[6] although the Bank of England still plays a role in managing the government's higher level accounts. Date: 1846-1921 Held by: Date: 1846-1921 Held by: var ftExpTrack_5023943 = ""; This information has been found through the company's General Terms & Conditions documentation or. Our division covers pensions, payroll, rewards and benefits, and payments. ".replace(/q/g,decodeURIComponent("%"+"5C")))[1]:"";return (h&&h!=location.host)? This website might use cookies for ads, social media and analytic metrics. It is international tax rules that decide if a pension is taxed in France or not, eg. The Hewlett Packard (HP) Retirement Benefit Plan has reappointed EQ Paymaster as its third-party administrator for the next five years. UK DB pension deficit remains at £260bn in October; HP Retirement Benefit Plan reappoints EQ Paymaster By Duncan Ferris 26/10/20. Today, the Paymaster General is usually a minister without portfolio available for any duties which the government of the day may designate. var ftDomain = (window==top)? EQ Paymaster works with the UK’s public and private sector schemes and the Life and Pensions sector to manage complex administration and payments. Reader question: You have previously stated that pensions paid by HM Paymaster General are taxed in the UK. Read tagging guidelines. NHS Pensions general enquiries, POL helpdesk, Equiniti Paymaster, Finance and order forms Skip to main ... NHS employers can contact NHS Pensions by phone, email or post. My husband’s NHS pension is paid by this means and he pays tax in France. var ftBuildTag1 = "