The EC announced the Code of Conduct to allow all the candidates to campaign freely and conduct the polls in a justified manner. Mysterious new man-made gases pose threat to ozone... Volcanoes helped species survive ice ages: Study, Syrian lawmakers approve new election law. It means the EC only scolds the political parties for being a bad boy. The Model Code of Conduct comes into force immediately on announcement of the election schedule by the commission. But at other times, things went back to square one, and that is a potentially dangerous situation. The purpose of a model law, a sub law, is to ensure speedy compliance, unlike major laws whose purpose is to recommend punitive measures. This set of norms has been evolved with the. For example, in 1992, the Commission cancelled the appointment of the Chief Electoral Officer in West Bengal, and in 1993 a number of officials deputed from the Tripura government to administer the Vidhan Sabha elections were accused by the Commission of being 'contaminated'. The Code remains in force till the end of the electoral process. India's exports fall in February but trade gap shr... Vince Chhabria to be first Indian-American judge i... Former SC judge Srikrishna appointed as FPSB chairman, Michelle Bachelet sworn in as Chile's president. It has only a persuasive effect. Evolution of the MCC and its implementation since 1967 In 1968, the Election Commission held meetings with political parties at State level and circulated the Code of Conduct to observe minimum standard of behavior to ensure free and fair elections. Candidates are asked to refrain from distributing liquor to voters. Recognize the diversification of campaign media. The need for such code is in the interest of free and fair elections. For UPSC 2020, follow BYJU'S HR 5171A: Astronomers Discover Largest Yellow Hype... Health indicators in some States show improvement. What is a model code of conduct? Recently, in a letter to the President of India, a group of retired bureaucrats and diplomats, in the context of recent incidents, expressed concern over the EC’s “weak kneed conduct” and the institution “suffering from a crisis of credibility today”. But this lack of statutory backing does not prevent the Commission from enforcing it. It contains what is known as “rules of electoral morality”. Crimea Crisis: Putin Signs Decree Recognizing Crim... Fighting Pollution, Paris Imposes Partial Driving Ban, Djokovic beats Federer to win Indian Wells title. The legality of Model Code of Conduct (MCC) Questions are being raised on the efficacy of the present MCC including suggestions to make it a legal document in order to make it more effective. Notes will work in offline mode so that you get faster access. It is time that instead of mere rhetoric over independence of the EC some substantial change is brought forward for protection of the constitutional body. who have consented to abide by the principles embodied in the said code and also binds them to respect and observe it in its letter and spirit. or any ribbon-cutting ceremonies. The Code tells the candidates to keep it. "The Model Code of Conduct is crucial to make sure a level playing field among various contenders in the poll fray," said the Chief Election Commissioner V.S. * The MCQ Factory (TMF) Physicist Rajesh Gopakumar chosen for 2013 G D Bir... RBI extended 80:20 scheme to import gold to five p... Brazil’s first World Cup winning captain Bellini dies. The Code instructs that the public spaces like meeting grounds, helipads, government guest houses and bungalows should be equally shared among the contesing candidates. Model Code of Conduct It is a set of guidelines issued by ECI to regulate political parties and candidates prior to elections. Election Commission of India (EC) is a formidable institution which has led the world in electoral efficiency since its inception. The Chief Election Commissioner, T.N. However, the National Front government collapsed before the Bill could be passed.]. It contains what is known as. These public spaces should not be monopolised by a few candidates. The election campaign rallies and road shows must not hinder the road traffic. It is a widely known fact in. Questions are being raised on the efficacy of the present MCC including suggestions to make it a legal document in order to make it more effective. But the … Recognising the diversification of campaign media is the first step towards addressing the rampant flouting of the MCC. However, certain provisions of the MCC may be enforced through invoking corresponding provisions in other statutes such as the Indian Penal Code, 1860, Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973, and Representation of the People Act, 1951.