Allie. This has lead to bespoke workshops catering for people with energy problems. She needs hope. So I will continue with these treatments, adding in yoga too to improve my physical fitness now I am able to exercise. I wanted to get involved and joined many help groups but found that other illnesses were nothing like mine. 1) The thought of recovery is frightening. Two used Mickel Therapy, four used the Lightning Process, and two used disciplined behaviour plus vitamin B12 and fish oils. Again, this is quite common for those with ME/CFS. You may think that after 25 years I should be used to it by now, but I’m not. (5) Mindfulness meditation Recovery is a concept that is viewed with doubt, suspicion and hope by many under the heel of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Video in parts: There is not one single person out there with CFS who doesn't want a ten tips on how to help isn't exactly going to make people the world over feel that they suddenly accept the life destroying effects of CFS nor is it going to consequently result in everyone holting in their efforts to find a cure or help in any form. However, in 2014/15 I wanted to find a detailed strategy that had helped someone to recover in the past, because then I would at least have something to try; the only piece of advice that'll cost you anything is item (4) below. Many of us don't handle drugs well. The good news is that one can solve this problem by changing your diet. A pattern may emerge which can guide you to better health. However, this can then lead to a “crash” (worsening of ME/CFS symptoms); the cycle can then repeat itself after people start recovering from the crash. Now I am not limited in any way. Many research studies (just google Jon Kabat-Zinn) establish that there are physical benefits from the regular practice of meditation. . It is NOT accurate that only 10% of people recover completely, so stop circulating that information. There is a diet study, a whey protein study and a couple others already running. So, not recovered, but my ME got much better after 3 years and has stayed that way. Sitting raises my heart rate past my threshold and I get palpitations. She is my aunt in SA, she was so ill she needed to be carried upstairs and my uncle once said ‘if she were a dog we’d be kind and put it out of its misery’ she was that ill! The shaking and vibrating can ease. I actually think that we all do to an extent and even those who believe they are recovered will be self-monitoring and looking after themselves in a way they did not do before they had this horrible illness. The CFS unravelled website is also a wonderful resource in looking at the causes and solutions of CFS in this way. I don’t normally write on these type of things but I do remember clearly the sorrow, pain and despair I felt. I only pray someday, no one else will have to go through this misunderstood REAL!!! Return to this way of eating periodically to recharge batteries. Then the trick is to identify what specifically caused you to have CFS. Hi, are there any partially recovered people out there? So, in short: I would recommend, as a start to your recovery: Also, in some cases, medications such as those for attention deficit disorders may help. My brain feels slow and foggy but I do actually with more with it right now which is nice. and fibromyalgia in the 21st century’) More than once I walked a little too far on a day when I was feeling good and it took a week or more to recover. The further your nervous system is over-stimulated, the worse the crashes can get. It's not just a matter of physical healing from multisystem damage. Months for me. There is a great diagram that is in a free handout you can have sent to you from The Optimum Health clinic. I was amazed that as soon as I started EFT my CFS symptoms went. Even with all the manipulation my body just started to work normally one day. so we simply don't look sick and actually probably appear better than ever because of improved rest and diet changes! I have heard of, or vaguely know, lots of people who have recovered fully. I can walk to the bathroom unaided. Their articles are not a substitute for medical advice, although we hope you can gain knowledge from their insight. I used to be bedridden, in a cognitive fog, and lived that way for some years. They show you your own results about how the treatment affects symptoms and memory and also are making it into a study with everyones results. BUT my main passion is the complementry healing modalities I have since trained in. What’s of course frustrating is that there seem to be a million paths out (and a billion dead ends) so everyone has to find their own way! I had CFS for 7 years and was just about completely bedridden for the first couple of years. Try to have the same bedtime every night and avoid long naps during the day. And so far, there are precious few of these CFS pioneers who have reached the destination of full recovery. ), CBT, herbal remedies, meditation, relaxation…. (I also got weird rashes – nothing so far). I feel like I am a vegetable and am unable to role onto my back. I found that practising both mindfulness and yoga over time made my reaction to stress much more normal. We value and respect our HERWriters' experiences, but everyone is different. Make strides in overcoming the fear and grief involved. All content is Copyright © 2020 HER Inc. dba EmpowHER unless otherwise noted. Tonics can help, e.g., milk thistle. I have dealt with many doctors over the years and none have ever spoke positively regarding homeopathic ‘cures’ Most of my symptoms I have seen described by others, there are details of a few of my symptoms I have not seen described. I’ve had ME for about 8 years now, and although I’m not recovered, I’m very functional the majority of the time. And the book is 10 dollars or something, so I doubt it was written with ‘profit’ in mind)CFIDS you don’t have to live with it (and something else as a subtitle, but I forgot what that was, something with steps..?) All content is Copyright © 2020 HER Inc. dba EmpowHER unless otherwise noted. Legs almost paralyzed. Lots of small muscle twitches going on. I didn't know the people in the stores. The turning point was when I started fighting the conditions I had using treaments – in a more multi-holistic way. I had lost my old communities due to my years of sickness. As it happens I have never received any disability benefits, or any kind of government assistance. A significant step forward was taken in February 2015 when the US-based IMO convened a committee of experts to produce a report to examine the evidence base for ME/CFS. What i have learned finally after alot of frustration and heartache is…. I have to be a lot more careful once I'm feeling better, and I've noticed that my recoveries are largely mental. I weighed 8 stone, periostalsis (I think that’s what it’s called) stopped working so every mouthful of food had to be swallowed with a mouthful of drink, dysentery, cognitive problems and shingles to name just a few. Then I tried acupuncture.