They are sly, stupid, and very foul tempered. The fairies bred here matched the landscape and the desolation: they were the most dangerous of all the fey and often not just moody but downright evil. They have small pointed ears and noses and arched eyebrows. They help around the house and farm with the chores. I’m brushing a bit of fairy dust off my keyboard as we speak. Thanks for sharing! You can study the fairy lore of old in classic books like Scottish Fairy and Folk Tales by George Douglas, An Illustrated Treasury of Scottish Folk and Fairy Tales by Theresa Breslin, and The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries by Walter Yeeling Evans-Wentz. They are most active at night. I agree, Dianne: next year the party returns! Most of these faeries dislike humans intensely and an encounter with one of these folk could end badly, for you. Their magical or ritual help is unknown.Shopiltees: These playful little water horses are found in the Shetland and Orkney Islands. Dryads seem open to human contact but are very capricious. What an enchanting place! I agree, Robin: pretending is great fun, especially when done in the company of a child! This is a collection of Scottish folklore which will appeal to all ages. This abode is reported to be on the Isle of Skye. Be aware that she has a very limited attention span. They love to dance and lend their energies to rituals celebrating the forest gods and goddesses. They are also important in rituals and are believed to be responsible for failing crops when someone has violated or upset them, and known to be onlookers of the human nature. A small woman of perhaps sixty was busily tending the potted plants outside her door. what is faith without a bit of magic? this collection emphasizes specifically Scottish aspects of the stories. Scottish Antiquary, V. Carmichael, Alexander (1900). He guards these places with his life. They are most active at night at any time of the year. maybe one summer we’ll build fairy houses. Let’s Bake Scottish Shortbread for the Holidays! It is always beautiful there. They appear as very small male dwarves with coal black eyes. She read about the fairies, the pools and the glen, so we went to Skye . They are known as the Herding Boys. They are anthropomorphic beings who shun human contact though they seem not to wish us any harm. All faeries can be contacted in the Otherworld and some are found on this world but always approach with caution.Faeries are very sensitive beings and have their feelings hurt easily. Liz & Sharon, “White Coral Bells” is a song from my childhood, too. “Only when I look at you.”. They are thoroughly evil. They can be also be found in the astral in Faeryland. Right there with you, Bonnie. And some ferns and some little bitty flowers. Though my mother used the expression of “wee” people she was referring to very small children as a special gift. Sweet words, Mary Kay. “As you are big for you.” The Scottish Fairy Book. They are both male and female and have the appearance of a 20 year old human but they are very ancient. All Rights Reserved. Faery willows which lodge dryads are said to walk about at night seeking new locations to lay down roots. After we exchanged pleasantries, she wanted to know why I’d come to Scotland. It’s is one of my favorite places on Earth and especially The Highlands! You grew up on Skye? I think it’s time to read your books again ;))) blessings Elfhame or Elfland is portrayed in a variety of ways in these ballads and stories, most commonly as mystical and benevolent, but also at times as sinister and wicked. Happy to know those books will be helpful to you, Sarah Elizabeth. Yes, I believed in fairies. She is always cold loves a warm fire, but being a faery she cannot start her own. I asked why he was so samll and why he didn’t grow? Scottish fairy lore is rich with descriptions of the creatures and their habits. They are active all year round. This faery is water bound and cannot live on land. Yes, J.M. One of Scotland’s most famous unsolved mysteries is that of the Loch Ness Monster (or ‘Nessie’ as it has affectionately come to be known). “Up the airy mountain, They are very rarely seen today and if they are seen at all it is underwater. They travel on the night winds from where their unnerving cackling and howling can be heard. Fairy motion was said to be soundless. They also prey on other faeries. Can you imagine it? The Seelie Court is good and benevolent consisting of the most heroic and beautiful faeries of Scotland. It didn’t look quite like this, but not far from it. Since they are expert healers, they may be willing to teach one the secrets of magical herbalism. He moves amongst the ruined castles and cairns of lowland Scotland along the English border. They would appear as seahorses and entice humans to ride them so that they could drown them. Thank you for sharing a wee bit of bonnie Scotland in your blog…it’s on my bucket list to go one day. They have gatherings known as Pixie Fairs in Northern England. They can be found in willow groves or the Faery Triad of oak, ash, and thorn or in rowan, birch, or elder trees. They play pranks on shepherds and herds and love to tease the animals. They have no method of reproduction, so they enslave mortals whom they think would never be missed and take them along to become one of them. They are usually friendly and are slow to anger. Minutes later I walked through the arched door of her two-story dwelling, stunned that a complete stranger would invite me into her home for a cup of tea. It has large, sharp claws that resemble mangled human hands. This is a collection of Scottish folklore which will appeal to all ages. They are trooping faeries of the winds who have been heard but never seen. Their element is water. They are often seen around Beltaine. You are so right, Christy: beautiful place, lovely people, amazing history. Popular Tales of the Western Highlands. I can’t deny it! They may lend their help to rituals and spells involving the physical and environmental protection of the northern lands of Scotland. They can be found on the physical plane and in the astral. Illustrated by Geoffrey Strahan. It’s a nice thought to entertain anyway. People have described them as a massive dark cloud which rides upon the wind. LOVE that wee song, Sharon. Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries. They are active all year round. Fin Folk also live in bodies of water and are affectionately known as Sea Gardeners and will not make contact with humans. Lilies of the Valley deck my garden walk. The Lord made a beautiful place when He created Scotland. You tell the most amazing stories–even when they’re true! I grew up in the island of Skye in uig less than a mile from the fairy glen and as kids would be too spooked to be near there in twilight but you had to go past the haunted graveyard to get there ;)))) yes we scots are christian with a large dose of superstition They are small bulbous shaped faeries with huge teeth and pointed ears. While many of the themes are similar to other European folk-tales, this collection emphasizes specifically Scottish aspects of the stories. The White Wife: With Other Stories, Supernatural, Romantic, and Legendary. Upon a rock under a tree round the been it could be! They sometimes take human mates but they sometimes tire of them and leave them to die of broken hearts. I so enjoyed it, lass. People traveling in enchanted woods must be careful not to be grabbed by the long, green arms of the Ghillie Dhu because they will be enslaved by this faery forever. Nucklelavees: These are Scottish sea faeries native to the Hebrides Islands. The Fachan: This Highland faery appears very comical but has a very nasty disposition. On November 8, 1576, midwife Bessie Dunlop, a resident of Dalry, Scotland, was accused of sorcery and witchcraft. They are most active in the spring and are found in flower gardens, in wildflower preserves, and in the spring of Faeryland. That name does not belong to me; They appear as seals with human characteristics. Love the stories, and the photos, Liz. When showing himself to bring his message of dying he will cross your path, jump in front of you, then turn and growl. Bede, Cuthbert [pseudonym for Edward Bradley]. Scottish names for faeries include the Still Folk, People of Peace, The Silent Moving Folk, Pixies, The Wee Folk, and Prowlies. The Fairy Faith in Fairy Countries (London: Colin Smythe 1978) [first published 1911], Henderson, Lizanne and Edward J. Cowan Scottish Fairy Belief (East Linton: Tuckwell Press, 2001), MacDougall, James Highland Fairy Legends (D.S.Brewer 1978), Walsh, Brian The Secret Commonwealth and the Fairy Belief Complex (Xlibris 2002), Contact us at: fairyinvestigationsociety AT gmail DOT com, Victorian and Edwardian Bedfordshire Ghost Stories, The Wizards, Astrologers, Fairy Seers and Witches of Victorian Liverpool, Hurst, The Victorian Ghosts, Devils and Witches of Northern Bedfordshire. They are wrinkled, hairy in patches, and emaciated; have duck feathers on their backs and necks; and are topped by huge, misshapen heads. They live beneath the lochs of Scotland. Approach them with caution since little is known about them. We daren’t go a-hunting “Had I known you were coming,” she said, “I would have spelled out your name.”. We chatted about books and art, about gardens and food, about the Bible and the wisdom it contains. On summer 2016 my 8 yr old niece joined our family on my 5th visit. But how else to explain this whimsical, charming woman existing in our modern world? [7][8][9] Sempill's piece mentions "Elphyne" glossed as "Elfland"[10] or "Fairyland".[3]. Love your lyrical response, Becky. Fairies, it seems, are mischievous and not to be trusted. Their ritual help is unknown. It is doubtful if they will ever aid humans in rituals. Some big and tall. The children have grown and I think that my friend and I are the ones who miss the gathering the most. Still, I was in Scotland, a country brimming with fairy lore. They have whitish, almost translucent skin. The farther north into the Highlands you venture, the more likely you are to hear about fairies. Thanks for your blog post and pictures. Very real. Site by Author Media, An Illustrated Treasury of Scottish Folk and Fairy Tales. It is not know how it can help in a ritual or spell since it is a selfish scavenger and there are more reliable faeries to call upon for aid who will be willing to help. ~ Sir J. M. Barrie, Scottish journalist, writer, and dramatist (1860-1937). You’ll also stumble upon place names like Fairy Glen on the Isle of Skye. Her mother, Leana, considered Davina’s diminutive height, her fair complexion and luxuriant red hair, her gift for music, her playful nature, and her penchant for green dresses. Blessing for me, the same was not the case with believing in another I could not see: Jesus! Only in here, lass. In fact there was a man of some intelligence who worked in the Forestry Commission who claimed he had seen them and totally believed they existed. Happily, fairies live on in stories, if not in our day-to-day lives, so we can visit them anytime we like. They are playful creatures who seem totally androgynous, though they are always referred to as female. He looked me through and through, He can take many disguises including an old man in a black suit but whatever disguise he takes, he’s always giving himself away because of his cloven feet which cannot be shod. He lookked and with his eyes he searched me through and through. Their purpose seems to be the protection of the islands and not the destruction of sailors and ships.