180.1 m Up Moderately steep. Saw couple moose and a weasel too. Views are totally worth the hike. Hiked this trail today and absolutely loved it!! There was still standing snow along the lake for the 4th of July weekend and we would recommend boots at that time of year if you plan to cross up to the Heart lake or Continental Divide just to keep the snow out of your shoes. At this point, users must contour the shoulder of Ross peak, keeping at least 16m away from the train tracks. Passed by five volunteers working on maintaining the trail and many friendly folks. 29.0 km At ~1350m, and before the creek gulley constricts, exit the Stoney Creek drainage to the north, traversing the slope to the skiers left (see photo A). The camping at Rogers Pass Lake was good and there were very few tents over the 4th of July weekend. To access the Shaughnessy Restricted Area, permit holders must park at the Beaver Valley Winter Parking Area. We were thinking about returning in mid winter to do some skiing! Lots of shade most of the way up and some gorgeous alpine lake views at the top! Local Club: Grand Mountain Bike Alliance, Land Manager: USFS - Arapaho & Roosevelt National Forests Office, 18.0 mi Please explain. At this point, turn left and head downhill for ~100 metres through a clearing until reaching the CPR access road. Steep at some points, but very doable with a steady pace. Some technical terrain and limited alternate lines. 591' Up Images shown as per Exit Route description. After crossing over the historic CPR Stone Arch bridge (6) the route begins to head downhill, continuing along a well cleared grade (5) until reaching a large orange marker on a tree on the left hand side of the trail (4). Further ahead, a quick set of switchbacks takes you around a corner and now the views are dominated by James Peak and surrounding terrain. Felt like an obstacle course. Pretty shaded, lots of wildflowers, & cute lil creeks & waterfalls along the way. Beautiful wildflowers, brooks, and all the lakes! Gorgeous wildflowers, balmy breezes, plenty of shady sections and a breathtaking view from the top of Heart Lake. Did the whole hike in 3.5 hours plus a 20 minute break at the top for some food. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash. Plenty of campsites around though, we just decided to backtrack to Rogers Lake and camp there instead. On the weekend, I recommend coming early, or the second shift once people are leaving. 660.21 m Up • Gradual incline all the way up. After travelling ~600 metres through the forest the trail comes to an opening that heads down and crosses over where the tracks enter the Connaught Tunnel (2). Before the end of the open meadow, trend south (left), following the markers towards the thicker forest. Immediately beyond Cascade Creek, an orange marker indicates where the route heads upslope for 100 metres to an abandoned railgrade. Once the tracks cross under the TCH (a good visual is the GAP), permit users may descend and safely parallel the TCH to return to the Loop Brook parking area. At the marker, and before the portal of the Connaught Tunnel, head right and up into the trees and follow the orange markers through the forest keeping at least sixteen metres from the CP rail property. This is a great trail, but after about 2 miles, there is knee deep snow! Eric. Look on the left side of the road for orange markers to find the route that heads north towards the Beaver River. Parking lot was less than half full at 9:00am, on a Tuesday. In the heart of Glacier National Park, this tourism destination since 1886 is a National Historic Site. Heading back down and getting back to the trailhead by noon we saw at least 20 overnight backpackers heading in. Follow the cleared route until you reach the Beaver River. Was pretty easy to find a nice camping spot. 274.45 m Up We met the person who posted about backpacking up to the lake. This was a good reminder of how dangerous moose can be when you’re in their territory. Access: From the Loop Brook parking area, cross Loop Brook and travel west, paralleling the south side of the Trans Canada Highway (TCH). 1) Follow the marked route to Stone Arch Parking. Follow the creek under the train bridge. We got there 7am and there were a lot of cars but didn’t seem crowded at all. • If you'd like to extend your trip, just pass Rogers Pass Lake is Heart Lake.