The quotation marks I put around "married" when I describe Himiltrude's relationship with Charlemagne reflect some degree of uncertainty about their bond. Although data is often retrieved from public archives, the searching, interpreting, collecting, selecting and sorting of the data results in a unique product. 769–811) 2. . However, the date of retrieval is often important. La dernière modification de cette page a été faite le 5 août 2020 à 19:51. First, two acknowledgments. Juni 783). Daughter of Charlemagne and Fastrada Although she had no children, her "domestic" role--taking care of royal correspondence, distributing spoils of war to "deserving" churchmen, performing acts of piety and devotion with her stepdaughters--was also "political and public. For the record, Charlemagne's mother, Bertrada, was the daughter of Charibert of Laon and Giselle of Aquitaine. After 743, however, Leutberga either decided to retire to a convent or was forced to do so. Hiltrude (fl. Rise to Power Women in World History: A Biographical Encyclopedia. Therefore, it’s best to use citations as a starting point before checking the style against your school or publication’s requirements and the most-recent information available at these sites: Sister of Theodrada, Abbess of Argenteuil "Hildigard" is named daughter of King Charles in the Pauli Gesta, when recording her place of burial[140]. . Notable ancestors include Charlemagne (747-814). It is possible, but not certain, that his mother was Hiltrud, as explained above.] . . It is possibly based on onomastic speculation from the use of the first name Richbod. Otto succeeded his father, Henry I, in Germany and defeated…, The Holy Roman Empire, a political organization made up of states in central Europe, existed from 962 until 1806. They were "channels" of patronage he could control, and sources of information he needed. This functionality is only available in Javascript supporting browsers. Hiltrude, Charlemagne’s daughter by Fastrada, may have had a son called Richbod by a courtier called Richwin [v]. Even so, the marriage of Pepin and Bertrada was still not recognized--they were too closely related in order for their marriage to be legal. . Hohenstaufen dynasty and rivals She lived at her father’s court until his death in 814. Theodulf's poem Ad Carolum Rege names (in order) "Berta…Chrodtrudh…Gisla…Rothaidh…Hiltrudh, Tetdrada" as daughters of the king[148]. by Angilbert, a court official, diplomat and poet. Ancestors are from Belgium, Germany, France. Over the years I have had a great deal of pleasure in reinterpreting, reusing, recycling, and subverting the title of his 1558. Edit Facts Hiltrude was born 787 to Charlemagne (747-814) and Fastrada of Ingelheim (765-794). She then asks, "What did those women do at the court of Charlemagne?". She is buried in Abbey De St Arnoul, Metz, Austrasia. Wilhelm Kurze appears to have disproved the theory of the alleged marriage of Hiltrud to Eberhard [I] Graf [von Calw], a court official of Emperor Charlemagne[149]. Geni requires JavaScript! (Some sources indicate that Pepin and Leutberga's children were all sent off to monasteries.). Hiltrude (d) Rothilde Rotrude Lothaire (d) Pépin d'Italie Charles le Jeune Théodoric (d) Pépin le Bossu Hugues l'Abbé Drogon Adeltrude (d) Enfant: Nithard. . Born between 783 and 794; daughter of Fastrada (d. 794) and Charles I also known as Charlemagne (742–814), king of the Franks (r. 768–814), Holy Roman emperor (r. 800–814); sister of Theodrada , abbess of Argenteuil. (He had been sentenced to death, but Charlemagne commuted his son's sentence, having him exiled and tonsured instead. Women in World History: A Biographical Encyclopedia. Their daughter, Adaltrude, was born in 774. . Sister of Charles 'the Younger', King of the Franks; Adalhaid; Rotrude; "Pépin" Carloman, King of Italy; Lothair and 3 others; Louis I, The Pious; Berta and Gisela « less Please enable JavaScript in your browser's settings to use this part of Geni. Comme tous ses frères et sœurs, Berthe vécut à la maison royale de Charlemagne, dont tous les enfants furent éduqués par des précepteurs. Charlemagne's daughters and granddaughters constitute a "veritable 'regiment' of women," as Nelson herself recalls Knox's phrase, using the term here loosely as a synomym for a unit or company. Request permission to copy data or at least inform the author, chances are that the author gives permission, often the contact also leads to more exchange of data. Do not confuse her with Hiltrude, wife of Luitfrid II. Most online reference entries and articles do not have page numbers. Holy Roman Emperors ( (table)) Women in World History: A Biographical Encyclopedia. ian, daughter of Charlemagne & Gersuinda (± 774-852),, A genealogical internet service provided by, Aachen, Koln, Nordrehein-Westfalen, Germany, Pépin III "le Bref" Roi des Francs Roi des Francs, Charles / Carolus Magnus / Karl der Große Emperor of the West,,,, She lived at her father’s court until his death in 814. A list of names from the publication appears. ." When Charlemagne's successor, his son Louis the Pious, arrived at the imperial court in Aachen, he found that, before he could begin to rule, he had to "chase out that whole female mob, which was very large"--in the words of Louis' biographer. What happened to her isn't clear; after leading a revolt against Charlemagne in 792, Himiltrude's son, Pepin, ultimately found himself in that favorite repository for potential rivals, a monastery. Philip of Swabia, 1198–1208 Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. 19 Oct. 2020 . 