The answers are further below. 2) David – He was a shepherd boy, who God chose to be the King of Israel (1st Samuel 16). He was a Nizirite whose source of strength was in his hair. The devil through a snake appeared to Eve, his wife, and tempted her to eat from the tree. Noah did everything God commanded him to do. This was because the king had made a decree that every time a boy was born to the Hebrews, they must be killed. Don’t you worry. 3) Mary – She was a young lady, whom the Angel Gabriel appeared to. He later disobeyed God and did evil things. Guess the bible character emoji quiz answers - Part 2. Why don’t you have a go and guess who the bible characters are. St.James has a vision to reach up to God, and out to our community – to love God and love our neighbour. We love and used Canva to design this emoji bible quiz, in case you wondered. As a result he was put into the lion’s den. Every Sunday there will be a zoom service at 10:30 – please ask the vicar for the invite. To strengthen our discipleship, learning to speak about our faith and to encourage one another in holy living. It … This is the first miracle attributed to Jesus according to the book of John in the bible. She was confused by this as she was a virgin but surrendered to the will of God. To build on our many links with so many young people and draw them into a life of faith in our church. You can also have a go at Part two of our emoji bible quiz who are they. 1) Jonah – God told Jonah to go to Ninevah to speak to the people to stop their wrongdoing. Church is Changing The doors are now locked, and no-one’s allowed in, but church still carries on – praying, serving, growing. We particularly like the NLT Inspire Bible; the ideal journaling bible with over 400 Illustrations to color with creative journal space. As of Nov 5th we are unable to host services in church. Church is usually open every day from 9am - 5pm, Useful links, including Safeguarding Information, St James Church, Daggons Rd, Alderholt, SP6 3DN. God, through Eli the prophet, assured her that he had heard her prayers. 6) Daniel – He prayed to God despite the king making a decree that no one should. There was a storm and the ship was in danger of falling apart. (Genesis 7 and 8). Our current aims are: * Some links in this blog are affiliate links. Eek! To develop our services to that we might reach more people effectively and enable them to encounter God. 7) Hannah – She was a lady who was barren. Jonah ran away from God and headed in the opposite direction to Tarshish in a ship. Every Sunday there will be a zoom service at 10:30 – please ask the vicar for the invite. She gave birth to our Lord Jesus. In the temple, she cried so much and prayed to God for a child. Next Next post: Emoji Bible characters – answers!