Relationship and sex counsellor Mig Bennett agrees that structure is key. Love, what comes to your mind when you think of it? Especially when you have tension or tough times. Its a great communication example/technique and this initiative will bring both of you closer than ever. Set out on some long-drives with your partner. Don’t let it be unresolved. When you think of relationships you realize that there are a lot many things that it is a magical potion of; alongside love. In case you encounter any trouble with your partner, you are going to seek their support and they will be there to help you in the best possible ways. Talk about the milestones that have already happened in your life and also of the milestones you will like to see through with them. It will surely be boring. However, there are common principles that will help anyone create an amazing relationship. That is just waiting to be a spark that burnt too bright but too fast, if you pace yourself then you will make it last. Obviously, there must be some qualities in your partner so that you have allowed him/her to be a part of your life. Relationships can be messy; Movies taught us that and so did our high school sweetheart who we never really could let go of, yet they are beautiful like listening to “Can’t help falling in love” by Elvis over and over again. Be grateful to your friends. The sex might be great but our relationship advice to gay couples is to build an emotional intimacy by spending time away from the bed. Fix it by proper communication. Being a little jealous is alright but being too much jealous will suffocate your partner. This is how you would be able to maintain your social life. We believe sharing our thoughts, goals, and beliefs renders us vulnerable and just like the way you ought to be in a relationship. Take these tiny things into consideration specifically whenever you want to throw your partner a surprise. You should never compare, people are always different from each other and if you are looking for similar traits as that of your ex then you should have stayed with them. Read This (Mindset Shift), Afraid Of Failure? The moment you compare your partner with an ex you stem a string of insecurities in their mind and hypothetical situations where you most likely cheat. This creates a positive attitude into your personality for each other that strengthen your bond even in bad times. On the contrary to new relationships, our relationship advice to married couples it to keep the physical intimacy alive and kicking. Understand this wonderful new person, know the reasons behind their deepest fears, tease them about their wildest fantasies, and above all observe for how they react to situations. Once a couple of people have settled into a relationship, things can fall into a bit of a rut. Your email address will not be published. They can provide useful insights and help ease tensions. We do a lot of things to keep a track of things we do care about, we go to the doctor’s when we are sick but now that we think of it we hardly do things to keep our relationships healthy. As you have just got into a relationship, you should have a concrete idea of your expectations. Our relationship advice for couples is to come clean whenever they can, even if your past was built on a lie; your future doesn’t have to be. No matter how long you know your partner, he/she will behave differently after getting into a relationship with you. Possessiveness is a normal and obvious consequence of love. Learn how they make it work. Required fields are marked *, © 2020, Society Mutter. We understand how difficult it can be for a person to come out of a closet that shouldn’t exist in the first place. It is essential to establish a wavelength of communication through regular conversation. That is where we come in, here is the best relationship advice for couples that you did not know that you deserved but surely do need. You may claim that you already know your partner, but you can still be wrong. The important thing is to maintain your romantic life worth living and for this very purpose, there are certain things you need to keep in mind. Ban of 59 Chinese Apps by the Indian Government, Top 5 Email Template Builders & Email Editors You Can Use for Free or Paid, Best things to do during the Summer in Lisbon: A Complete City Guide, 10 Best Places to Visit in Europe in Summer. 40 minute read Relationships W hen I got married nearly three years ago, at the wedding reception I asked some of the older and wiser folks who were attending for a few words of advice from their own relationships to make sure my wife and I didn’t shit the (same) bed. Similarly, when you ask or share your key matters with your spouse it narrates that he/she has a deep trust in you and wants your true opinion on such a crucial matter. is a top-notch and upcoming brand that discusses all the issues about relationships. It is important to laugh together. We know that trust is a very fragile thing but we also believe that you can rebuild it, thus it is always better, to be honest with your partner. Patience is one of the major and essential ingredients of a well-functioning relationship. Don’t make your partner feel any regret for letting you in into his/her life. But as it is being said, over-dose of anything harms. Too much possessiveness will make you too clingy. Process to Know how to Send money on Snapcash, 15 Best Apps to Watch Live TV and TV Shows on iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV, Review of Blood and Water Web Series of Netflix 2020. Keep introducing spicy things to your relationship to keep it