It is, however, clearly a combat formation, and in no sense simply the Emirati counterpart of the American Secret Service. That’s why we work hard to make sure you’re surrounded by talented colleagues and teams. • GCAA License holder with any of the above types endorsed on the license Fully integrated with the aircraft flight controls, the weapon system calculates the range and the complex ballistics required for the gun rounds or rockets to hit the target on the first attempt. The Presidential Guard is one of the UAE Armed Forces units which do not follow the regular path of the other units, such as the Land Force, Navy and the Air Force and Air Defense, in terms of organization, armament, training, and its tasks within and outside the UAE, additional to UAE VIPs protecting tasks. Abu Dhabi is the capital. We’ve got no outdated systems or structures. Sign up by leaving your email address below. • 6 months plus experience on AW169 type Emiratization is the process that involves the attraction, development and retention of UAE Nationals as GAL employees. Ability to work in all weather conditions & in shift rotation, Dangerous good and cargo handling Training, English communication skills - Proficient, Ability to work in all weather conditions and in shift rotation, UK CAAP 437 and ICAO ANNEX14 part II Certification. "AMMROC and Sikorsky are honoured by the trust the JAC placed in our two companies to ensure security for the UAE.". As a result, it has been necessary for the UAE to maintain a military support presence in effected provinces to protect the personnel of humanitarian organizations and to provide the stability necessary for humanitarian projects to succeed. EC130 Type rating endorsed on the license The Presidential Guard was expected by the country�s leadership to be the premier fighting unit in the U.A.E. The UAE – perfectly located between East and West, North and South – recognises this. • B2 EASA / ICAO type II license without any limitations Box 128628, Instead a new separate tri-service rotary force has been formed in 2012 named Joint Aviation Command or in short JAC. 4 Aviation Jobs in UAE, Use these search filters for a more detailed job search, © 2009-2020 Friday Media Group Ltd. All rights reserved. Eurocopter has a maintenance center in the United Arab Emirates with long customer support services for the UAE Navy and UAE Presidential Guard. The GAL Emiratization policy aims to transfer skills and knowledge from Expats to UAE Nationals and this transfer of technology and skills is our major strategy to increase the numbers of UAE Nationals working for GAL.