I had forgotten some of these that I learned as a kid! Double Double. It’s a short and funny hand-clap with an almost sea shanty feel. Miss Susie had a baby,She called him Tiny Tim.She put him in the bathtub,To see if he could swim.He drank up all the water,He ate up all the soap,He tried to eat the bathtub,But it wouldn’t go down his throat.Miss Susie called the doctor.Miss Susie called the nurse.Miss Susie called the lady.With the alligator purse.In came the doctor.In came the nurse.In came the lady,With the alligator purse.Mumps said the doctor.Measles said the nurse.Hiccups said the lady,With the alligator purse.Miss Susie punched the doctor.Miss Susie kicked the nurse.Miss Susie thanked the lady,With the alligator purse. It’s a great ice-breaking game for kids to learn and it would be amazing for a children’s party too. Let’s get the rhythm of the hands *clap clap*, Let’s get the rhythm of the feet *stomp stomp*, Ding-dong *clap clap* *stomp stomp* hot dog. LemonadeCrunchy iceSip it once (Up & Down Clap)Sip it twice (Up & Down Clap)Lemonade (Up & Down Clap)Crunchy ice (Up & Down Clap)Made it once (Up & Down Clap)Made it twice (Up & Down Clap)Turn around (Turn around here)Touch the ground (Touch the ground here)Kick your Boyfriend out of town!Bunny ears, ears pierced — FREEZEAmerican Cheese. When they windup there toys,,or preparing timetable for next day school,,,, Games that Your 3-Year-Old Will Actually Enjoy. Isn’t it so fun to think back and try to remember them? I can imagine children down at the docks doing this hand-clap probably a hundred years ago. How to play: It is a group hand-clapping game that can be played with any number of children. The lyrics in the video are different from the ones I know. Doing clapping games is a … If you are a beginner, just sing the song and clap your hands. There was a time when hand-clapping games ruled the schoolyard. Just because you kissed a boy behind the magazine, She can wibble She can wobble She can do the splits. I remember that one too. A movement break or quick change-of-pace activity during rehearsal3. Let’s begin.” Then each player recites a number which will be the times everyone will clap. Here is a video example. Let me apologize, I couldn’t find a video with the lyrics I am familiar with for Down-Down-Baby by the Rollercoaster. The person who wrote this was obviously a fan of McDonald’s. How to play: It is a group hand-clapping game. It’s another one that’s great to do with friends or even better in a large group, just like this video. Repeat the pattern as per the lyrics. But, I couldn’t have a list full of easy games now, could I? (Pat heart). Would you like to encourage cooperation and communication among your children while at the same time improving their patience and perseverance? Miss Susie had a steamboatThe steamboat had a bell,Miss Susie went to heaven,The steamboat went to… (add a word of your choice), Hello OperatorPlease give me number 9If you disconnect me,I’ll kick you from… (add a word of your choice), Behind the refrigerator, There lay a piece of glass,Miss Susie sat upon it, And cut her little… (add a word of your choice), Ask me no more questions,Tell me no more lies,The boys are in the bathroom, Zipping up their…(add a word of your choice), Flies are in the meadow,The bees are in the park,Miss Susie and her boyfriend are kissing In the dark, dark dark. Once you get the flow, get going faster. I guarantee you’ll find something in there that will keep your young kids entertained for hours. Nevermor Ltd is compensated for referring traffic and business to this company. Hi, my name is Gavin and together with my wife we are the proud parents of twins. We’re bound away for ‘Frisco Bay,John Kanaka-naka too-rye-ay!We’re bound away at the break of day,John Kanaka-naka too-rye-ayToo-rye-ay, oooh, too-rye-ayJohn Kanaka-naka too-rye-ay! (Lick your fingers), Doesn’t mean that I love you. quality time and fun as a family? If you're working with a younger group, try modifying the clapping sequence to fit their ability level (scroll down to the bottom of this article for a few helpful tips). Have fun! 10 Essential Fiber Rich Foods To Cure Constipation In Your Kids, 32 Interesting Facts About George Washington, For Kids, 21 Best Schools In Mumbai You’d Like To Check, Fascinating Facts And Information About Fox For Kids. Watch a video demonstration. Double, double, this, this, Double, double, that, that, Double this, double that, Double, … Oops! to incorporate the next time through. Miss Mary MackMiss Mary Mack, Mack, MackAll dressed in black, black, blackWith silver buttons, buttons, buttonsAll down her back, back, backShe asked her mother, mother, motherFor fifty cents, cents, centsTo see the elephants, elephants, elephantsJump over the fence, fence, fenceThey jumped so high, high, highThey touched the sky, sky, skyAnd didn’t come back, back, backTill the fourth of July, July, July. Down by the banks of the Hanky Panky,Where the bullfrogs jump from bank to banky,With a hip, hop, hippity, hop,Leap off a lily pad and go PLOP!Down by the banks of the Hanky Panky,Where the bullfrogs jump from bank to banky,With a flip, flop, flippity, flop,Leap off a lily pad and go PLOP!Down by the banks of the hanky pankyWhere the bullfrogs jump from bank to bankyWith an eeep, ipe, opey, op,Eek-ock-a-diddle and go PLOP!