Lots of luck. Does that make sense? Hers was $0. And some people have good things to say about Vietnam – although others say the opposite. You are right though in that it seems to be a dollar (and a pound) problem as the Australian currency exchange rate doesn’t seemed to have moved much lately. This is referred to as a “visa run”. The Japanese retirees spend about $3,000 per month to retire in Thailand. I drove down in my truck on my own, and Terri—and five cats—flew down. Of your ten points only the weather and the language are a concern for me. I guess the post is of value to idiots coming over here. Fax: +44 (0) 8452 801 722 You are not the first to be taken by a Thai paramore. One small bit of advice. At home we have terrorism and war. Dont do it i have tied and you wont be happy here no matter how much money you have, a lot of Thais think that all foreigners are idiots with a lot of money, if you havent done it yet stay where are. My health insurance covers me in Thailand.The rest I will take in stride as my adventure unfolds.I am excited to begin my journey! Hundreds of thousands (and the number is growing daily) of transplanted Expats are already doing it. Crime is very high there, opposite of CM where we have had only 1 murder in 6 months – about the daily rate over there. They even stopped my needless from a US Amazon shipment. Just the other day my wife Pikun was getting something from a draw in our shed and saw a large black snake in there. Good luck. Everyone is below us.” It is more in the form of believing that they have a superior culture – and nothing to do with skin color. I live in HK, ex USA and thinking @ retirment in Thailand. Re. You might want to avoid any bar fights too. Like every couple we have had our differences but solvable ones. Each individual will have his/her own experience based on their own experience and will tell you ‘how it is here’, ‘how to do such and such’ and the famous ‘This is Thailand’. I will go down to the hospital with you and will talk to their PR department – and I will report back on these pages. And second, there is such a boom in home and condo building that you can easily buy a new home as cheaply as a “used” one. I love Thailand like a high standard of living and don’t know how i can live well without attracting the wrong kind. Expect to have a monthly budget of around $1,750. There are no ugly Thai women, you know? And if Thailand is the right place for your retirement, you’ll find a way too. I read all your blog and it really help me to prepare for my retirement. There is a method in this madness. If you are older than 50 and have $27,000 to lay down in a Thai bank account (twice that if you and your non-Thai spouse want to retire here), or have a pension of about $2,200 per month (each), then you can get a one year retirement visa to stay in Thailand – but you better not try working or even volunteering here. That is why I took up mountain climbing (joined the Mountaineers Club in Seattle) and have rock climbed hanging off a cliff with a 1,000 foot drop. As Polonius advised his son Laertes in Hamlet, “Neither a borrower nor a lender be”. I plan on retiring to Thailand in ten years from now. A lot of it will come down to your attitude towards Thais and their culture and their view of YOU. After 3 years I’m sick of being a walking ATM target. Please drive slowly. My 2nd question, I am scared of spiders. One day hospital for me 25000 Thai bath my girl 4000 . I used many. By the Way, you may want to read my post about the insects, etc. You’ll be looking at the food, health care, friendliness of the people, language, and housing available. NB: As far as I am aware there are more dangerous creepy crawlies in Australia than Thailand, like everything, it is a matter of perception. America, which I loved, nice ppl, nice fruit, and Spanish is no too hard to learn. I have built 4 houses here and never ran into the problem. And may I reiterate, I have never been charged more than the going rate. the authorities seem not at all interested in doing anything about, despite many banners with high Govt officials in front of it in full uniforms, they love the photo ops, shows their getting stuff done… The rules are there to stop foreigners taking land from Thai people. Like many Thais she seems to be able to do anything, but her background is Farming, which she does well at , even in Cow Hampshire! And then very sadly while they were walking their dog, unleashed, a car backed out of a driveway and killed the poor thing. I know of a half dozen Thai/Farang couples who had similar experiences, meeting young when no one had anything, and all remained married and raised families and are growing old together. Moral to the story, ask for the price first or learn how to read Thai. Change ). Expat retirees must have savings and annual income totaling at least 800,000 Thai baht — currently about $24,000. Where do American retirees get health care in Thailand. Thais are amazing people, but not perfect. We lived happily in Sydney with a lot of friends and close family and always worked hard in the same jobs, and were blessed with a beautiful daughter. With a monthly budget of approximately $900, your dollar could go very far! One needs to protect yourself no matter where you live in the world. I might need some advises from you.. Hope you don’t mind I bother you in future. Move back to oz. For better luck you might want to find a companion the old fashion way and avoid bar pick-ups (BTW, these are usually prostitutes and not just fun-loving ladies.) It is the rainy season now and lots of critters are out and about. BTW, the 800,000 baht required to be held in the bank is not an arbitrary amount. The LOS has lost it’s gloss, and I think it’s time to go…. The cost of living here would run you about $1,500 a month. Again if you are stupid stay home, don’t come here. The baht has been getting propped up by the General, much to the detriment of the country, Cambodia and Myanmar are going leaps and bounds, Thailand going backwards.. I worked in Singapore for 5 years, while there I met and subsequently married this past year in the states through the K1 visa , now we have been in New Hampshire just over a year, as i am working and she is going through the US citizenship process, driving license process, as well as trying to secure a job that is not in a Thai resteraunt, so all is well and moving along swimmingly well. yes i am looking to settle down, better do that at my age , hey? I approved this comment because it was your experience. He maybe even begets a child or two. I was there for 3 years, at the end I got sick of it all , the visa was not to much of a problem but the corruption is pandemic. I’m glad & proud of my birth country to see you and your family are happy in Thailand. The government hospitals give good care to their patients but as they say in New York, “You gets what you pay for.”. Here is what he said (after seeing lots of stuff in Phuket): “If you want to stay married don’t move to either Phuket or Pattaya.”. My net worth was $40 exactly. For that you need a work permit, something that those on retirement visas are not eligible for. Laos is very beautiful but also quite poor. beats spending 30000 on education visa………….or jumping through all the hoops for a retirement visa, or dumping alot of money in the bank. You may be doing what the old country song says, “Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places”. 4. I am hoping to retire to Thaland in 6 years. And the people were suffering. If you own a business and contribute to the local economy like I do, you can buy through your company. Just close your eyes and imagine. You know what? I can’t seem to go for even a couple of days before hearing about another male foreigner, often one well into retirement age, who has known a young girl for a few weeks, someone he may have met at a bar, or who waited on him at a restaurant, and has fallen head over heels in love. All the horror stories are about people married to whores. If you don’t like the creepy crawlies then nowhere in Thailand is safe. Turned out what she said was mostly just to hook me. For lots of people, Thailand can definitely be the wrong place. I drive (on the wrong side) every time I visit Thailand – and my Thai family are telling me how great I drive, but also that they are a little scared, because I drive fast in small countryside roads. So all you have to do is learn Thai, right? My problem is that sweetheart would like to work , while I leisure away my afternoons? Use the below retirement simulation to view the chances of a successful retirement. In the zoo? Problem for me is I get my money from U.S. Social Security, dollars. Foreigners should bring that same “self-preservation” attitude here. Even though Thai students study English from the time they are in the first grade all the way up through college, most will never have made a complete English sentence in their lives. I have written about many of the negative aspects of retiring here (Floods , Reasons not to retire here , The climate , The perils of starting a business here , and others.