run up if you want, that’s okay cause it’s over I got a way with words, they call me a poet, damn i keep it 3k like my first name andre Only wanted me no cloney, I can't fuck her if she not thick, 'cause I really VVS on my ring like the Green Lantern you gon' kiss it like a Mafia king now i’m in percies Actin' like some pirates, 'cause they tryna rob and plung-e me "Why my baby all over the fuckin' news?" so cool .40 on my hip yeah ima prolly’ shoot that I pull it out and it lick 'em, I'ma shoot him 'til he done, uh you best believe that boy (huh) all over my pant pockets, man, maybe i should stop it Taylor with the shit feel like swift, bitch the word play is way better than these other n-gg-s I'm running shit like gym class on your bitch ass i said “f-ck that sh-t the church need work” So I'm off the dome, jet lag kicking Off the dome when I'm kickin' it i’m a misfit, tony hawk on my grind like a trip tip, you could get hit i give a sh-t i’m a hit eeny meeny miny moe, these hoes get to choosin me tourin’ the world, sh-ttin’ on everybody, the world is my potty matter of fact, i’m finna gamble for this sh-t with yo poker chips Ball like Julius Erving, fuck with me you hit the curb like thirteen hunnid (huh) feel like drake when i’m rappin’ cause i start from the bottom This some, uh, this some, uh, this some, uh, this some run up on me goin’ harder than granny Juice WRLD Tim Westwood Freestyle. You can catch this trauma, uh So what happens when the real meets the real back in yo b-tch with the swiftness i’m about the war, give a f-ck about the truce feel like waka flocka “o let’s do it” when i’m on this music Cops hit the door I hid the coke in the napkin Curb stomp a nigga before he could say a word finna’ give ’em uh Yeah, and that's some wordplay and this what I say and these b-tches imported yo girl gave up the p-ssy, she gon’ give it again I pull up in a four-door flippin' like parkour I run this shit like bolt nigga, no Usain i’m not worried about these n-gg-s, keep a thirty on my hip but i ain’t got no time, i just got my 40, and i got your shawty f-ck you, pow pow, have a nice day” Niggas workin' out they outta shape Westwood type shit spare change? Niggas really thinking that it's cool to make beef I'ma let it breath like a asthma attack I just may hit up go that way Niggas talking that dumb shit hit 'em in his ears, no Dumbo tote cold with the ice it’s a eskimo (uh uh uh) It's like I talk to my conscious, I say what it's tellin' me I'm the shit up on the niggas like a bunch of doodoo, haha But these pieces, we tote 'em, you run up on me it's over these n-gg-s, fake friends, hatin’, thinkin’ that they know me ima let it breath like a asthma attack Fuck yo bitch when I'm high, call that shit Asian persuasion Homicide if you try to rob my plug Uh, uh-huh, uh, uh-huh, uh, uh-huh i tell her swallow the j-zz I said, "Fuck that shit, the church need work" im at the top of the top, but its still more to climb yuh Need a crown I been the king, yuh, niggas funny, Jerry Spring-yuh i’m sh-ttin’ on these n-gg-s, this is a excrement I still want peace though break backboards Matter fact I have 'em dancin' when I shoot it crippin' this beat nike is you crazy? everybody talking ’bout they numb or something (wait) They lookin' at me like, "How we gon' overachieve that nigga? man, i spit sh-t On June 29, 2018, Juice WRLD appeared on Tim Westwood’s segment on British hip-hop radio station, Capital XTRA. yuh jackie chan when i’m smokin’, i really feel like an asian Who am I gon' share my time with? 'Cause the club goin' up on a Tuesday suicide if you try to take my drugs but then n-gg- switch it up to something so new man it must suck for these n-gg-s, ol’ sufferin’ n-gg-s Full of shit they call me a asshole shout out to them florida n-gg-s, i know some zos off the xannies, i’m a zombie Ball on them niggas full court im the sh-t to these n-gg-s like d-mn jet lag sh-t pull up to the scene with my hand on my k Mic check 1-2 testin' i see this sh-t before i say it, telepathy It's 21 inside this clip, like the century, I'm schoolin' niggas I got all the girls sprung, pull up on the scene like a "he hung" sometimes i think it’s coming up juice wrld – tim westwood freestyle lyrics : [intro] i mean, y’all be sayin’ that y’all freestylin’ but y’all be like… spittin’ writtens and sh-t that’s bs i don’t even write my wrongs [verse 1] off the top, kickin’ it, no karate cl-ss janitor, i’ll mop his -ss up, chop his -ss up i’m the best at what i do, can’t n-body do In the paint like Shaquille O'Neal 'cause I babied niggas these n-gg-s so lame, these n-gg-s so old im so new Run up, that's okay, I swear to God that it's nothin' I get some head from yo bitch 'cause I swear that bitch is a dork Eminem - Tim Westwood Freestyle Lyrics. I'm smokin' the kush from the Hoover Dam run up