In all Samsung devices, there are two ways to factory reset. Reboot the phone. Your data will ultimately be lost, so don’t forget to back everything up beforehand. Release Volume up button, home button and Power button after you see Logo on screen. A glitch in the firmware can cause auto-rotate to stop working. Therefore, before clearing the app data, make sure you won’t lose any important information by doing so. Remote control and remote unlock settings must be enabled. If you don't receive a code, you have the option to verify by another means. 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We really appreciate it if you help us spread this knowledge to more people. Here you should find the answers to all of those questions. Then swipe and find the desired app. Warning: These codes will remove all your data like Contact, Photo, Songs, Applications, Setting, etc. The step below is the tutorial on how to soft reset Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown: Soft reset is the easiest troubleshoot when a problem arises with your phone. {"Expand":"Click to Expand" Dial the following codes on mobile to hard reset: *#*#7780#*#* – This Code wipes all Samsung J7 Hard data. Highlight “Yes – delete all user data”. The phone may ask your Google account credentials. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. How to boot safe mode in SAMSUNG J700F Galaxy J7? There you will learn configurations that haven’t been covered here yet. This Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown troubleshooting helps fix your phone when a problem occurs. You should note that you don’t need root, unlock bootloader or TWRP Recovery to hard reset your TracFone J7 Crown SM-S757BL. Press the Power key to start resetting. 4. For the last resort, boot the device into Safe Mode. will help you in performing a factory reset of TracFone J7 Crown SM-S757BL. Your device must be signed in to your Samsung Account. Home » Samsung J7 Hard Reset – Samsung Galaxy J7 Soft Reset, Factory Reset, Recovery, When Samsung Galaxy J7 not working correctly like forget the password, slow charging, Mobile Hang or screen freeze, etc. Tap “Clear data”. The steps are the same for both smartphones and tablets. Use the Volume Down key to scroll down the menu and highlight this option. 7. Press power button to confirm “Reboot system now” option. Turn on the auto-rotate feature. Lastly, try another charger to make sure that a broken charger is not the culprit. Let us know what you think by dropping a comment down below. will publish the step-by-step instructions using which you can perform a hard reset of TracFone Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown SM-S757BL. Find out more here. When a prompt appears with “Restart your phone in Safe Mode” option, lift your finger. The step below is the tutorial on how to soft reset Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown: Press and hold the Power key and the Volume Down key. A minor glitch in the system could be preventing your phone from charging. Your device must be connected to a Wi-Fi or mobile network. If you cannot remember any of your Google account information, you can send your device, along with proof of purchase, to an authorised Samsung Service Center. Copyright© 1995-2020 Samsung. After that, press the Power and Volume down button on mobile. It comes with 13 megapixels camera. All new Samsung energy efficient washing machines and dryers. Tap “Backup and reset”. Charge in Safe Mode. You also need to remove your Google account, else it will ask you to enter Google Reactivation Lock. If your device is not responding, then hard reset is a good solution. Find out more about sending an error report through the Samsung Members app. from your mobile. Click "Verify with text message" or "Verify with backup code". Later, uninstall any suspicious app, especially the one that was installed shortly before the problem occurred. It is not a guaranteed fix, but it’s the first and the most common procedure before you try further solutions. You will see “Safe Mode” label at the bottom left corner of the screen. Press and hold the Power key until the screen lights off. Often, the cause is as simple as you’re forgetting to charge it the night before. It will open to the app list screen. In some cases, your phone might use some outdated files on this partition, which then causes an issue. This is how to force restart a frozen Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown: Force restart fix applies when your phone freezes or is unresponsive but you can’t shut it down using the normal way. Immediately press and hold this key until the restart process is finished. Open the Phone app and dial *.