Unfortunately, Parker later learned the truth after he went to the hospital to see Elisa, and he became angry with her for hiding this secret from him. Perkins is a pharmaceutical sales representative who was demoted to customer service. Deb's image has shown up throughout the series in the form of memories and flashbacks. Grayson kisses Jane at the hospital after Elaine's passing, only to be interrupted by the Old Jane, who reveals the truth that Jane was Deb all along. He is reborn into the body of Ian Holt, a Death Row inmate whose innocence Jane proves. Owen is approached by Stacy to be her sperm donor and he accepts. We Have The Answer HERE! Drop Dead Diva Season: 5 Episode: 11 When Jane (Brooke Elliott) and Stacy (April Bowlby) aren't talking because of Stacy dating Owen (Lex Medlin), he steps in to try to convince Jane to change her mind and take her friend back. Meanwhile, Jane greets the clients who were directed to her home. She has also shown to be helpful at times in important cases, evident in Season 4's Crushed when she asked Jane to help out with a case involving a former babysitting charge being accused of murder. She asks Jane for permission to ask Owen to be her sperm donor and the two date on-and-off throughout her pregnancy. She is at first fine and tells him that she'll draw up divorce papers and sign them but she starts to think that the reaction she has towards him is attraction and becomes confused as she is dating Tony. However, she becomes upset when she finds out Elaine died and she didn't get to say goodbye, so she tells Grayson about Jane's true identity out of spite. She would eventually get caught and ends up in jail after she used Stacy's identity, which was later traced back with a record of traffic violations that Stacy had forgotten to pay. Jane, at first, is wary about being intimate with a man in her new body but accepts his invitation anyway. Grayson is shocked when Jane reveals who she really is. Jane frantically searches for Owen, who went missing after seeing her kiss Grayson just before their wedding. If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap right here for you. She gets a call from Paul stating that Owen wants to see her. Fred informs Grayson that he was assigned to Deb when she died and was held responsible when she pressed the return key which sent her back to Earth. Jane: You're not going to give up are you.Stacy: Something I learned from my best friend. Jane was in a tough situation on Drop Dead Diva Season 6 Episode 11 when she found out Grayson's soul was sent back ... Owen and Stacy worked on their plans for the wedding and Kim helped a … The two become engaged, with Jane not knowing that Grayson has fallen in love with her. Judge Lyford supervised the patent case for the pake between Stacy and Mr. Pierce. In the third-season premiere, Grayson is revealed to have survived with minor injuries although he has short-term amnesia.