India Map with Rivers. It is believed that the lake was initially a stone quarry which filled up with water after an earthquake when underground water filled up the quarry. Dhampur Lake is a man-made lake with scenic hill ranges on two sides and mango, coconut and areca palm plantations. Indian River Origin Destination, Length, Tributaries [List of rivers in India pdf] List of important rivers of India with details such as their source, endpoint, length, tributaries, and number(s) of states covered by them. Destination: The Bay of Bengal at Poompuhar in Tamil Nadu. As we all know Static Awareness is one of the most important sections asked in competitive exams like IBPS, SBI, SSC, Railway, State PCS and other competitive Exams. The idea... Credit Crunch A credit crunch, credit crisis, or credit squeeze occurs when the general availability of credit declines considerably. Improve your calculation by learning several short tricks and practice so many questions to ace the topic. If you are facing any issues please contact us at [email protected] Share this post to support. All the candidates who are preparing for Banking SSC, Railway exams are advised to practice all these important questions to score well in the exam. The lake belongs to a pollution free zone and is a recreational area. Tributary Rivers: Mindhola River, Girna River, Panzara River, Waghur River, Bori River, Aner River, Arunavati River, Gomai River, Vaki River, Burai River, Panzara River, Kaan River, Bori River,Aner River , Girna River, Mausam River, Titur River, Waghur River, Purna River, Nalganga River,Vishwaganga River… Tributaries: Bhima, Dindi, Musi, Venna, Koyna, Panchganga, Dudhganga, Ghataprabha. Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya. Indian rivers origin and destination pdf download consists of the list of important rivers in India, their origins, destination, tributaries state wise. Length: 2,525 km. The first one is a person in charge of a school or... Amortisation Amortisation is the process of spreading the repayment of a loan, or the cost of an intangible asset, over a specific timeframe. Khadakwasla Lake/ Dam near Pune is a man-made lake. Source: Narmada Kund, Amarkantak Plateau in Madhya Pradesh. Destination: Bay of Bengal in Andhra Pradesh. Source: Pushkar valley of the Aravalli Range. Tributaries: Girna River, Gomai River, Mausam River, Panzara River, Purna River‎, Shiva River, Arunavati. Download Static GK Capsule PDF Download Bank Headquarters, Taglines […] Tributaries: Purna, Pranhita, Indravati, Sabari River, Pravara, Manjira, Manair. GK> Nuclear Power Plants in India [PDF] (All List)GK> Important Cities on River Banks in India [PDF]GK> Superlatives of the World – largest longest highest smallest [PDF], Home \ GK> Indian Rivers Origin, Destinations, Length, Tributaries [PDF]. List of Rivers in India State Wise PDF. There is a mythological belief that during their exile, Lord Rama and Shiva took bath in this lake. List of Important Indian Rivers and Cities Free PDF.