While digging around in Warzone at the locations given to us by 19 minute-long videos of various news stories throughout the 1960s, players have uncovered Easter egg-like documents that are going to be critical in solving its puzzles and unlocking the secrets that were hiding right under our noses the entire time. ); Video games have been a vital part of his life ever since. notice.style.display = "block"; Each of the clips that we see on the Pawn Takes Pawn site — one of the official sites for the game — contains a real-life event that took place in the early to late 1960s. Watch GeekyPastimes's clip titled "venona "GeekyPastimes. })(120000); Denn das soll im Kalten Krieg spielen. Earlier this year another Redditor posted a similar glitch which let the user play Survival mode in third-person on the Shoot House map. Then, Pawn Takes Pawn emerged following some “know your history”. Bitte melden Dich an, um einen Kommentar abzugeben, Release: 11.02.2005 | Shadowlands: 24.11.2020, Ich bin damit einverstanden, dass mir externe Inhalte angezeigt werden. Jedenfalls passt die Art, wie hier erneut Informationen präsentiert werden, gut zum vermuteten Thema des nächsten Call of Duty. it is being developed by Treyarch and Raven Software. All the latest gaming news, game reviews and trailers. and other silly questions Russians living abroad are SICK of! Die wurden jüngst auf die Map Verdansk in Warzone übertragen und führten zu einem schäbigen Schuppen auf einem Bauernhof. Here is footage of the shack near the TV Station (Thanks to all the cool folks out there searching too) #Warzone pic.twitter.com/8xTxZamxKi, — Ryan B. Phasmophobia | 6 views | 3 days ago. ?pic.twitter.com/MZc6NLT2FT, — DEXERTO Call of Duty #Warzone (@DexertoIntel) August 19, 2020. We encourage you to read our updated PRIVACY POLICY and COOKIE POLICY. 0:28. Das sind alte Glimmröhren, die Zahlen von 0 bis 9 darstellen können und bei elektronischen Geräten in den 60ern und 70ern eingesetzt wurden, um Zahlenwerte darzustellen. It had the coordinates in the title and the video that was 59°2'43.4"N 18°20'6.5"E. Each day begins with a video on the website that gives a code and coordinates to access a new location in Warzone, which reveal easter eggs and clues to other ciphers. But, there have been some calls for a third-person mode, even just as an LTM, just to provide a fresh way to play the game. , social media activity from Treyarch, and a ridiculous amount of clues within Warzone, the CoD community began unlocking bunkers and rooms, assembling codes, and deciphering what is a six-day easter egg hunt. Peter has been playing video games ever since he was a child, pulling his chair up to the TV so he could hold the GameCube controller for Wind Waker. Players have previously found glitches in regular Modern Warfare multiplayer that show the game in a third-person view, but now we have our first look at what it would be like in the battle royale mode specifically. This website uses cookies. , have discovered that this hunt would last six days. Call of Duty 2020's puzzles may have been datamined early and solved by a strange unknown YouTuber months ago without anyone noticing. (@PrestigeIsKey) August 14, 2020. Published: 20/Aug/2020 1:25 Updated: 20/Aug/2020 18:00. by Theo Salaun The Cold War teaser rumors began back in May 2020, as players opened up Bunker 11 and discovered various information and a nuke inside. So far, Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has been playing out as a scary interactive documentary, with references to real historical events. The coordinates were found through Call of Duty's Facebook video titled 'The key to the future is knowledge of the past – Know your history.' Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War wird der neuste Titel der Reihe, der 2020 erscheinen wird. The latter proved his innocence by pointing out numerous discrepancies between his biography and that attributed to Perseus. Warzone is a totally first-person experience, but other battle royale’s like Fortnite and PUBG support third-person too – and this bizarre glitch in Modern Warfare has revealed what it could look like in Warzone. Once every clue is discovered, the EMC2 page updates, crossing the day out and revealing the next day’s date. 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Once inside, they discovered a variety of files and documents depicting an assortment of puzzles — including a venona cipher. Bitte gib Deinen Benutzernamen oder Deine Email-Adresse ein. We've got more than 1,8 million followers on Facebook. Keen-eyed fans, including Rayzor on Twitter, noted that if the pattern continues, it would end on the 19th, the day the Call of Duty Championship starts and a possible reveal date for the new game. Published: 20/Aug/2020 1:25 The newsreel footage on pawntakespawn is interspersed with mysterious numbers. With all of that information solved, they were able to discover an unlisted Call of Duty YouTube video that contains a trailer confirming Black Ops Cold War as the next game’s title and an update that the next reveal for the game will take place in Warzone on August 26. BRAND NEW BUNKER WITH SECRET ELEVATOR HAS BEEN UNLOCKED! Surprisingly, this perspective is very fluid and might suggest that Infinity Ward put some work into the engine in order to make an official third-person Warzone a suture reality. A valid question is whether he even existed at all. The Cold War teaser rumors began back in May 2020, as players opened up, and discovered various information and a nuke inside. setTimeout( Then, Pawn Takes Pawn emerged following some “know your history” in-game teasers and players, using the EMC2 web page, have discovered that this hunt would last six days. Others disagreed, saying it was a Soviet intelligence disinformation operation to protect agent Theodore Hall, who was the real ‘Mlad’. sechs .hide-if-no-js { Looking forward, everyone is going to want to tune into Warzone on August 26 to find out exactly what is happening next. Thanks to one lucky player, who goes by u/lIllIlIIlIIl on Reddit, we can see how exploring Downtown in 3rd person would appear. pic.twitter.com/8qjdwGYQVe. Später wurden sie von Leuchtdioden und schließlich LEDs abgelöst. 