on me, it’s nothing, i swear to god that i’m bussin’ hmm, that was interesting matter fact call me hercules i exposed like shrooms get it? rock gucci and louis but i dont f-ck with balmains shoot him in his face a couple times like a gun range he was the greatest what can I say uh, bought my soul back like i f-ckin’ sold it ain’t no such thing as half way gangsters And these bitches imported you get smacked like a b-tch and a pimp running laps boy I had the last laugh sit down muhf-cker ’cause i know you can’t stand it My flow is so brazy, huh not in my house with a tumble No matter where I'm at ion even drink that heavy, what the f-ck gotten in me I still get my dick sucked I swear that my hand on my nina Bring it back i’am chillin’ in the green like a bunch of croutons Sometimes I feel like I'm the worst I'm on Westwood, ridin' through yo hood Uh, I'ma, uh my stomach movin’ slow like mol-sses, i got it But then nigga switch it up to something so new Then she fall in love with the lines had to let ’em know (uh) try me if you want, ’cause i swear it’s not gon’ end cool Poppin' like rubber bands that n-gg- finna die (yeah) I need a safe haven, I'm too busy slayin' I got a knife in my right hand, your bitch in my left hand That's a preference, I heard you like talkin' about heaven I'm of the best to ever do it, say that again man, this rap sh-t serious like xm (huh) I'm here, spazzin' on every single track he pass I wear Givenchy, you still in Abercrombie, you see the difference? You run up, I leave you leakin' on a maxi pad Stick on me, yeah, the stick on and it's super big, no homo Can you feel here i may just pop some perkies run up on me you get murked On June 29, 2018, Juice WRLD appeared on Tim Westwood’s segment on British hip-hop radio station, Capital XTRA. you run up, uh cool, i’ma let your brain splatter i’m not the one, yeah, [verse 14] Choppa on my hip I gotta beam in that bitch Diamonds and pearls, I'm ruling the world Total views: 8 times this week. curb stomp a n-gg- before he could say a word i spit the sh-t i say, go back, re-say it I like this beat this is a business relationship, f-ck a friendship say you gettin’ money now, f-ck n-gg- h-ll no but who am i gon’ share my prime with? i’m ballin’ like dennis rodman, i’m f-ckin’ awesome Freestyling on Westwood, you know that we get it in 808 my chopper that’s a mafia thing, yeah, uh Westwood they was sleepin' this choppa to take you out the f-ckin’ earth I could trap in Siberia, I could trap wherever you run up on me i’m k!llin’ I'm up in London gettin' in bustin' Pre rolled, filled it good that's a packed wood I'm married to the money, fuck it, need to buy a ring, b I ain't the same nigga I was a year ago look alive, look alive you ain’t smokin’ what i’m smokin’ lil’ boy I don't give a fuck, I'm on my fucked shit Okay, look Cross the street, the bitch go both ways belated, outdated, all these n-gg-s belated I got all these answers that these niggas search to find thirty and that .40 make ’em act up Kill a nigga in his condo Due to lack of time and people, many translations are done with the automatic translator. UK drill, okay, uh i’m happy so its time to take some mad pills My mom said that's a damn shame and I need work You just a Kung Fu Panda I'll end yo world like Mayans, off the dome, kickin' it click clack pow pow, homicide in the b-tch Hit it from the back until I fuckin' break her spine Talkin' stupid to me 'til I pull up let the tool blow Load it up, I let it breathe, I let it go, uh Rodman, rotten, plottin', freestyle, no jottin', I got it Say you gettin' money now, fuck nigga hell no yeah, it’s a blowout all of my n-gg-s be makin this money, no -ssumption You lookin' for my son, I'll put that in your wife I'm fly as a bitch Off the dome when I'm kickin' and spittin' the flows, ho Suicide if you try to take my drugs I am the bomb, ho, I blow up just like a bomb, ho i get duff and clinton money like my name hilary i got my hand on on my hand on my trigger He ain't do the crime Gettin' it in, money in my pockets that I'm willin' to spend That I bought when I was up in L.A., huh Some of y'all be sayin' y'all freestylin' Turn to a whole different person Haha, man try the judge a n-gg-, i told ’em they cochran these n-gg-s h-lla soft, man i worry about these n-gg-s She suck through the tommy's, I'm talkin' Hilfiger Your bitch miss me like the old Kanye matter fact intercept, take a sec if you run up, you will, you will get cranked like soulja did i can’t focus without codeine, my medicine where you would get shot if you crack smiles and sh-t I can make whole songs without messin' up we turn a white day into a red day Flow gold, so cold like diamonds fuck that rose gold All the legends, where they at? Man, I love it when I spit heat but im still here, lit as a b-tch these n-gg-s be lame