In addition to that, research indicates that the internal clock is determined by illumination and because of that when the night light is on; it can distort the body metabolic process. Your brain then translates this message for your body’s circadian (internal) clock. How Many Watts Does a Night Light Use Based on Type. Well, the research that has been done concludes that red light does help with the sleeping process. The body cannot do well when there is artificial light. Light, Cortisol and Melatonin Hormones, and Sleep: Hormones that regulate the sleep cycle are also directly affected by … Copyright © 2019 Lights Channel | All Rights Reserved. What Color Light Makes You Sleepy: Understanding Lights, Sycees SC01 Plug-In LED Night Light Review, Scopow Star Moon Decorative Projector Night Light Review. Required fields are marked *. One of the negative effects of having night-time light on when you sleep is that it can expose you to cancer. Because of that, it is recommended that you avoid having your light on when you sleep. It doesn’t jolt your body awake or suppress melatonin production, which is what your body produces to make you feel sleepy. It can lead to a decrease of such body components like the melatonin. Sleeping with the lights on may be beneficial if you’re trying to take a quick nap during the day and don’t want to fall into a deep sleep. The major problem is that it can cause a sleep disorder. Many studies on red light have been conducted on healthy adults, and it’s been shown that red light used in therapy sessions lulls participants into a deeper, more relaxed REM cycle. The benefits that come with having a better quality sleep are fantastic. Does Red Light Help You Sleep and Its Other Benefits. Yes, it is bad definitely in the long run. Melatonin is the natural hormone that your body produces to make you sleepy; the more melatonin that you have, the more tired that you feel. Since you gain few benefits by leaving your lights on when you sleep, you should adhere to the advice and warning of experts by ensuring that you switch off your bedroom light and your television sets. Both of these hormones are required, former is for happy mood and feeling of well being and later effects the … What Needs to Be Done About Your Ovarian Cyst? This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Amazon and the Amazon logo are trademarks of, Inc or its affiliates. The body system is meant to rest when there is darkness. Are you the type that cannot sleep without putting your light on? Eton American Red Cross Blackout Buddy Review, Best Nightlight for Nursery: Complete Reviews with Comparisons, Best Night Lights: Complete Reviews with Comparisons. So, does red light help you sleep? The research has shown that those who use red light as a sleeping aid on a regular basis have benefited from approximately one additional hour of sleep a night.