Once the top shell is gone, you'll see the crab's insides. Broiling Crab Legs. Lump crab meat from your favorite market's seafood counter is the perfect ingredient to provide a touch of elegance and coastal flavor, all the while, keeping things simple. Use 1 pound of fresh or canned lump crab meat. Saute a small minced shallot in 1 tbsp. Since I couldn't find any instructions so far I have prepared a pan with butter and just spread almost a pound of crab on top and then I put it in the oven at 350 degrees. My only experience is eating them!!! Create appetizers using the brownish lump crab meat taken from the claws of the crab. Broiling crab legs in the oven is a great way to infuse some good buttery flavor … Producers who supply food retailers with crabmeat, legs and claws sold in the United States often cook and freeze them prior to shipping. Consumers in the U.S. can purchase live crab for cooking at home or precooked crab legs and claws. I do not have a steamer or any experience cooking the crab meat myself. My girlfriend doesn't eat seafood, so, it is only me. Along the top are … of cooking oil in a medium hot … Discard any pieces of shells found in the can. Remove Gills & Mandibles. The flaky, supple meat adds a delicately sweet richness to everything from soups and salads to dips and crostini.