See statutory maternity pay and maternity allowance for the current level of the entitlements. Where an employee is on unpaid sick leave or on sick leave attracting half pay during the whole or part of the period used for calculating average weekly earnings, average weekly earnings for the period of sick absence shall be calculated on the basis of notional full sick pay. Your employer does not have to pay more than SMP unless you have a contractual right to extra maternity pay. If your employer provides occupational maternity pay you only have to repay it if that was agreed before your maternity leave or the repayment conditions were stated in your maternity policy. The continuity of service provisions mean that the doctor is eligible for maternity leave and pay. For 24/7 emergency COVID advice please call us. For details of what happens to car allowances, bonuses and commission during maternity leave see Rights during Maternity Leave. ✔️Save details and the set up will be complete. All employees have a right to take 52 weeks maternity leave under the statutory scheme. If you are pregnant and within six weeks of the expected week of childbirth, you can be automatically treated as having limited capability for work. Please call our helpline for more details. If a junior doctor on the 2016 TCS has insufficient service with their current NHS employer to qualify for statutory maternity pay, they will receive the value of statutory maternity pay from their employer during the half pay period and the 13 weeks SMP period. You simply navigate to My Company > Company > Payroll set-up > Occupational Leaves > Occupational settings. Watch our film to find out more. Self employed women do not have the right to SMP unless you are also an employee. Now click on “+Add maternity leave” and this window will pop up: Fill in the dates and upload the document on the first part, then scroll down to “Occupational maternity pay” (OMP). You will find more information on this here. To qualify for SMP you need to be an employee with 26 weeks continuous service with your employer running into the 15th week before the expected week of childbirth. Find out about maternity pay. How much maternity pay you’ll receive will vary from employer to employer, however you’re guaranteed to receive 39 weeks’ pay at the statutory minimum or above. This is helpful as it demonstrates that the correct amount of statutory pay has been applied to the employee. Registered Charity No. The reference period for calculating maternity pay meant that the value of the occupational maternity pay would be nil. You will find more information about ESA and how to claim it on . The 12 weeks at half pay plus SMP would actually equal more a month than what my full pay would be a month. Maternity pay. After you click on “Occupational settings”, this window will pop up. Anyone who does not meet the qualifying conditions for the NHS Scheme may be entitled to statutory leave and pay. I am an agency worker, do I get maternity pay? how long the employee needs to have worked to be eligible or how much they will be paid as well as how the information is displayed on the payslip. You should ask your employer about this. You can choose different parameters - e.g. Occupational Maternity Pay allows an employer to give their employees more than just the legal minimum for maternity pay. Check the rules to see whether you qualify. Check the rules to find out if you can claim Maternity Allowance. If you have further questions and would like to contact our advice team please use our advice contact form below or call us. However, maternity leave may last for 52 weeks; the last 13 weeks are unpaid. Am I entitled to Statutory Maternity Pay? How to set up an OMP scheme on PayFit You simply navigate to My Company > Company > Payroll set-up > Occupational Leaves > Occupational settings. How do you qualify for it? For example, it could be: ⦁ 2 weeks at 100% pay in the first period, ⦁ You can remove one or more of the periods. If a junior doctor on the 2016 TCS returns from an approved period of time out programme and: then the reference period is the doctor’s last period of paid employment in the previous training placement prior to commencing the time spent out of programme. Because you may be able to claim IS for a longer period, it may make sense to claim this instead of ESA. If you own a limited company and pay yourself a salary through PAYE from the company, you could qualify for SMP as an employee, provided you meet the usual test. Wednesday, July 22, 2020. For m... What is Additional SSP (COVID-19 related leave) Recent government changes to Statutory Sick Pay legislation means that any employees that are absent... What is Occupational Maternity Pay (OMP) used for? Dernière mise à jour : Members should check their own situation with their employing authorities or trusts. 1️⃣Number of weeks worked to become eligible for OMP, ⦁ Percentage of base pay (the percentage rate is calculated as a percentage of base pay including the statutory maternity rate), ⦁ Fixed weekly amount (The fixed amount is an amount to be paid in addition to the statutory maternity rate). EC2V 6DL​. Circumstances that Impact Statutory Maternity Pay and Leave. You will not have to have an assessment. You can carry on getting ESA for 14 days after you have the baby. What is Maternity Leave? What can I do when my employer refuses to pay my Statutory Maternity Pay and other Statutory Payments? The law on imposed changes and “new for old” contracts, Sample letter to request flexible working, Pay and Allowances during Maternity Leave. Where a pay award or annual increment is implemented during paid maternity leave, the maternity pay due from the date of the pay award or annual increment should be increased accordingly. What about Occupational Maternity Pay? This could apply earlier in your pregnancy, and possibly after the birth. But if you are likely to have limited capability for work for more than 13 weeks (including the 8 weeks around the birth), you should get advice, as ESA could be worth more money. Both Statutory Maternity Pay and Maternity Allowance are payable for 39 weeks. If such a pay award was agreed retrospectively, the maternity pay should be re-calculated on the same basis. Sample notice letter giving notice for Maternity Leave and Pay. At the time of the extension of SMP from 18 to 26 weeks a number of authorities expressed concern over the fact that there would be no occupational maternity pay during weeks 19 to 26. ” and then set the details based on the company policy. How long is it? You must still meet the contribution conditions and/or the conditions for getting income-related ESA. You might be entitled to maternity pay when you take maternity leave. There are also some specific rules which may help you to qualify. Read our guidance on maternity leave entitlements for doctors across the UK working under the NHS scheme. Here you have the amount for statutory maternity pay and occupational maternity pay automatically calculated by the app. © 2017 Working Families. You can check the rules for entitlement to SMP. I qualify for continuous service and therefore occupational maternity pay. To do this, you have to activate the button “Edit parameters”. Activate the button that says “*Company* offers Occupational Maternity Pay” and then set the details based on the company policy. View all the latest news, blogs and features from the BMA. However, here is where the confusion is. Where a pay award or annual increment is implemented before paid maternity leave begins, the pay should be calculated as though the pay award or increment had effect throughout the entire pay calculation period.