going. Maintaining a sense of autonomy is critical. Best Tips and Relationship Advice for Couples, Positive Effects of Social Media on Teenagers. As you have already found yourself a partner and your time may now be divided, it does not mean that you should make a distance with your social life and your friends. When you ask your spouse about ” how was your day? One person shouldn’t be burdened to be our “everything”; all the time. Sometimes we are in a phase of life where we are evolving versions of ourselves. If you watch you growing apart then take the efforts to initiate these moments. This will help you to pass your time with your partner productively. So, here’s what we think is needed for every relationship, regardless of age, gender, or any other barriers. We are humans, we are bound to make mistakes but it depends on us whether we try to build back that trust or we decide to let it all go in vain. So, the crux of the matter is that keep learning from each other in order to grow your relationship. Instead of looking back towards your past either it was a bitter experience or a sweet one, stay and live in the present. Nobody is perfect in this world, as this is a facet of life. A great relationship that stands the test of time takes effort and work. You should talk to your partner on any subject which develops a spouse’s interest, let your partner know about your certain likes and dislikes. We have created boundaries with our closed minds and have created relationship problems for others. Our relationship advice for married couples is to keep on doing the things that made you happy when you first met. Does your partner welcome surprises? We fall so easily in love without being aware of each other’s values, ideals, and aspirations. Required fields are marked *. Instead of losing patience on tiny issues, be a support system for your partner. Never stop learning about healthy relationships (one of our top pieces of relationship advice for couples) This may be one of the simplest relationship tips to remember: keep on learning and growing in your relationship. Remember your place. just like Lauren Oliver said: Be open enough to communicate with your partner as it is considered to be one of the most effective ways of developing a strong relationship. So is the case with possessiveness. But as a matter of fact, it is quite essential for you to take things at a slow and steady pace. It is important to understand the power of baby steps in such crucial moments, start with people who you trust will take it well, and then work your way around from there. Intimacy plays an important role in building a strong relationship. Follow the link -, Your email address will not be published. Because that’s how you can be best friends and feel comfortable around each other. Instead of bombarding your choices on your partner, make him/her inspired by you. Discover the new facts about each other, rather than sprinting to take your relationship to the next level. Make sure to try new adventures at the initial stage of your relationship as later it will become a part of routine and monotonous as well. Apologize for your mistake and do not let the end without you two patching things up. Similarly, in a relationship, there are some fluctuations you will feel, but it doesn’t mean that you break your relationship without fighting back to save it. There is always a lot of trauma and relationships falling apart associated with coming out but it doesn’t have to be that way. Expectations like, what do you expect from your partner? Keep that in mind that every relationship works around give and take principle. Love is all about accepting your partner with their flaws and shortcomings. Keep alive the intimacy as physical and emotional have to complement each other and not overpower each other. Sometimes small gestures make a big difference, holding her/his hands, hugging, kissing, and cuddling all these physical contacts remind the other person that you have a great and deep interest with them. A healthy relationship is always about recognizing and acknowledging your partner’s contribution and efforts for the relationship. Your email address will not be published. Many people are still waiting for the right one to come into their lives to gear up the energy of their existence. A lot of times gay relationships fall apart due to one of the partners either still not out in the open or them having issues while coming out. No matter how was small or big your fight, inviting the other person on we can resolve our problems and solve such misunderstandings. Keep in mind that your present partner is a different person and demands a different version of your personality as well. - Meet, be inspired, communicate and continue flirting! Observe his/her likes and dislikes. So, when you are suffering from some tension, make sure to bring humor into your relationship to divert your attention from the issue to bring peace and ease between you. Take every opportunity to touch each other, hold hands, snuggle on the couch, and cuddle in the bed. I will also recommend you to read about the relationship advice for women. It is very important to learn how you can resolve your grievances and your fights. To understand, relationship advice for couples watch this video till the end. But keep that in mind that your partner does not have any supernatural powers that will help him/her in understanding you. Your partner has different characteristics and you should keep discovering them without making any comparison to the qualities of your ex-partner. 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