Please enter your email address and we will send you an email with a reset password code. Christmas was dreary that year. Frank was both. After a time we went back to the chapel. Drag images here or select from your computer for Frank Rosolino memorial. In addition he had a wonderful spirit that always communicated itself to his associates on the bandstand or the record date. Published since 1970, JazzTimes—“America’s Jazz Magazine”—provides comprehensive and in-depth coverage of the jazz scene. Diane Armesto, Rosolino’s girlfriend and manager at the time of his death, wrote the lengthy liner notes. The beauty of his tone, his lightning-like delivery and his bebop ingenuity remain largely unspoiled throughout performances of the standards “Misty” and “I Thought About You” and his “Waltz for Diane.” Each affords ample verification of why Rosolino was much admired among trombonists as well as fans. Answer for question: Your name: Answers. I told him about the bus trip to Colorado. ..Frank had fought his share of the jazz wars. The man picked up the phone, dialed, and identified himself. The fascinating/documentary review of Frank Rosolino's experiences and growth through the various musical groups underline the constant striving for a situation that would allow more time and exposuire for his own creative expression well beyond the "charts" and the traditional 12/24 bar chorus limitation. Frank Rosolino took up Trombone at age 14,following Service in the Army's 86th Division in WWII he played in Many Bands, most notably with Gene Krupa then with Stan Kenton in Los Angeles California which by this time was serving up the beginnings of what was to be known as West Coast Jazz.Working with Howard Rumsey's Lighthouse All-Stars and leading his own groups. Also an additional 2 volunteers within fifty miles. "But he's beautiful," Don Menza's wife, Rose, said. The AO tells them to use Government quarters or privatized lodging, but which individual is not required to stay in either Government quarters or privatized lodging, What is one of the advantages of the GSA City Pair Fights. What happened in November 26, 1978? And, as Roger Kellaway said later. But Frank soon had her laughing too, and she left to get us the drinks. Unfortunately nobody then thought much of it. Free e-mail watchdog. ..Diane went to Donte's with a visiting girlfriend. Resend Activation Email. He doesn't really deserve to be in the same company as the misfits, oddballs, eccentrics and the certifiably crazy-psychotic musicians in this on-going series We Need to Talk About . Answer this question. Take my word for it," I said. Diane (the girl Frank was living with) had wanted to go to Donte's to hear Bill Watrous. Jazz trombonist, Turn Me Loose!. Let's pray together." The air was full of flies, drifting back and forth in lazy curves. d. November 26, 1978, Los Angeles, California, USA. I found myself going over it all again. ..I awoke in daylight to the sound of the pilot's voice telling us to fasten seat belts for the descent into Los Angeles. He was adopted by a cousin of his mother, Claudia Eien, and her husband, Gary.