Use distilled water to dilute your rum to desired alcohol content. So take my advice, don't be greedy and try to get just a little bit more out of that hearts run.
Step 1: Dissolve the sugar and molasses in a large steaming pot of water. You can recognize the hearts by their sweet and neutral flavor. I prefer using distilled spirits over other flammable products.

Ageing by the way is entirely up to you how long you age for. Attach a water source to condenser. Simply take your desired mix of spices and other ingredients, pop them in a bottle of rum for, oh, two days, then taste. Since this was the first thing I ever distilled, I had no idea what I was doing as far as aging it.

A charred barrel will result in a darker and richer flavor, while a new barrel will deliver a lighter flavor. This gives the wash a chance to settle after being jostled around and mixed up a bit en route.

You can try putting your jar of rum in the sunlight or by a heater. All of the supplies you’ll need for distilling your own homemade rum can be found in our shop. Use calcium carbonate to raise the pH and citric acid to bring it down. As a standard practice a good rule of thumb is to throw out the first 250 ml per 5 gallons as this part of your run will consist of these foreshots. I am interested In making sorghum whiskey or baijiu. Homemade Spiced Rum. It's David's favorite kind of liquor, and he is fond of adding it to his morning hot cocoa, as well as in classic drinks like the Cuba Libre.

I take a specific gravity (SG) reading at the start of my washes and write on a label the SG, Time & Date then pop the lid on tight and fit the water trap. Anyway mine is not to reason why. It's David's favorite kind of liquor, and he is fond of adding it to his morning hot cocoa, as well as in classic drinks like the Cuba Libre.
Once the condenser stops producing at 168 °F, you’ll know that you’ve collected all of the foreshots and heads of the run. What Kind Of Grain Is Used In Moonshine??

But be warned, distilled liquor is highly flammable. Photo in the article by “Wikipedia” The amount of time that the rum is aged will also be a large factor in the final flavoring of the spirit. Seal your fermentation bucket with the air-lock and store in a dark place around 75 °F – 80 °F. You can easily purchase blackstrap molasses for your wash. If you have a leak then your fermentation will stall. As such, when making rum you will need to use sugarcane byproducts such as cane sugar, molasses, or brown sugar. Great job! However, you can use raw cane sugar or sugarcane juice if you don’t happen to have molasses on hand.

This is always the last step for any aged spirit prior to bottling. Cane sugar is the preferred ingredient for making caramel. ***, Browse By Step. The name means Rum Pot and it’s basically a fruity alcoholic dessert made in a crock.

Beginner's luck, no doubt, but I have to admit it did bolster my confidence heading into the next project. You can avoid this by constantly stirring it. Be sure to hold on to the remaining contents of the still as you’ll be adding it back in with your second distillation. You can order raw cane sugar right from our shop and have it shipped to your doorstep. You’ll want to raise the temperature of your still to 175 °F to 180 °F range to start collecting this portion of your distillate. Immediately stop collecting when the temperature reaches around 200 degrees. Answer To make Jamaica rum, it is necessary to procure some of the tops, or other parts of the sugar canes, and to put them in a still, in the proportion of a pound weight to two gallons of pure flavourless spirit, and one gallon of pure water.

Dark rum was the first distilled spirit I attempted to make. Rum became such a popular drink before the American Revolutionary War, that it’s estimated that every man, woman or child was drinking an average of 3.6 gallons of rum each year. You can recognize the tails by sight, smell and taste. First the best rum for a rum and coke and also make sure that when you mix your rum and Coke that you add fresh lime juice to your drink. The longer the rum is aged, the darker it is. If you are in  a more tropical climate, your rum will mature at a much higher rate. Even if you’ve cleaned the still after your last run and let it sit for a while, you will want to clean it again. I would appreciate your thoughts or suggestions and comments from others. Use a suitable dilution calculator to reduce the alcohol content to around 45 percent for the best tasting rum. Play with it and have fun, but do keep those records. You already know that rum is a spirit that comes in almost every color from clear to dark brown or even black. Unfortunately many people do and it causes a subpar product in the end. Don’t collect the remaining “tails” since you don’t want them in your rum as well.

Substitute equal amounts of liquid. No one wants their rum to be aged with gas infused oak chips. My Rumtopf Pot. When you’re making a new cocktail or an old favorite that calls for pineapple rum, skip the store-bought version and make your own. If there’s no gas coming out, the fermentation process is complete.

It’s now time to fire up that pot still! 2 years ago. *Note a great way of isolating both the foreshots and heads in your run is to bring your still to around 168 °F and keep it there for around 10 minutes. all we need to do is toast the sticks first this will caramelize the sugars in the wood, now the flavor you get from it depends on the temp in which you toast the wood. I wanted to make some rum so that I could make my own Captain Morgans Spiced Rum you will need 1 x 25L fermentation vessel a long spoon, you can get these from homebrew shops yeast nutrient, you can substitute tomato puree for this if you have trouble getting hold of yeast nutrient. The process of making rum can vary considerably based on the culture or region.

This process takes at least 10 years. The alcohol produced during this duration will consist of only foreshots and heads. At about 168 °F the still will start producing. You’ll notice the solvent smell of acetone taper off and a sweet-smelling ethanol come forward in your run. Your must use a pot still for distilling Rum as a reflux still will strip all flavour etc out of the wash. One of the staples of the heads is a particularly volatile alcohol known as acetone. You’ll want to start on prep-work by cleaning your still. why do they do this? If you want to make golden or dark rum, after all, you’ll have to add caramel or age the distillate in barrels (or with oak chips).,, Truffles Coated in Freeze Dried Raspberry Powder. Acetone has a distinct, solvent-like smell, making its identification pretty easy to recognize. To tell the truth, one of the reasons I started with rum is because I wasn't very confident at the time about my mashing skills, and I had learned that making rum mainly involved dissolving molasses in hot water, then fermenting and distilling it. We recommend using a siphon for this process.

Learning how to make a great batch of rum requires a lot of attention to detail.

You can easily purchase blackstrap molasses for your wash. I was fortunate to obtain organic blackstrap molasses at whole­ sale prices through our chef friend Gabriel.

Need the spice mix a bit stronger? Discover how EASY and HEALTHY crafting your own money-saving fermented masterpieces can be. The main giveaways are the solvent smell of acetone and the sweet/smooth taste of ethanol. It was so smooth it was lovely to just sip on its own. If you’re following along with this guide, you have now officially gone from Googling “How to Make Rum” to actually making rum.