There is nothing like a pair of jeans from one of your favorite designers that you picked up for only a few dollars at a yard sale. Examples of nothing like in a sentence: 1. ⓘ This sentence is not a translation of the original sentence. You want to save antibiotics for when nothing else will work. There has been nothing like them in any other country, and they stand at an immeasurable distance above the works of the early Owari school represented by Kaji Tsunekichi and his pupils and colleagues. For instance, the difference between the long-stalked and finely-cut leaves of Anemone attacked with rust and the normal leaves with broad segments, or between the urceolate leaves occasionally found on cabbages and the ordinary formin these cases undoubtedly pathological and teratological respectivelyis nothing like so great as between the upper and lower normalleaves of many Umhelliferae or the submerged and floating leaves of an aquatic Ranunculus or Cabomba. I have had some fairly good results but nothing like my favorite kind of crispy but not too stodgy bhajees. 150+4 sentence examples: 1. I absolutely know nothing about your background. There's nothing like a good celeb scandal to get the chatter going at the water cooler every morning! There's nothing like seeing a bride at the altar readjusting her lingerie in front of a teary-eyed crowd. But the Deacon process, the invention of Henry Deacon (who was greatly aided by his chemist Dr Ferdinand Hurter), carried out since 1868, has attained to better, although nothing like complete, success in that direction. 4. Times, Sunday Times (2013) British television had seen nothing like it. The world's best-known hotels put to the test December 05, 2004 - Times Online There is nothing like a grande dame. There's nothing like green face paint in a witch's black strands to ruin the illusion of ghastliness. Probably nothing like what was on her imaginative mind. Though papasan camp chairs are a bit harder to track down than more traditional styles of camp chairs, many consumers claim there's almost nothing like sitting in one as long as thick padding is intact. Sentences Menu. Casting director's didn't think that there would be enough on-screen chemistry between the two and certainly nothing like the chemistry between Bella and Edward Cullen (Rob Pattinson). The evaporation slightly increases as the rainfall increases, but at nothing like so high a rate. It's classed as being a conifer but it looks nothing like one. Although Nancy stays true to her wholesome roots, the tone of this series is nothing like the others. What does nothing like expression mean? There's nothing like light-hearted images of cowboys and horses to give your home a welcoming ambience. I managed to push the picture of Byrne in his face and he says the guy didn't look nothing like that and I should get lost. There's nothing like a clash of elites to show where power really lies. 150+4 sentence examples: 1. A roast at your folks sounds yummy, nothing like getting spoilt - where do they normally live? While you may not think that a current photo and honest profile will earn you a date, it is better to be honest and find a genuine match than hook up with someone that looks and acts nothing like his/her profile. nothing like sb/sth definition: 1. not at all similar to someone or something: 2. not at all similar to someone or something: . If you're running late and your hair is being impossible, there's nothing like a bandanna or scarf to just cover it up and call it a look. Learn more. There's nothing like the slow growth and sudden blooming of bulbs to let you know that spring has arrived. (I have decided I don't want to eat anything with preservatives or additives. Fortunately, the mass marketing of MAC makeup hasn't affected its superior quality.The professional-grade MAC eye makeup is nothing like its drug store counterparts. Nothing like some negative reinforcement to get you going. Although there is a large amount of information available for tarot card readers, there is nothing like using the cards to gain an understanding of them. There's nothing like having weight-loss surgery and allowing it to be broadcast over the Internet. She looks nothing like her mother. Unfortunately for Riley the drugs do nothing to change his sexuality. 5) Marriage! Both displayed lots of photographs of their catches - nothing like a picture of a huge sturgeon or mahseer to start a conversation ! The only emotions I felt had to be so intense and when they were, they still felt nothing like those I know now, she explained. Learn more. Nothing like it had ever happened to her before. You've still got your taxes, but it's nothing like you pay in other places, like Canada, for instance ." Nothing in a sentence. He would take them to see his father if they wished, but his father's life was nothing like theirs. Bionicle science fiction figures look nothing like Legos but are increasingly popular and well loved by children. There is almost nothing like the comfort and flattering fit of a sweater coat. Up to this time Rabelais, despite the condemnation of the Sorbonne referred to above, had experienced nothing like persecution or difficulty. If the thief looks nothing like the victim, he or she may try to inlay a new photo over the old one. Local people - There's nothing like getting information directly from the source. The Sun (2014) There's nothing like eating your own fresh catch. synonyms. 0. 1) He is rich enough who owes nothing . There's nothing like eating something fresh from the garden and then it becomes familiar. For those who truly want an authentic look, there is nothing like sewing something yourself, thus guaranteeing both quality and individuality. The following species are aberrant in respect of these characters: Peripatus (Opisthopatus) cinctipes, Purcell (Cape Colony and Natal), presents a few Australasian features; there is a small receptaculum seminis on each oviduct, some of the legs are provided with welldeveloped coxal organs, the feet have one anterior, one posterior and one dorsal papilla, and the successive difference in the ages of the embryos in the uterus, though nothing like that found in the neotropical species, is slightly greater than that found in other investigated African species. You also want to make sure nothing like cheese has melted onto the toaster elements. Straitlaced Amos, for example, was less stereotypical than his pals, and Sapphi 150+4 sentence examples: 1. There's nothing like the tease of a sheer bra to heighten your erotic encounters and make fantasies begin to come to life. There was nothing like battle to make a man feel alive! She was impatient, anxious, emotional … nothing like the women he knew, which both interested him and warned him. Used as subjects of a sentence or question. 2) Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. And yet, our lives are nothing like that. There is nothing like giving to put you into an open, receptive mood, with all the physiological benefits that this brings.