800s) to consider repudiating his wife Bertrada and marrying again. After her, his first wife was Desiderata, daughter of Desiderius, king of the Lombards; married in 770, annulled in 771. Juni, † zwischen 1. und 8. The others--Atula, Gundrada, Berthraida, and Theoderada--probably died before Charlemagne's own death in 814. Half sister of Amaudra; Pippin the Hunchback; Adeltrude; Ruodhaid, Abbess of Faremoutiers; Theodrada, Abbess of Argenteuil and 6 others; Hiltrude; Alpaida; Drogo, Bishop of Metz; Hugo, Archchancellor of the Empire; Richbod and Theodoric « less, Please see Charlemagne Project for Source Details. Fastrada's daughters: at some date before 814, Theodrada became abbess of the monastery of Argenteuil, and she died after 844; Hiltrude died c. 800. Charlemagne was born on April 2 747, in Aachen, Rheinland-Westfalen, Deutschland. Among other things, they functioned as a kind of guard for the king--to get to Charlemagne, you had to pass through not only multiple doors, but through all these women. And after the death of his son Carloman, confusingly renamed Pepin, in 810, Charlemagne's granddaughters joined the court in Aachen: Adelheid, Atula, Gundrada, Berthraida, and Theoderada (Carloman/Pepin had married Bertha of Toulouse, and these daughters were their only children). They also participated in all the ritual and pageantry associated with the projection of royal power, including processions, feasts, and hunts. Hildegarde was born in the 8th century. ." Berthe a eu une longue relation amoureuse avec Angilbert, diplomate proche de Charlemagne et poète, et donna naissance à deux enfants : Nithard et Hartnid. Theodulf's poem Ad Carolum Rege names (in order) "Berta…Chrodtrudh…Gisla…Rothaidh…Hiltrudh, Tetdrada" as daughters of the king. Charlemagne’s eldest surviving daughter, Rotrude, for whom a marriage to an Emperor had once been planned, went on to have a son, Louis (ca 800–867), by Rorico, 1st Count of Maine; and Bertha, a possible bride for King Offa’s heir, had two sons, the chronicler Nithard (ca 795 – 844) and Hartnid (?-?) Contemporary chroniclers offer their own views. Hildegard passed away on April 30 783, at age 25 in Thionville. Then, copy and paste the text into your bibliography or works cited list. In explaining why they did not marry, Einhard says that Charlemagne loved his daughters so much that "he refused to give any of them in marriage . Berthe (née vers 779-780, morte après 823) est une fille de Charlemagne, roi des Francs et empereur d'Occident, et d'Hildegarde. State from whom you have copied the data and ideally also his/her original source. 800s): Women in World History: A Biographical Encyclopedia dictionary. He cites no primary source on which this is based and no reference to this has been found in the sources so far consulted. Biographie. They traveled with Charlemagne, accompanying him on tours throughout his expanding territories. (There is some question about whether Desiderata was really named Desiderata--in her chart labeled "Charlemagne's Women," Nelson just uses the symbol ♀.). They had 8 children: Louis The Pious, Pepin of Italy, Charles The Younger, Unknown Adalhaid, Unknown Lothair, Bertha Daughter of Charlemagne, Gisela Daughter of Charlemagne and Unknown Hildegarde. Une ambassade du roi Offa de Mercie, qui demandait sa main pour son fils Ecgfrith, conduit Charlemagne à rompre les relations diplomatiques avec la Mercie en 790 et à interdire aux navires anglo-saxons l'accès à ses ports. Fastrada was born in 745, in Aachen- Kaln, Nord-Wesphalie, ALLEMAGNE. Powered by, The Writer Christine de Pizan at Her Desk, About the Daybook in Women's History Project, A Monstrous Regiment of Women in Charlemagne's Court, A sixteenth-century drawing of Hildegarde of Vinzgau. The name Charlemagne — French for Carolus Magnus, ... (this time identified as a daughter of Louis the pious, again with lots of uncertainty) can go by the names Alpaida as well as Amaudru (most frequently her name is given as Alpais)., "Hiltrude (fl. After the death of Pepin in 768, his Frankish kingdom was divided between Charlemagne and his younger brother, Carloman, but Bertrada supported Charlemagne in opposing this division. Copyright protected work may not simply be copied or republished. (Regina and Adallinda added two sons each to Charlemagne's total of eighteen children.). Unmarried, Charlemagne's daughters offered their father "political help within the household and the court." The family, which can be traced…, Otto I (the Great) (912–73) King of the Germans (936–73) and Holy Roman Emperor (962–73). According to Rösch[150], Hiltrud was the mistress (between [799/804]) of Richwin Count of Padua, brother of Richbod Bishop of Trier, who was at the court of Emperor Charlemagne between 792 and 814, and was the mother of an illegitimate son by him. Daughter of Charlemagne and Hildegard of Vinzgouw Hildegard (* 782 nach 8. about the surname Ian, daughter of Charlemagne & Gersuinda. 800s) Born between 783 and 794; daughter of Fastrada (d. 794) and Charles I also known as Charlemagne (742–814), king of the Franks (r. 768–814), Holy Roman emperor (r. 800–814); sister of Theodrada , abbess of Argenteuil. The title for this post, "A Monstrous Regiment of Women in Charlemagne's Court," owes an obvious debt to John Knox, from whom I have also taken the title of this blog. Source for information on Hiltrude (fl. Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography. Copyright 2014, Sharon L. Jansen. Retrieved October 19, 2020 from By PHGCOM - Own work by uploader, photographed at Cabinet des Médailles, Paris., Public Domain,, Charles 'the Younger', King of the Franks, Hiltrude, daughter of Charlemagne & Fastrada, "Theoderadam et Hiltrudem" are named daughters of King Charles & Fastrada by Einhard[147]. Please see Charlemagne Project for Source Details. ", After Luitgard's death in 800, Charlemagne had a series of concubines--his biographer Einhard provides the names of four women, Madelgard, Gervinda, Regina, and Adallinda.