Inspirational and uplifting music track featuring warm acoustic guitars and piano in the style of Americana, acoustic folk, and new country. Ideal for videos related to sports, action, power, energy, progress, technology, and much more! Best for video, mobile games, trailers, films, youtube videos. Instruments: low drum hits, deep piano, strings, brass, big drums, orchestral, percussion. 25. Heartwarming, light, and uplifting music with a positive and optimistic mood. Other war movies that are considered more fictional and uplifting often use similar bombastic songs to add drama and emotion. The one with the horrifying brain man. The one where Jamiroquai looks oddly like James Franco in Pharrell's hat. The one with all the rainbows! Trailer Action music with synths, sub bass, drums, FX, pads, vocal samples, leads, electric guitars, plucks and more. commercials, travel, extreme sport, GoPro, YouTube, Cyberpunk Theme, Sci-fi Theme, slideshows, sport video, drone video, adventure, video game, technology video, and much more! Great for adventure films, combat video gamed, future battle or an approaching enemy, fighting warriors, suspenseful moment, adrenaline trailers and more. Glorious new-age cinematic music intro with exciting sound and a bit tragic melancholic tone. 8. This ambient feelgood track opens with a warm electric piano pulse and continues into an understated, relaxing drum groove with gentle bells and a soft bass line. Used classic techno riff, heavy drums, synths, dubstep bass. A powerful royalty-free epic hip-hop track with orchestral violins, modern beats, big basses, and provocative mood. Also great for action video game sequences. Flying Lotus - Parisian Goldfish This track can be used in war-themed games and movies, historic documentary films, as an epic movie trailer, etc. 3. The one with the surrealist butts. Yet the war song that has lived on is by Eric Coates, whose Dam Busters March, the theme from the Dam Busters, is renowned and brings a nostalgia from its opening bars. All of these use classical templates to create epic sounds that tug on the heartstrings of love, loss, life, death, and jingoism. 15. The one that couldn't get any more '80s. DJ Snake & Lil Jon - Turn Down for What A bright, upbeat motivating track featuring electric and acoustic guitars, strings, bells, warm synth, bass guitar and drums. Despite its abhorrent reality, war has been an increasingly popular attraction in movies, games and television for many years. Great for powerful action scenes, unstoppable warriors, epic trailer, sports games, heroic adventures, big tension, military army strength, war domination, powerful battle scenes and more. This beautifully reflected mellow piece is perfect for film productions which looking to create a peaceful and heartwarming mood. Epic and powerful orchestral track, building to a huge and dramatic climax. 12. David Hasselhoff - Hooked on a Feeling Mood: ancient, brave, valor, magic, elfs, wizardy, dreamy, epic, adventure, action, romantic, castle, heroic. 1. The one with the glam pirate parade. The one with the terrifying bouncing aliens. A rhythmic, powerful, thundering electronica with a rough industrial percussive sound. The Call of Duty series is the most famous war game and uses traditional orchestral arrangements for the same evocative effect, but also occasionally more modern songs for mood shifts and younger players. The one with the rats. MGMT - Kids Perfect for psychological thrillers, crime dramas, war documentaries with the main theme about assassinations, victims, terror and horror. Perfect background audio for any award video, media projects, radio and other use. Some are scary, some are raunchy, and yes, there's some Marilyn Manson in there. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. The one with the masks that will haunt your dreams. Evokes feelings of tension, aggression and motivation. All day is yours! Emotionally powerful, dark, dramatic, and epic soundtrack featuring an imposing orchestra with majestic horns and brasses, beautiful and touching piano and violin melodies, strings, and monster percussion, making a perfect war and heroic atmosphere. Great for sci-fi trailers, powerful and huge action, videos games or inevitable war. Inspiring and motivating track in the easy-listening corporate genre with a strong motivational uplifting feeling. Great for adventure and dramatic films, chase scenes and speed action, war battle and fight moods, aggressive adrenaline teaser, and more. Amongst others, Zimmer produced the classic scores for The Thin Red Line, Black Hawk Down and Gladiator, whilst Williams did great soundtracks for Schindler's List, Saving Private Ryan and War Horse.