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You can take your pick from Clean & Sweet, Clean & Fresh, and Clean & Calm, depending on your scent preferences.
Your hands are restored to their former glory with a gorgeous sweet scent. By continuing to browse, you consent to our use of cookies. View our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Use the down arrow key to activate the dropdown menu. Keep a pot handy (see what I did there?) Hello! Face And Body Mask. Read more about our Privacy and Cookies Policy. Keep hands clean, calm and comfortable with all-in-one kits filled with everything you need to keep your hands happy, healthy and hydrated. Available online from 11 May, the three kits are designed to fit through your letterbox for easy ordering and delivery – no need to faff about with a socially distanced parcel delivery, just give the packaging a wipe down when you collect it from your doorstep. Finally, use Tiny Hands Hand Serum once a week as an extra protective layer to avoid major irritation. You need a simple routine that'll keep them feeling great. Quantity Add to cart Add Beauty Sleep to Wishlist. If soft, soothed hands aren't reason enough, the delicate scent of lavender and marigold won't overpower your senses and will have you coming back for more. Share your views in the comments section below. For those tough-to-soften spots, protective beeswax and nourishing avocado oil tackle and soothe broken or dry skin, while an enzyme-rich lemon infusion breaks down the tough areas. By continuing to browse, you consent to our use of cookies. Each one includes Lush handcare faves, with soap, hand creams, and serums in each pack. size 60253. These ethically-sourced kits contain a full routine to keep hands happy, healthy and hydrated with soaps, soothing creams and an exclusive packaging-free serum. Once a week, apply some of the Tiny Hands Hand Serum as an extra protective layer to avoid cracked and irritated skin. Which long-lasting lipsticks stay on under a face mask? A deeply moisturising facial serum in solid form that glides on to leave skin feeling renewed without heaviness. The boxes will launch online from 11 May, so head over to the Lush website then if you fancy buying yourself a box or sending one as a treat to your NHS pals, who could definitely use with some TLC for their mitts. These innovative kits feature our bestselling soaps, soothing creams and an exclusive packaging-free serum. And, just like that, your hands are back to normal but fresher than ever. Set your preferred store to find products by their availability. Provide your account email address to receive an email to reset your password. Then dry off and add a dab of Handy Gurugu to ensure hands stay soft and smooth between washes.
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The daily lifestyle email from In the stress-inducing times of a pandemic, self-care is even more essential. This five-part kit keeps your hands clean, soft and soothed. Don't forget to moisturize after for the ultimate soft hands. Voila! All three boxes contain a full handcare routine to keep hands clean and soft. That's why we've come up with this four-part, all-in-one kit to keep your hands clean, soft and smelling fabulous. Stout … There's 13 Soap Unlucky For Dirt, which will properly scour hands without stripping your skin's natural oils.