Facebook is showing information to help you better understand the purpose of a Page. It's very greasy-animalic at first but dries down to a thunderous ambient powdery sandalwood oud. An obscure, narcotic, resinous blend of many elements, I figure on mind (but anybody is sure apart from the creator Gualtieri) musk, tobacco, hashish, oudh, coffee, vetiver, patchouli, may be heliotrope, precious woods, incense, leather, smoke and some nocturnal flower as the violet. ©2020 Luckyscent Inc. All Rights Reserved. 4.3 4 reviews. The only part of this I don't like is to me there is a nail polish sort of undertone to this for the first hour or so, but as it settles down there is a nice dry wood smell that is warming to me a lingers forever. It actually stinks and very loudly. adroll_version = "2.0"; BUT really it has a LONGEVITY & SILLAGE Issue! I said "Nasomatto's Black Afgano" he said "I will never be able to remember that" I said I know! My favorite scent. É tudo o que foi dito positivamente sobre ele. Basicamente falando, Afgano é uma obra prima que deve ser apreciada, pois dificilmente a pessoa encontrará ocasiões para o seu uso. adroll_currency = "EUR"; It’s an interesting smelling fragrance that I found unique, but nothing I would like to smell like for hours on end. E para minha grande e adorável surpresa, ele funcionou, e já nos primeiros minutos veio em minha mente, uma floresta com névoas, algo bem dark mesmo, me lembrou o cenário do sleepy hollow do tim burton. Violett . Maybe if the cannabis were stronger, amazing, and more prominent it could be worth the $165 for a 30ml flacon. Black Afgano de Nasomatto é um perfume Amadeirado Aromático Compartilhável. Heart notes are complex and hard to describe. I was looking for a present and came across this fragrance but i did not dare to buy it because of the above mentioned quality. To much of sharp smokey woods. And toss the marketing hype... weed? Show all reviews of Black Afgano by Nasomatto, Find out more about Black Afgano by Nasomatto. Page Transparency See More. então vejo um pequeno decant com um líquido negro, o mesmo que me proporcionou náuseas, e um longo banho para tentar em vão(quem conhece sabe que o negócio e forte)tirar ele do pulso. Imagine your scent? It's a most incredible scent but the lack of sillage is a deal breaker for me especially at this price for just one ounce. The Nose. At the risk of a quibble I'd add 'resinous'. Sillage is moderate but somewhat soft while longevity is moderate at around 4 hours on my skin. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. BA and "playing it safe" on any aspect do not go together at all. This is an incredible leather/spice/incense fragrance with killer projection. My local Chemist Warehouse has a sample bottle, I'll be sure to wear it on skin for a full day before committing. Not really for dating either, i.e. It is also fairly linear and lasts for several hours. Not Now. Online agora: 229, Fragrantica in your language: I think the mix of other reviews may say more about body chemistry than about the fragrance. In one word: Amazing. 3. I ll order black afgano for a change. I don’t smell that at all. Black Afgano Nasomatto for women and men Pictures. 3.0 /5. This bottle of perfume is part of the project Nasomatto. I can compare this to pure oud by kilian. At least around me. Rich and hypnotic, with dark and dangerous notes, this is a beautifully relentless and utterly enveloping scent. It's good but I prefer Nasamatto Pardon as this leans slightly feminine. Deep, dense and damn strong, BA sits on the top list of strongest perfumes ever made by humans. Cloying. I tested this today and just had to leave a review. Rumors swirled that the debut of Afgano was held up for months due to the necessary procurement and smuggling of the.. eh, “raw material” (nudge nudge, wink wink). Got a sample yesterday and used a small amount this morning. As so often, it's super hyped, then I tried it, and thought it was horrible. this will sound weird, but it smelled dangerous, like it was poison or something. Opening is overpowering smoke, oud, and greens. I'm using amber oud by kilian for 4 months now. But it was definitely worth the wait. I absolutely hated it when I sampled it. Spray it on fabric and you'll be smelling it for months. Write Review. The most prominent notes to my nose are amber, tobacco, and oud.Just the right amount of scent strength for me. Concentrated and almost viscose, this (st)inky-black extrait has a crazy-big sillage and wears on my skin for 8+ hours. It's not as hard to wear like Duro is but can be challenging. The edge of the oud is too rounded off by the fruity tang and it brings the whole construction down a notch. Divino. I do smell the cannabis after it has dried down. I’m not saying to avoid it like the plague; I think it’s rather good, but just not in a conventional kind of way.