If it becomes too solid place it in a closed container and put it in a short bath of hot water to soften, never allowing the water to enter the container with the Shea Butter. I would skip the beeswax, up the shea (soft butter) to 1.2 and reduce the cocoa (hard butter) to .3. When you get the temperature is more than 75F in your area, keep the Shea butter in the fridge to avoid more melting and solidifying since it leads to grainy shea butter. You may whip 20 batches before you get a good feel for it. Again because it is a whipped product, the container will have less volume as the whipped butter melts. Don’t melt the Shea Butter. WHAT WE … Unpurified Shea butter storage, as well as shelf life, is normally learned. Frugal cooks can "stretch" the butter and make it more spreadable by adding small quantities of water, milk, cream, buttermilk or oil to the butter as it whips. Whipping butter is an art of it's own. If you’d like to incorporate an essential oil or fragrance oil, reduce the liquid oil by 0.5% to make room for 0.5% essential oil of choice. Storing whipped Shea Butter in glass containers, like old candle holders, is more hygienic than plastic. If your body butter is too hard, reduce the amount of shea butter and increase the liquid oil. If your body butter is too soft, reduce the amount of liquid oil and increase the shea butter. The butter has to be very cold for this to work. Water and oil have little effect on its shelf life, but whipped butter containing milk, cream or buttermilk is more perishable and must be kept refrigerated. As it begins to harden up--give it a stir and place it back in the refrigerator until firm. https://thethingswellmake.com/diy-whipped-body-butter-recipe It looks like a solid lotion bar recipe to me, not so much a whipped butter. Sugar Scrubs: Place in the refrigerator.