Jillian Dara is a freelance travel writer and fact checker. We need your email address to send you trip itineraries and other updates. ", "Fantastic! Sync your trip to your phone, and then let Roadtrippers lead the way with turn-by-turn navigation. You can unsubscribe at any time by clicking on the link at the bottom of our emails. I couldn’t imagine trying to plan a trip without it now. Rear-wheel drive vehicles can’t handle much ice at all and front-wheel drives are average when it comes to slick surfaces, but all-wheel and four-wheel drives are better equipped for it. Not sure if this is a repost, but I found this great link. Keep up to date with our exciting news and stories about the weather. Check out Roadtrippers' resources for RVers. It works great. We paid for the Plus upgrade. It’s best to get broad-sided vehicles like large trucks and recreational vehicles off the road in the event of severe gusts. No one wants to have to make a pit stop at the nearest Target because they forgot to bring a pair of sunnies or a sweatshirt when the weather takes a turn. Road trip route planning can be tedious… and what do you get from it? Give us your email to receive awesome stories from the road right in your inbox. Travelling Interstate - Weather Conditions. Tuning Into Emergency Weather Information, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Roadtrippers will help you find all the best stops along the way. You will see the route you can travel along with the weather forecast for each stage at the time we expect you to be passing. Use These Tips to Plan Your Stargazing Road Trip, 10 Essential Tips for Your Winter Road Trip, How to Plan the Perfect Trip to See Fall Foliage, Top 10 Tips to Prepare for a Solo Road Trip, How Often Hurricanes Make Landfall in Florida, How to Plan for the Weather During Your Road Trip, TripSavvy uses cookies to provide you with a great user experience and for our. It then returns the corresponding forecast. View the changing weather conditions and search for cheap hotels along America's Interstate driving routes. US Weather Videos. Anything you plan or save automagically syncs with the apps, ready for you when you hit the road! I was telling my boyfriend as we sat in the RV and started crying as I described it to him. Torrential rains totaling up to two feet devastated portions of Central America earlier this week thanks to Tropical Storm Amanda. It isn't enough that it helps you find amazing places—you can also plan a trip to all of them. WeatherPlanner is a planning tool that provides long range weather forecasts around the United States and Canada. ", "I’m planning a 60 day road trip and this app makes it so much fun and far less work!! Good afternoon! Our database includes millions of the world’s most fascinating places, making planning the … Enter where you want to start and finish your road trip, and then discover the coolest “off the beaten path” places along the way. Travel Weather Forecast Planner. Tweet. Connect with us and hit up #keepexploring. America invented the road trip, but which are the greatest of the great? Created by design studio Stamen for the Weather Channel, the app forecasts the weather along your route and also shows you nearby attractions. ArcticS Driving Distances Across the USA - National Scenic Byways - Rent a Car. Weather plays a huge role in road tripping; it can turn an immaculately planned-out vacation into a total nightmare if you're not careful. Keep exploring with the Roadtrippers mobile apps. Enter where you want to start and finish your road trip, and then discover the coolest “off the beaten path” places along the way. While it is important to pack light for long car rides, it's more important to not leave critical pieces behind. ", "Used this app to to go Grand Teton National Park with my RV. ", "We are avid RVers ..we use Roadtrippers weekly. Everything you need to know about and expect during. Roadtrippers makes RV trip planning super easy and enjoyable. Know your ride and know the road before you attempt to drive in winter weather. When you encounter signs advising or requiring vehicles to have snow chains on the tires—oftentimes at higher elevation or in the far north—adhere to them and know how install them beforehand. "This app is beautiful. But there are several ways to prepare for inclement weather before getting behind the wheel. Discover the most incredible places and experiences worth the detour. ", "LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this website and app. It worked great. This service provides access to satellite imagery, real-time weather data, and forecasted hazards that may be applicable to your travels. Our travel weather tool is ideal for showing what weather you might run into - you can check the weather for your route for the next 14 days. Plan your next road trip route with Roadtrippers. During certain times of the year, wind, rain, hail, snow, and ice can send you into a ditch and put abrupt end to your trip. Happy days. ", "I've used numerous apps to plan our RV trips, but this is the most detailed yet, allowing you to plan days out, as well as search for very specific interests. East-West Interstates - Even Numbers. Her work has appeared in Travel + Leisure, USA Today 10Best, Michelin Guide, Hemispheres, DuJour, and Jetsetter. 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With our weather capabilities within the Route Planner we're now able to provide weather forecasts overlaid along your route, ... International Driving Permits and Brexit – your questions answered about driving in the EU. Check out Togo RV, our new app just for RVers. Wind at just 50 or 60 miles per hour can indeed blow you and your carload into a ditch. Seriously I recommend it to everyone, I love it! Lol. Tell us where you want to go and what you’re into. Our database includes millions of the world’s most fascinating places, making planning the unexpected easier than you thought. Heavy winds, even on a sunny day, are the bane of road trippers, especially RVers. Providing weather forecasts up to a year in advance, this is a highly valuable tool for choosing a date and geographic location for … It can feel like you need a local guide to get an authentic experience on your trip, but Roadtrippers helps you escape the tourist bubble and find the coolest stops. Plan your next road trip route with Roadtrippers. I see many more weekend trips in my future! U.S. Department of Transportation data shows that weather events cause more than 1 million crashes, half a million injuries, and more than 6,000 deaths every year. Melissa Popp is a contributing writer at TripSavvy, experienced in all things RVing, camping & the great outdoors. Tall tales, trip guides, & the world’s weird & wonderful. You can use the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA) website to find the radio frequency for your location. There are a few items no road tripper should leave home without. NOAA frequencies can help you get accurate, real-time information that not all apps can provide. Weather maps provide past, current, and future radar and satellite images for local, ... Click on a highway to view the forecast along the route: Zoom in to see individual cameras. North-South Interstates - Odd Numbers. Tropical Storm Fay made landfall along the coast of New Jersey on Friday afternoon. Plan your journey, find amazing places, and take fascinating detours with our app. 5. Keep up to date with our exciting news and stories about the weather. Fay, t... Read more . If high winds are in the forecast, consider sheltering in place until things calm down. Most of what you find online will funnel you into the same places, filled with other travelers. Share and plan trips with friends while discovering millions of places along your route. The National Weather Service's Enhanced Data Display (EDD) app allows you to create a custom map and track future weather along a specific route. At the bottom, it gives an added bonus of the weekly forcast for your final destination. Posts EN. Weather plays a huge role in road tripping; it can turn an immaculately planned-out vacation into a total nightmare if you're not careful.