You can start a store on Shopify which is not expensive. There are different types of e-commerce businesses: Businesses like Amazon, eBay, Flipcart Etsy are eCommerce businesses. Focus on making your first dollar. Job seekers don’t have the biggest disposable income, and you won’t earn nearly as much as if you offered a service to businesses (B2B), but it’s still a way to earn a side income while spending as much or as little time as you want per week (like tutoring). Just check with your city, state, and country to find out what licenses and certifications are required for what you want to offer. It takes a lot of time to create a course as it is a mix of text, videos, and worksheets. Any company that records audio, phone calls, video presentations, etc., may need them in text format, too. 7-12% of property value per year, approximately. For example, passive income businesses such as laundromats, self-service storages, self-service stores, car washes, arcade games and more do not need to be carried out online to be successfully passive income sources. Most of the bloggers earn a good amount of their income from affiliate marketing. Some of the products you can sell using eCommerce include digital products, tangible products such as clothes and jewelry, you can also sell other people’s products for a commission (dropshipping) or customized products with print-on-demand. Learn More About Passive Income With eBooks. And, you could potentially turn this hustle into a full time business if you wanted (by hiring staff and finding more and more clients). Create Passive Income with Stress-Free Side Hustles. This can include art-related skills like sculpture, or trades like carpentry or woodworking. While it may require some upfront cost to furnish the room, buy extra towels and toiletries, etc., it can be highly lucrative in the long run. eCommerce or electronic commerce is the system of buying and selling products through the internet and make transactions online. Learn More About Passive Income With eCommerce. Like Amazon, this varies heavily. Their posts revive around that particular topic. How much money can I make from passive income? So it doesn?t come as a surprise that you can find your next side hustle on your phone. We do not promise or guarantee your success. Factors such as pricing, niche decision, the popularity of the domain name are important to take into consideration. If you will get good traffic, you will make more money. This blog does not provide legal, financial, business or tax advice and does not create a client relationship. These are just a few examples where you can sell your products. Our website uses cookies as further described in our privacy policy. You could earn nothing, or it could be a very lucrative side hustle – earning $1,000-$3,000 per month or much more, depending on what you sell and how you execute. If you were selling on Amazon, you’d want to check out things like: Which products are best-sellers in their categories? You could find clients through websites like and, which are freelance marketplaces for all sorts of professional services. Very few of the items listed on Amazon are sold by the company itself. If you have some idle photos lying around, or just love photography, this passive income idea is for you. You can make quite some money by selling high-quality stock photos online. An ebook can be a good source of income if done right and if it targets a problem your readers is facing. They aren't fully passive but still can provide a lot of income compared to the effort involved. Many writers, businesses, and even non-profit organizations need editing and proofreading services. This may be anywhere from $8-20 per hour or higher. Print on demand is ideal for beginners or people who don’t have a lot of money to invest to get started online. You can start doing videos, or courses that can be accessible to the members as they pay. There is a course by Michelle of Making sense of cents who is earning $50,000 per month with Affiliate marketing. So all he needed to do was show up and teach me swimming for an hour during his spare time to earn cash. You could even teach something like martial arts or a sport that you played at a high level. For more on flipping, domains to make passive income, click on our guide. This is one of the highest-earning business ideas on this list because it can scale very quickly without requiring more of your time, especially if you let Amazon handle the customer service, shipping, etc. If you find this topic interesting, click on our guide. You can take general ideas and patterns that are already working for people, and adapt them. Nowadays, there are numerous ways of earning passive income both online and offline. Here comes the need for stock photos. Can you earn passive income online? So if you’re detail-oriented and have a great grasp of the English language, you could become a freelance editor or proofreader. (That’s what “scalable” means, basically… earning more doesn’t require more time). You also have to narrate interesting topics and include tone variations where necessary. You may not earn that much, but $50-100 per day is reasonable to expect. Print on demand is a passive source of income that can become an awesome side hustle. A few hundred to a few thousand dollars per month, with income rising but then slowly dropping after 6-12 months for most sellers. You can become a freelance copywriter, or start a copywriting agency. Learn More About Passive Income Affiliate Marketing. Getting paid to look after kids or pets is one of the longest-running side hustles, dating back to pre-internet days. Every little bit of your energy should go toward that in the first few months. Blogging is the side hustle idea that I chose (I began blogging here at Career Sidekick while still working as a Recruiter, and then turned into a full time business over time). There are many forms of affiliate marketing. Another method is to do it on Amazon. 1. Many types of products like physical products and digital products like eBooks, Softwares, Graphic designs are part of eCommerce businesses. So, platforms like this allow you to get started more quickly without being a marketing expert. 1-3 months to publish the book, create the listing, and start selling. Products like Softwares, printables, eBooks, fonts, graphics can be sold to make money. If you have a background in HR, recruitment, or you’ve worked as a hiring manager, you could make money online by writing cover letters or resumes for job seekers. If your videos target a technical niche, it is possible to generate ad income as if some add appears which could be useful, a person will watch it. You can begin earning money online within one or two months of getting inventory and putting your listing up on Amazon. Podcasts can also help you build up an audience that you can sell other products in the future. It is fast and easy, though. Like blogging, I don’t think you can reasonably expect to earn much in your first 6-12 months of podcasting. You can use podcasts to grow your audience and monetize. And while YouTube is never 100% passive income (I’ve heard many creators say that when they stop uploading content, they gradually stop receiving views to their old content, too)… it still scales very quickly and you can find yourself earning a lot without having to work more than at the start. If you do want to start a blog, I’d recommend picking a narrow niche to begin. I’m not saying to steal/copy things, but you can take general ideas and get inspiration from logos, templates, slogans, product descriptions, etc. One lucrative way is through ghostwriting music for musicians, rappers, and artists. Broadly, it means income that requires little-to-no-effort to make. There are many ways to sell ebooks, one of them is selling it to your followers and readers on your website/blog. Our list also includes many easy side hustles that require very little time or risk to start making money. And like Amazon, Etsy is a huge marketplace so they’ve got a big customer base. This is a long-term play. Most of these ideas are easy to start even for beginners. Chatbots are highly interactive AI programs that can generate leads, interact with customers, and offer solutions on your behalf. Spending every day of a week adjusting your logo. If you have a spare room or property, you can earn a lucrative side income from listing it on Airbnb for nightly rentals. Years #2 and #3 are likely where you’d see more profitability, so this is a long-term play just like blogging and YouTube. I would be thankful from the bottom of my heart. They usually start out as side hustles such as gaming, blogging, niche sites, podcasting, YouTube etc, that you can turn into passive income streams. As an expert in one of these areas, you can be paid very well for your time, either by consulting for businesses or helping individuals. Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest. There is two types of income: Passive Income and Active Income. That’s just from ad revenue, so if you mix in brand sponsorships and affiliate deals, mentioned above, then you can definitely earn six figures per year with a large YouTube channel.