandpa Joe when he worked on the factory. Wonka then had his teeth checked up by Wilbur, who realized that the teeth were the same as his son. When he got back to his apartment, however, his father had physically lifted the apartment away, leaving Wonka as a homeless orphan. Wonka was born to Wilbur Wonka on an unknown date. In order to stand out from the chocolate industry, Wonka invented new designs for not just chocolate, but for sweets as a whole; Grandpa Joe remembered a chocolate that produced a chirping candy bird when melted, an impressive feat that no other candy maker had done before. When Wonka warned the prince to eat all of the chocolate, Pondicherry refused, intending on living inside the palace. Because of his success and also his lack of investment in trade secret security, rival businesses started to send spies to steal his sweet ideas. As a child, his father was very strict, forcing Wonka to wear headgear that made it hard for him to talk, and burning his Halloween candy. When he did try to greet them, he was unable to communicate properly and had to rely on note cards to introduce himself and the factory. However, because of this, Wonka decided to fire all of his workers, including Grandpa Joe, and close his factory to the open, although he still constantly produced candy. More Charlie and the Chocolate Factory Wiki. However, this success will not last long. After many years, Wonka started his own business making chocolate, starting off at a small store on Cherry Street and employing many people, including Grandpa Joe, to help make chocolate.