0:26. Known as Perseus, Mlad, Scientist X or Dr. X, he is considered as one of the most covert spies the Soviet Union used against the U.S. The plot is being kept a secret at the moment. Video length. In Call of Duty: Warzone geht das große Rätselraten um das kommende CoD 2020 weiter. Please reload CAPTCHA. Call of Duty: Warzone ist das neue hauseigene Battle Royale von Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. The interior of the bunker is a bit boring compared to the others, however, there are still a few interesting things. READ NEXT: What Is Epic Games’ Apple Lawsuit All About? But what did the real Perseus do? There is a lot of interesting and terrifying history during that period of time, and the developers appear to be using as much of it as they possibly can. Please reload CAPTCHA. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. Besitzer von CoD: Modern Warfare erhalten es als kostenlosen Updat... (function( timeout ) { Here are images of some important things found in the secret Farmland room in #Warzone! Auf den Dokumenten sind erst Auflistungen von Chemikalien zu finden und später folgen Raster mit Chiffren und Anordnungen von sogenannten Nixie-Röhren. New versions of his story appeared, new details: Perseus, according to the new theories, joined the Manhattan project at its launch in 1939 and didn’t quit his service to the USSR, cooperating with famous Soviet agent Rudolf Abel even in the 1950s. Cold war and spy games enthusiasts are excited — a new part in Call of Duty series is to be released on August 26. Final bunker and we finally have a nuke sighting! Mehr dazu in unserer Datenschutzerklärung. Now, we will be using documents called Venona in Warzone to decrypt a message that the developers will be giving us in the near future. CALL OF DUTY: MODERN WARFARE 2019 https://store.playstation.com/#!/it-it/tid=CUSA15280_00 }, Was wurde gefunden? For instance, some identified a key location in the Russian Ural Mountains, which led developer Treyarch to change its Twitter cover image to a picture of a misty mountain range. Related: Call Of Duty: Warzone's Hottest New Strategy Is Playing Dead. How successful they were with this we will find out already soon, when the new Call of Duty game is released. The player explains that when a teammate they were reviving quit the game, they were thrown into the new POV. (@PrestigeIsKey) August 16, 2020. The “TV” page of PawnTakesPawn lets players watch a tape of that day’s news montage, revealing various clues. On Day 2, players used the “B5” coordinates to access the underground Bunker 3 near Boneyard, using the “87624851” code to unlock and explore its depths. Each one of these events is tied to the CIA in one way or another, even if that tie is a largely popular conspiracy theory. Derzeit rätseln Fans fleißig herum, was es mit all den Infos aus den Dokumenten auf sich hat. Nicht alle Fans finden das gut: Während so mancher CoD-Fan hier seine Leidenschaft für Rätselraten im Cold-War-Spionage-Stil entdeckt,  haben andere Spieler keine Geduld für solchen Firlefanz. That is, until today. A one-stop shop for all things video games.  −  Opening up the new bunker for Day 4 of #COD2020 teasers more ciphers and the other half of the RC-XD is found within! On Day 3, the community quickly identified “H8” as a small shed between Prison and Port before using the “7294853” code to unlock and enter. Arms-control advocate Jeremy Stone claimed in his book ‘Every man should try’ that Philip Morrison, a respected professor of physics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, was in fact this mysterious spy. And it seems like the player’s task will be to seek out and destroy this dangerous agent. Das ist bisher passiert: Offiziell hat Activision aber noch nichts zu dem neuen Spiel angekündigt. The pad I used is just the numbers from the tapes (last 20 numbers out of 24). (@PrestigeIsKey) August 17, 2020. Time limit is exhausted. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. One intriguing discovery was a half-built RC-XD car, a classic killstreak found in Treyarch’s Black Ops titles. If this sticky note does in fact indicate new daily mysteries, then things should get very, very interesting over the next few days, hopefully finally culminating in the announcement of Call of Duty 2020. Once inside, the community found a bust of Vladimir Lenin, more documents, and an inaccessible elevator with — suggesting the possibility that later clues will let players go even further into Verdansk’s subterranea. Cold war and spy games enthusiasts are excited — a new part in Call of Duty series is to be released on August 26. The fifth day of this clue hunt sent players to a previously-inaccessible shack near TV Station in the F4 grid square, which can now be opened using the combination 27495810. Nachdem der mysteriöse Fernseher auf der Webseite pawntakespawn.com/TV endlich etwas zeigte – es war eine alte Aufnahme von John F. Kennedy aus dem Kalten Krieg – folgten später Koordinaten. Still without real proof, all of them (as well as Chikov’s info) remain as speculation.