What are the diameters of those scoops? To quickly determine what specific ice cream scoop you’re looking for, you can see the comparison chart down below for yourself. Let's look at the numbers. OXO from the manufacturers’ figures for the bowl’s diameter. Hi Michelle! Me let you know. Back to Top. But that still doesn’t tell you which scoop to buy, especially when they’re usually labeled: small, medium, large, jumbo, etc. Call us! 17.2% THANK YOU!!! It worked but it was time-consuming and made me feel like a crazy person. Here’s my take:  When it says “teaspoon”, you want a scant 2 teaspoons. Of course, he assumes Thanks for doing the hard work on behalf of the rest of us! Just wanted to say THANK YOU ! Standard sized food scoops or ice cream scoops are used to serve specific-sized portions. Made of high-quality stainless steel for extra durability, this ice cream scoop from Restaurantware will be all shiny like new after a wash in the dishwasher. 16 holds 1/16 quart, etc. The table below is based on this relationship. Thank you so much for this info. If they make smaller disher me no find at restaurant supply store. So I generally use a #50. Thanks to its sturdy construction, Reo's ice cream scoop proves to be highly durable and can stand up to harsh forces. and got 24.06. Stay healthy! In other words, a #24 scoop! These essential kitchen tools help with portion control to reduce food waste, while also providing an easy way to … What size scoop should I use for Buckeyes and coconut truffles, Hi Laura! Please see my complete profile for the email address. And of course it works the other way too. Trial and error is the best way but if I could only have one cookie scoop, I’d get the #50. Cookie scoops are also available in a wide variety of standard sizes. Thanks Tracy, glad you found the info you needed! cylinder. In this table, scoops accurate to within 2% of the nominal size are highlighted in bold. In addition to the manufacturers' specifications and my calculations, the spreadsheet also contains details such as the dishers' scoop diameters shown in both inches and centimeters. Most buckeyes call for 2 teaspoons of dough, or a 1-inch ball. However, sometimes a simple spoon is not enough to tackle rock hard ice cream. Pretty neat, huh? thank you so much. 3.5% #50 is 1.28 TBSP. That's not all; aside from ice cream, muffins, and cupcakes, you can also meatballs, melons, mashed potatoes, and sorbet with this top-notch kitchen utensil. Furthermore, its spring-loaded lever handle will enable you to comfortably scoop the cookie dough, or ice cream, with impressive ease. Don't worry if the plastic will hurt your hands; its ergonomic design will ensure that you have a comfortable, good grip. Once you're done, simply stick it into the dishwasher and call it a day. And while some would suggest that the best way to a guy’s heart is through his belly, I would say this rings true for ladies and children. That's not all; this ice cream scoop is made of highly durable stainless steel that is resistant against corrosion and oxidation. 0.3% It depends on the size of the scoop. I am trying cookie scoops this year and the information you have provided is exactly what I need. 6.3% I’ve had it for 12-15 years (so long I can’t remember). However, to make sure that you don't accidentally get the wrong product, maybe you should check out this buying guide below, where I will be suggesting some certain aspects you need to pay attention to while buying an ice cream scoop. For that, I needed a chart. Hi Kelly! 25.0% contributors | help | privacy | terms of use. Additionally, thanks to its innovative design, Zeroll’s ice cream scoop offers bigger-looking portions by eliminating the need for compression. Looks like a simple design. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Unlike those dishers, the iconic Zeroll with "antifreeze" in the handle is not designed to hold a level scoop of anything; it's designed to roll the ice cream into a ball. 6.0% ➢ Made of 18/8 stainless steel But I wouldn’t use that size for baking at home! If a recipe calls for a tablespoon of dough and you want to use a cookie scoop, which one should you use? Ice cream scoops with liquid-filled handles are generally antifreeze, meaning it will keep your hands warm during use. Play and learn with the Leapfrog Scoop and Learn Ice Cream Cart. Click to email this to a friend (Opens in new window), Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window), Raspberry Almond Cake with Candied Blood Oranges. handles and the other operated with the thumb. Containing no plastic whatsoever, the ice cream scoop is 100% safe to use for your delicious treat. Do you like whipping up muffins and cupcakes of various sizes to go with your ice cream? Disher (ice cream scoop) sizes can be inconsistent, so it's better to know their actual (or at least specified) capacities than to rely on nominal sizes. If you want to get real crazy with it, you can do what I do and buy a 60 ml leuer lock syringe of of Amazon and draw up exactly 40 mls of batter. Made of 18/8 stainless steel, the product boast a perfectly-round semi-sphere for those seeking to prepare aesthetically-pleasing as well as tastebud-indulging dishes for their friends and family. Best Ice Cream Scoops Material Type Dishwasher Safe Available Colors; Spring Chef Comfortable Handle Ice Cream Scoop - Best Overall: Stainless Steel: Yes: Black, Red, Pink, Green, Mint, Soft Black: KitchenAid KC117OHOBA … 0.0% Are you planning to prepare snacks and dishes for little children? Hope that makes sense! I love cooking and I do some baking, but I don’t think I’ve every put out uniform cookies in my life! 21.9% Small, medium, large? The precise information I have been searching for! Even for the hardest packed frozen treats, with this utensil, you'll be able to plough through it as if it were butter. FINALLY! Ice cream scoops are a kitchen utensil used to get ice cream out of their containers in the shape of a sphere. 4.2% Hope that helps! Furthermore, thanks to its sturdy construction, this scoop is exceedingly durable, enabling it to withstand even the harshest force. They usually resemble those with spring-loaded levers, but instead of using a lever, they have a piece of metal attached to the handle. By pouring water into the scoop a teaspoonful at a time I determined that it was about 4 teaspoons, or 1.3 tablespoons. 0.0% Hi Doug! I’ve been wondering if there was a scoop for 2T which is what many cookie recipes call for. To solve for scoop# I just divided 64 by 2.66 (tbsp.) oz., or 8 tbsp) per pocket, we should figure to place only about 1/4 to 1/3 cup of batter in each to avoid overflowing during baking—in other words, #12 and #16 (nominal size) should work in most cases. These are known as dishers in the food-service industry, although to the rest of us they look like ice cream scoops.