With sub-14ms latency and a very stable Bluetooth connection, I was really surprised by just how native-feeling the Junglecat is to use. They're perfect for students, grandparents, and anyone looking for, As more and more businesses move to cloud-based workflows, the demand for DevOps engineers is constantly growing. My review unit had to be imported from the US, for example, since the Galaxy Note 9 case isn't available in Europe. For a price. When it did get detected, it was as good an experience as a PS4 controller. Gaming controllers for phones are becoming increasingly popular. When docked with the mounting plate the control felt a bit smaller in my adult hands, but more than ergonomic for gaming on the go. Yea, the PS4 controller is detected by almost every single game I play, but the Razer controller, good luck. While you might think it’d be an either-or situation, I really like having two styles of game controllers to choose from. Note that you can only switch button functions though, not map buttons to other on-screen controls. The buttons are all very tactile and "clicky," although the shoulder buttons have a fair degree of flex in them, which makes me worry about their long-term survivability. The ABXY buttons are even in the correct places, not the Nintendo Switch's very wrong places. Being able to customize button layouts for each game in your library is great. 2K Drive. The included cases are slightly different depending on where you buy it. for iOS. Another small gripe is that to charge the controllers you need 2 USB C cables, there’s only one in the box. Nintendo did a lot right with the original Switch design, with the detachable Joycons, and it's this that the Junglecat mimics in its own way. Switch-like controls for your mobile device. Mobile controllers seem to fall into two broad categories, standard wireless controllers that you control your games with om mobile, and cases the envelope your phone and give you control sticks on each side turning your devices into a mobile phone powered Nintendo Switch style device. No, the Razer Junglecat is not supported by iOS. Out of the box, it's immediately compatible with Project XCloud and Xbox Game Streaming. With every one of its features made to keep you in the hunt, there’s nowhere left for your prey to run. When you add those controls back on they get a whole lot more fun. Sign up now to get the latest news, deals & more from Windows Central! The Xbox Series X is now in the hands of everyday people, and the next-generation of console gaming has officially begun. The dream of many is something like the Nintendo Switch, but for Xbox. We live by our motto: For Gamers. We may earn a commission for purchases using our links. The Razer Raiju is a slightly more functional but less portable alternative for $149. Save big on Echo, Fire TV, and more at Amazon right now, Configuration app, two separate controllers, central dock, cases for mobile devices, USB-C charging cable, Easy to set up, with familiar standard controls, Very small, won't be suitable for users with larger hands. It has a rubberized feel to it that makes it great for gripping two handed. Save big on these VPN services ahead of Black Friday. 3. These are the best Chromebooks to buy for you and your family, Start a lucrative career in DevOps with 12 certification courses for $40, Best early Black Friday deals: TVs, Echo devices, headphones, & more.