The brand offers a limited lifetime warranty on its enameled cast iron cookware, and they are known for unmatched customer support. I have made individual gluten free bread rolls in the muffin tin, which were absolutely fantastic, as well as little crustless quiches and a very regular stream of Yorkshire puddings. I was sent a rectangular oven tray and a 12 cup muffin tray, and the first thing that struck me when I opened them was how lovely they looked and felt. Once set, the pots are cooled and prepared to receive sprayed-on enamel in multiple layers. Le Creuset is worth it because it’s more durable, beautiful, and performs better than the competition. For the most part, warm water, mild dish soap, and a non-abrasive sponge or brush will get the job done. Disabling it will result in some disabled or missing features. No matter what look you’re going for in your kitchen; there’s a color for you. It’s a top-seller on Amazon, too. Please either fill in the online form on our advertise page or phone/email us. I know that Le Creuset is expensive stuff, but it really does last and last. I’m actually not much of a sweets baker, but I do make an awful lot of savoury food for my family, and I started my test run on a Sunday with a roast dinner. They’re also known for superior heat and moisture retention, making it the ideal cookware for braising short ribs or making a hearty vegetable stew. The color is applied with a gradient for a truly unique look. Colors seem to melt into each other seamlessly. Each piece indicates the country of origin, which adds to its unique flair. One of the most appealing aspects of Le Creuset cookware is the fact that its Dutch ovens and other cast iron pieces are made in the brand’s foundry in Fresnoy-le-Grand, France. I've collected various Le Creuset ceramic casserole and baking … Most have a two-toned gradient, meaning the color fades from light to dark. A. Henckels brand since 2008. The point is, you’ll get what you pay for, but be prepared to make a substantial financial investment. I was therefore absolutely delighted to be asked to try out a couple of items from their Bakeware range. I have a feeling that these are going to be exactly the same. And how much more does it cost compared to other brands? Since then, I have made a pasta bake, a chicken one-pot roast and a tray of brownies in the baking tray. I recently conducted a test to find out. I used the baking tray to make roast potatoes, and as we’re from Yorkshire, and small Yorkshire puddings never quite hit the spot, the muffin tray’s first challenge was to make Yorkshire puddings fit for a Yorkshire family. A Dutch oven with a brilliant ombre hue. I have a couple of Le Creuset pans in my kitchen cupboard, including the ubiquitous orange cast iron casserole and a lovely (and seriously heavy) blue frying pan. Le Creuset Dutch ovens are a low-and-slow type of cookware that takes a while to reach the desired heat, but it maintains its temperature once it’s hot. It also boasts a smooth, lighter-colored interior similar to Le Creuset. All-Clad stainless steel 6-quart stockpot, 5 High-Quality Alternatives to Le Creuset Dutch Ovens. You can see the manufacturing process in action in this quick video. The pots are designed to resist stains and maintain their vibrant colors. A quick scan of the hundreds of reviews on Amazon validates my point; Le Creuset Dutch ovens will last. Some recycled iron comes from Le Creuset cookware that didn’t meet quality control standards during inspection. Exceptional Performance: Le Creuset Dutch ovens are incredibly versatile. I decided to splash out on these and don't regret it at all. Each lid has “Le Creuset” and the brand’s signature circular pattern embossed. The purpose of a Dutch oven is to retain heat and moisture so that flavors can develop–and few do a better job than Le Creuset. Staub vs. High-quality materials, expert craftspeople, and proprietary manufacturing processes contribute to the cost it takes to produce Le Creuset cookware. Most Dutch ovens do a decent job at locking in moisture; is Le Creuset really better? If it’s not perfect, they melt it down and start over. Le Creuset Bakeware Review. This color, volcanique, is known as Flame in today’s offerings due to its tonal red and orange coloring. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 17 July 2020. Below is a list of the colors currently available. 8/7/17 Well, after giving this a glowing review in January, I'm afraid that I need to reduce its rating to two stars. Whilst its still a robust and warp-free baking tray, the sad thing is that the non-stick is no longer non-stick - I'm having to grease and flour the tray before use or whatever it is that I'm baking is stuck like glue. Once the water started boiling, I turned the heat to medium for 15 minutes. They offer over 20 bright and bold colors that make a statement in your kitchen. When you buy Le Creuset, you know you’re getting a finely crafted piece of cookware, but its reliability, authenticity, and quality come at a price. Are these alternatives a better value than Le Creuset? These are used regularly, so I know what fantastic quality cookware Le Creuset make. The Le Creuset Dutch oven is also a master at moisture retention. You can edit your question or post anyway. First, I boiled 32 ounces of room temperature water in each Dutch oven. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 21 August 2017, Bought this because it needed to fit a single oven - doesn't because measurements don't show a deep lip to tray. Also, use a pan protector if you’re storing another pot inside of it. Le Creuset Dutch ovens come in a range of sizes, including: With Le Creuset, you also have a choice of shapes, such as: One of the most appealing aspects of Le Creuset is the vast array of colors available. BECOME A REVIEWER, EVENT ADVERTISER OR OFFER/DISCOUNT PROVIDER FOR THE WGTD DIGITAL MEMBERSHIP CARD. Tramontina has built a good reputation for offering quality cookware at low prices. They’re compatible with all cooktops and safe in the oven up to 500°F. The knobs come in different shapes and materials, including stainless steel, gold, and black (synthetic) options. It’s the closest you can get to Le Creuset in terms of options, performance, durability, and reputation (check out my in-depth comparison of Staub vs. It's the most wonderful time of the year! In total, Le Creuset offers 22 exterior colors. Onsite Associates Program . Their cookware checks all the boxes—it’s well-made, beautifully-designed, durable, and versatile. Prime members enjoy fast & free shipping, unlimited streaming of movies and TV shows with Prime Video and many more exclusive benefits. The pan seemed to have heated up really evenly, and the potatoes sizzled nicely as I put the tray back in the oven. We may earn a fee if you buy via links in this post (at no extra cost to you). Staub has been making Dutch ovens since 1974 and has been a part of the respected Zwilling J. Le Creuset: Which Stainless Steel Cookware Is Better? Entertaining with Beth . Forbes awarded Le Creuset the Top Option to Last a Lifetime, praising its ability to offer “decades of reliable cooking performance.”.