Important - If you have trouble with avoiding enemies you can find final Helix boost on one of lower roofs. One on a boat, and one on the ground. There you will find second treasure chest. The Snake Set grants bonuses in Assassin & Poison Damage, as well as longer duration of poison effects. Activate Eagle Vision and perform a leap of faith. You should attack them (first one from surprise) and, after collecting the secret, load last checkpoint. Your task is to find out who the Snake is and eliminate him to get your revenge. As before, you must jump through the next window before you are spotted by the guard on the left. After killing Eudoros, a cutscene will load. After you find yourself on the left from enemies, drop down and jump to another building. End of the Snake is a main quest in Assassin’s Creed Origins in Alexandria. It’s northeast of the Desphina Fort. When you get through the mission, make sure to kill Wei Bin bodyguards. After collecting the secret return down and hide in the large hideout on the right side. If you go to the northeast from Desphina Fort into Valley of the Snake, you’ll come across the Satyr’s Respire synchronization point. In both cases you should help yourself with lower interactive edges. Get close to the last window and use noise dart. You can avoid them easily by using Helix ability. The next clue is the broken ladder. 2. End of the Snake is a main quest in Assassin’s Creed Origins in Alexandria. Last part is very easy - move to the left and reach the upper ledge with a new group of enemies. Reach that window and follow the elite enemy. After getting outside, quickly move to another (third) window. Eighth Animus shard is placed on one of upper ledges on the left. Recommended level for this quest: Level 12. Tomb of Tityos – Valley of the Snake – Centre of the area, east of the Snake … The location is shown in the map below. Now use this opportunity to walk further to the right. The fight against the giant snake in Assassin’s Creed Origins has two phases. Assassin's Creed Chronicles: China Game Guide & Walkthrough by You can make it easier to get through thanks to Helix ability. Once you’re in, you have to investigate the area. Otherwise, they will be guarding him and reaching him will be harder. No matter how, you must secure a safe passage to the left bushes. Here’s a walkthrough of End of the Snake in AC Origins. Find the Royal Scribe’s office. Ninth Animus shard can be found on one of the highest ledges on the right side. You should see some guards around. You can make it easier by stunning the second enemy with firecrackers. Return to interactive edges under the ledge with murdered bodyguard. Now plan your further steps carefully. The guards may intervene. After guards meet again, jump to the left hideout.