Most people will be able to lift more performing a sumo deadlift than a conventional deadlift, once they have mastered both techniques. (Choose Wisely!). It’s important to recognize that while the two deadlift styles look different there are two main similarities. While this is a generalization, if you are a tall lifter, you may find squatting down to do conventional deadlifts harder than the wide stance sumo version. As we covered above, sumo deadlifts will develop your quad strength and conventional pulling is more hamstring dominant. Add If you’re unsure which deadlift style will be best for you, run a 3 month program utilising conventional and one using sumo; both belted and beltless. Sumo and conventional are two stance options for performing the deadlift for maximal strength and power. More technical. If you need to lose weight, this ‘get lean’ post has everything you need to lose 20 pounds without suffering. She would have to bring her chest considerably lower in order to reach the bar, which would result in her back being more parallel to the floor. deadlifting don’t end here, though. Usually up to 10% when compared to the sumo variation. Is the Conventional Deadlift better than Sumo? Now push your chest forward and draw your shoulders back until your back is straight. I recently worked out my core was the weakest part of my lift. significantly strengthen your grip due to the heavy load involved in the common complaint among athletes. Choose the dominant style and see if it feels more comfortable to you. squat. While the trendline is still similar in women, you’ll have a higher percentage of either lift at each end of the body-weight spectrum. Let’s take a look at some other considerations. Although these estimates are not 100% accurate, they can give an It all comes down to your training goals as well as your strengths and weaknesses. First, I look at their hip structure and proportions, then I look at their bodyweight and muscular strengths. When done right, sumo deadlifts can help develop your hips and posterior chain. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Since most of us train for the purpose of a healthier and stronger body, but also for fun and enjoyment, there’s nothing wrong with choosing one lift over the other simply because you enjoy it more. The only keto supplements made for bodybuilders. Instead, commit to a full training cycle and see which one produces the best results. I would love your support so I can continue to help those who need it. For full functionality of this page it is necessary to enable JavaScript. The main difference between the two deadlifts is that sumo deadlifts have a much shorter range of motion, this is because your legs are spread so far apart. Starting Strength vs. GSLP, 5 Powerful Franco Columbu Workout Routine Tips You Can Use Today, One Great Beginner Deadlift Workout Routine for Powerlifting and Fitness, 7 Reasons You Should Do Banded Deadlifts (With or Without a Barbell), One Great Beginner Squat Workout Routine for Powerlifting and Fitness, Powerbuilding Program for Beginners: Get Big AND Strong + PDF, How To Do A Dumbbell Deadlift: Proper Form, Benefits + Variations, 12 Week Deadlift Program for Beginners in Fitness or Powerlifting, The Best Men’s Fitness Over 50 Tips That Will Change Your Life, 11 Getting Fit at 50 Before and After Results Photos; Fit Apprentice, 7 Best Rob McElhenney Workout Tips to Get Ripped in 7 Months, The Hashi Mashi Plan; Fitness Tips for Your Mind and Body, 5 Best Deadlift Shin Guards on the Market Today in 2020, 7 Best Knee Sleeves for Squats on the Market Today in 2020, Best Deadlift Shoes: Buying Guide for 2020, 5 Best Shoes for Squats and Deadlifts on the Market Today in 2020, Best Deadlift Socks to Protect Your Shins AND Back from Injury. It’s important to recognize that the information we’re going to cover may have more to do with the proportions outlined previously, rather than the overall bodyweight of a person. It’s different strokes for different folks. This compound movement The main difference between the sumo and the conventional deadlift is the position of the feet and hands. Since 2013, Barbara has been helping women of all fitness backgrounds get stronger, leaner and more confident, both inside and outside the gym. Though adequate groin flexibility is a must for those interested in pulling sumo, you must also keep in mind that not everybody is built to squat and pull in a very wide stance. If a certain position or movement hurts, don’t do it. The sumo deadlift engages the quads and glutes to a greater extent than standard deadlifts.