Then your Xbox One operating system will reset automatically and the corrupted data will be repaired. Connect your External HDD to your PC and check for any damages. This error is caused due to either a defective external hard drive or a conflicting PS4 system files. It just says there’s nothing connected. Thanks . I come back to an error message that says it wasn’t properly turned off and that it may corrupt files and steps on how to properly shut it off, etc.. Check that and come back if this doesn’t solve your problem. I am afraid that your son did a grave mistake by formatting your external HDD on PS4. Afterwards, restore the clone file on the external HDD. Most probably a defective device. Just wanted to update. That can either a programmatic error in the PS4 system, of that your external hard drive suffers from bad sectors that causes this system conflict. The file system of the external hard drive is damaged/corrupted. I was playing madden on my playstation and noticed that my Seagate 2 TB hard drive was about to fall off of my ps4 so i moved it slightly and that caused it to kick me out of the game and say “to start the application, connect the extended storage device it is installed on…” however it is connected and when i try to set it up as extended storage it says that it doesnt meet certain standards even though it does and also says that the capacity is 144115.2 TB. Hey ps4 storage expert i have a seagate 2 tb storage device and it has worked great for about a year and now it won’t do anything when i plug it in no lights come on anymore and if i plug it in it say no storage device detected but like I said it it was plugged into my PS4 for about a year and no problems all of sudden one day it won’t turn on anymore. Step 2: After the installation process, connect the PS4 External Hard Drive to the PC. Step 5: Now turn off PS4 again. And because of that it’s saying that the hard drive the game is on is NOT currently connected to the playstation. It’s a Buffalo 4TB HD and has been working fine until today. Does it work fine or not? I don’t know if you got the last comment I made, but I’ll mention this. PS4 will not allow format. The light on the seagate is on but it never flashes and both the hard drives had usb 3.0 my ps4 is like 3 years old so I don’t know if I need a new ps4 or not. Hi, I need some advise please. Same thing: beeping and not recognized. It is a system conflict. Ever since this dashboard update my Xbox has not been detecting my external hard drive. Do one last attempt. is Fujitsu external HDD compatible for Ps4? It now says USB device not connected even though it is. Nothing new shows up, nothing disappears. In many cases the error occurs with the USB bridge that connects the hard drive with the USB cable. I was able to format the HDD using exFAT no problem but when I tried moving games to the HDD I get the message that the HDD needs to be formatted to extended storage, so I choose the option to format as extended storage and I get the same error stating the HDD needs to be USB 3.0. Laptop recognizes it as a media drive, says it’s functioning correctly. If not, then.. – already rebuilt ps4. A hard disk may be having problems or completely unable to read some of data after some time of being left powered off, and even when it is powered on. Read this post, it may help you. You can just do it without that. (the full slow low level format, after 2.5 hours it was still like 3-4% completed, very very slow, so I cancelled it). Formatting HDD using computer If it doesnt work Hi. If it’s NTFS, PS4 will only recognize the preserved system storage space that’s formatted in FAT32 and limited in 200mb for each 1tb. HD going bad? Most probably your external hard drive is defective and must be replaced. I’m assuming that the hard drive has probably failed at this point. Mostly this is the solution to go for. As for why that happened, it’s because of several reasons, most common is that it was subjected to a high electrical shock or hard physical vibration (falling from high place). All you need to do is to initialize PS4 and re-install PS4 system software. Plug it in, unplug it do whatever to reset it and it should work. But it still won’t work? I have approved your comment in hope it might help someone. Tbh, I've never heard of Seagate so I guess I should've done some research before buying. Anyway, let’s first diagnose the problem. Then I go to my brothers room and test it on his PS4 to see if I can get it to work, I plugged it up and this time no light nothing going on with it. I suggest you pull out the hard drive from its old enclosure and connect it internally to your PC to check whether it works or not. It was reported by some users that this drive didn’t work well with PS4, I cannot really verify that, but you better avoid it then. I turn off ps4 and tried again no success. I replaced the board and plugged it in to my laptop. I am glad that you’ve eventually fixed that error. It was not a waste of time, some users will surely benefit from your experience. My 2TB external hard drive was stolen , I had 2 games on it. Today it stopped working. No. Is it a defective drive? Any ideas why? It is completely safe and reliable. So make it the last option if you don’t have a means to backup your games externally. In some cases, the problem stems from the USB bridge that connects the hard drive to the USB cable. So, i was playing Spider-Man and the game crashed, so next thing i do is close the game but the entire system get crashed for a minutes and now ps4 wont reconice my external hard drive what can i do? I truly appreciate that. Do these two things and tell me the result. It’s still running and it’s light still comes on but won’t recognize. Mine will not even light up when it is plugged in. Make sure it's not formatted to another console or a computer, that can do it too. it starts up and light is on but nothing happens. You can try to first full initialize PS4 and restore system software. * Xbox Live Gamertag: Steamy Beast * PSN Online ID: Steamy_Beast * Wii Friend Code: 3234 7624 1722 1509 Name: BEAST *.