We are no sure as to whether the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJB) leader feels that the list is not comprehensive, but we are sure that he is claiming that the number of illegal immigrants has risen to fifteen lakh currently, within Delhi. PM Modi Unveils Life-Size Statue Of Swami Vivekananda In JNU Campus Amid Students' Protest, ‘Paatal Lok’ Actor Asif Basra Found Hanging In Dharamshala, Suicide Suspected, RBI Admits India May Have Entered 'Historic Recession'; July-Sept GDP To Contract 8.6%, Asif Basra Dies By Suicide: Emraan Hashmi, Manoj Bajpayee, Hansal Mehta And Other Celebs Mourn The Loss, Govt Issues Notice To Twitter Over Leh Geo-Tagging Error, Micro-Blogging Site Responds. In a recently released data regarding the Twitter followers of some of the country’s leaders, some alarming facts came up. Gandhi, who joined Twitter in April 2015, is still far behind Prime Minister Narendra Modi who joined Twitter in January 2009 and has 48.5 million followers on the micro-blogging site. Still o the same issue, Manoj Tiwari is expected to meet up with Amit Shah, the Home Minister, to have some light shed on the issue. 56 16.4%. In the heart of Sonitpur District, is a small village called Asam. Today, he commands a whole ten million-plus crowd of fervent followers, who he thanks greatly for bringing him thus far in both his twitter and his political history. Rahul Gandhi, who arrived in Lucknow on Wednesday ,said in a tweet that in Amethi he would celebrate the milestone of hitting 10 million Twitter followers and also meet the Congress workers and supporters while interacting with the public. Amassing many twitter followers has become an essential part of leadership in the recent past. He decided that he would celebrate the achievement in Amethi, with his congress supporters, where he intends to meet with them in person. No wonder the news making headlines these days touch directly on the twitter accounts of world-famous leaders and presidents. Is Mohanlal Bidding For the Ninth Franchise Ahead of IPL 2021? However, the police superintendent of the district of Sonitpur, Mr. Kumar Sanjit, has dismissed the claim news, saying that earlier reports indicated that the woman was mentally ill, and that was the reason as to why she committed suicide. This is Gandhi's first visit to Amethi in Uttar Pradesh after the Lok Sabha elections in which the Congress was mauled. Rahul Gandhi Hits 10 Million Twitter Followers; To Celebrate Milestone In Amethi Rahul Gandhi will visit Amethi today for the first time after losing the parliamentary constituency to Union minister Smriti Irani in this general election, to ascertain the cause of his defeat. Compared to his 10 million followers, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who joined Twitter in January 2009, has 48.5 million followers on the social media platform. If this would go on for another five or so years, it is speculated that the number of his followers would double or even triple if all factors remained constant. ABP News uses cookie on this website to ensure a better User Experience, beautiful functionalities and to measure visitor behavior in order to improve the content. World presidents and leaders have had to be audited for the number of followers they have on their twitter accounts, and some criticized for any mishappenings regarding their followings. Required fields are marked *. Comparatively, Rahul Gandhi is doing positively well if all his followers are organic. Discover daily Twitter statistics, Rahul Gandhi ranking charts, and more! The public is appealing to the government to offer an extended timeline for the count, citing instances where the NRC list might have been compiled in haste in a bid to beat the deadline. Followers for the last 30 days-- Following for the last 30 days. To avoid cases where wrong info is submitted and innocent people affected, this might just be a great solution. According to the Twitter Audit analysis, Congress president Rahul Gandhi leads with the highest percentage of fake Twitter followers at 69 per cent. Your email address will not be published. It seems to us that Manoj Tiwari is not about to let this issue die off, because earlier this year in May, he was heard pushing for the same agenda tirelessly. File photo of Congress chief Rahul Gandhi. Rahul Gandhi hits 10 million followers on Twitter, to celebrate ‘milestone’ in Amethi Amethi — the erstwhile stronghold of the Congress — was won by Irani by more than 52,000 votes as the BJP returned to power at Centre with a bigger mandate. According to trustworthy sources of the party, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJB)’s chief, Manoj Tiwari is going to meet up with Shah by the end of the week to have a further discussion on the illegal immigrants’ issue. After conceding defeat, he is expected to give his concession speech as well as highlight the reasons he thought might have led to his loss in the election. Gandhi joined Twitter in April 2015. Your email address will not be published. A woman committed suicide by jumping to death into a well in the back of her yard, for fear of her name not being on the list of the official NRC report. Gandhi's visit is an indication that he has not given up on Amethi although he was elected to the Lok Sabha this time from Wayanad in Kerala. This is the latest village to take the news of the official NRC list with the seriousness it deserves. By: ABP News Bureau | 10 Jul 2019 11:30 AM (IST). We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. One such man is Rahul Gandhi, who has stepped down as the congress president, according to the New Delhi news on July 10th. 10 Million Twitter followers - thank you to each and every one of you! Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. I will celebrate the milestone in Amethi, where I will be meeting our Congress workers and supporters today," Gandhi, who arrived here on Wednesday, said in a tweet. You can manage them any time from your browser settings. "10 Million Twitter followers - thank you to each and every one of you! Rahul Gandhi joined the twitter platform in the year 2015 and has since grown gradually to garner the much following as of this year. Gandhi, who lost the Amethi seat after holding it for three terms, will meet party activists in the Uttar Pradesh Constituency, which for long was considered a Gandhi family bastion. As much as she claimed that she had tension for fear of being left out of the NRC list, all of her family members were listed, according to the superintendent of police in the region. Kangana Ranaut, Rangoli Chandel Dance on 'Kesariya Balam' at Brother Aksht's 'Mehendi' Ceremony. The chief leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJB), Manoj Tiwari, approximated an extremely high number of illegal immigrants within the national capital city. The National Register of Citizens provides for the list of the people who are supposed to be in a given city at a given time, legally. Rahul Gandhi Twitter Statistics and Summary Page. According to the villagers, if your name was not included in the list, you would be at risk of being sent to detention camps awaiting your deportation back to your country. But according to him, he prefers that they be forcefully removed and deported back to their countries, and he intends to push for Shah to demand the same, as heard from sources within the party. For fear of not being included in the list, the villagers can do anything, as gathered from onlookers and witnesses. Today, he commands a whole ten million-plus crowd of fervent followers, who he thanks greatly for bringing him thus far in both his twitter and his political history. (PTI). He will also interact with the public. Namrata Shirodkar Shares Latest Vacation Pics of Mahesh Babu and Kids on Dinner Date, PUBG Mobile Is Coming Back And It Will Be Known As PUBG Mobile India, But You May Have To Wait A Bit, YouTube Was Down Globally and the Social Media Kept Buffering With Relatable Memes, Actor Asif Basra Found Hanging at Dharamshala House, Suicide Suspected, NCB Questions Arjun Rampal's GF Gabriella For Second Straight Day. I will celebrate the milestone in Amethi, where I will be meeting our Congress workers & supporters today. 10 Ways to Get More Twitter Followers Naturally, 5 Things to Pin For Businesses On Pinterest, 7 Ways To Attract More Listeners on SoundCloud. He will then pay a private condolence visit to ex-block President Dwinda Prasad Dwivedi's family in Babhanpur village. According to the news on the 31st of August, 2019, the chief leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJB) has demanded to be accorded the official National Registry of Citizens for Delhi. The NRC is aimed at trying to identify and flush out the presumably ever-rising number of illegal immigrants. The party leaders said Gandhi will discuss with party workers the reasons for his defeat. By continuing to use this website, you agree to the use of these cookies. He has taken on the huge milestone with pride, and he considers it a great achievement worthy of a big celebration. Rahul Gandhi joined the twitter platform in the year 2015 and has since grown gradually to garner the much following as of this year. Rahul Gandhi stepped down from the political race after he lost the poll by fifty-five thousand votes to his competitor, Smriti Irani, the leader of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJB). Former Congress President Rahul Gandhi has amassed 10 million followers on Twitter and said he will celebrate the "milestone" in Amethi where he lost the Lok Sabha battle to BJP's Smriti Irani. When you try to compare the numbers, you will realize that Narendra Modi, the prime minister, joined twitter in the year 2009 in January, and today he has approximately forty-eight and a half million Twitter followers! According to political analysts, Manoj Tiwari might have begun the push to see the National Register of Citizens after Assam announced the final NRC list on Saturday. Later on, in the coming few weeks, Rahul Gandhi is expected to visit the headquarters of the district, in Gauriganj, where he is supposed to address some of the congress party workers in the Nirmala Institute of Women’s Education in an intense indoor meeting. According to party leaders, Gandhi will attend a closed-door meeting of party workers at the Nirmala Institute of Women's Education in the afternoon at Gauriganj in Amethi. According to the officially released National Register of Citizens on the morning of Saturday, up to nineteen million, six thousand, six hundred and fifty-seven people are living in the county’s capital illegally, leaving the official count of Indian citizens at three billion, eleven million, and twenty-one thousand and four. Seeing that most of the numerous reasons for immigrating illegally into a country are extremely hard to bear, some people would rather die than go back, according to a small report by the villagers of Asam.