Say goodbye to wallet-kun cause he's not going to be the same ever again. Fate/Grand Order Genre FateRPG Price Free - In-app purchases System Requirements Recommended operating system: OS compatible with iOS 10.0 or higher. Don't miss him! 2017 JP/2019 EN. May will also see the Interlude Campaign 5 with skill upgrades for Scheherazade and Brynhildr and an NP Upgrade for Da Vinci. I still remember the first tamamo banner in NA, the first of many wallet extinctions. With so much happening in July you might think your Quartz is safe if you managed to get whom you wanted, but I can bet you that this won't be the case. December 28 2020 Quests/SIN: Daily Report of the Sparrow's Inn Pick-up Campaign 2: … It's also the last chance to get MHX until late 2021, so while we know she'll return with Saber Wars II, she'll be a looooooooong way out. The contents of that are, as always, hard to predict. ~The History of the American Frontier~ Revival (US) July 3 ~ July 17 God forbid bullshit like that happens again. hide. UPDATE: 5/5/2020 - added the list of Future CN Banners Likely to come to global (aka Special Banners), as Global still matches CN for these banners, but not for the Standard Pool rotation. Since we do have access to our Clairvoyance EX on NA, why not make good use of it and see what options we'll have next year that we didn't have before? She only just showed up on JP again with the 18M Download Campaign this November, roughly one and a half years later. While Arts-looping is very much still a thing (even moreso than ever before! Let's find out! Afterwards, we'll see the prerelease and release of the third Lostbelt, S I N, including brand new servants in Xiang Yu (another servant with a huuuge sprite), a new, strong Arts Support in Lanling Wang and Quin Liangyu in the first banner, alongside the so far one and only rateup of the the Challenge Quest Monster that is Qin Shi Huang and also Yu Miaoyi, together with a new, story locked 3* servant in Red Hare. For Fate / Grand Order on the iOS (iPhone/iPad), a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Valentine 2020 Banner" - Page 3. I was going to write something similar but you beat me to the punch. Yes, he's limited, indeed. share. So if you just picked up Skadi in July, here's your best chance at getting Dantes alongside her for happy 3t farming. 2018 ~3rd Anniversary~ •Anniversary and Milestones • 1/2 AP Campaign (Daily) • Enhancement Success Campaign • Rank Up Campaign • Summoning Campaign • Paid Quartz Summoning Campaign • 2018-07-28 09:00 JST 2018-08-08 12:59 JST 11 Days July 25 2020 News. Is there a place to see all upcoming banners and events. NeroFest KH was the first CQ that I couldn't clear. All Events. 7M download campaign should be around the corner so forget saving I’m going all in for Jalter. Real-world summer is here and since we apparently didn't have enough welfares in the last months June will have two more for you. You can see the future despair and salt, and Black keys, and mapo tofu. Finally, something that is surely going to break some hearts, May will have the last rateup for Okita for at least 2 years. January 11 2020 03:59 UTC 9 Days Fate/Grand Order Fes. Any Advice? A far less critical servant than, say, Assassin Shiki, but a Welfare nontheless - and you can never have enough of those, as the Drama around this years "Halloween Event" on JP without a welfare has shown. Lateron in May, we'll have the Murder at the KOGETSUKAN event containing the last known rateup for Sherlock Holmes (correction: he has a 1-day shared rateup with Skadi at 3rd anniversary. You forgot to mention Summer Jalter in all that excitement about Summer 3. Other than that, February sees the Strengthening Quests Part VIII, which includes Strengthenings for Kiara (which will have a rateup soon after during the 12m DL Campaign at the end of February), Melt and several other servants. The summoning Banner contains the last rateup for Iskander, as well as (amongst others) rateups for Waver and Zerkerlot, so there's your go if you feel like upping your Zerkerlots NP levels to pair him with Skadi. 31 posts - 29…. Hypothetical: Castoria comes to NA tomorrow for one day and never comes back after that. During S I N, we'll also see the Bond Level expansion coming to NA. All in all, April seems like a great month to spend some Quartz, but beware, the Skadi release is coming and it's coming fast. That aside, January will also see the DaVinci Rerun which is another unlimited lottery event only with Pieces and Monuments instead of Skill Gems. Using Chaldea Visionary Flames Masters can unlock additional Bond levels up to 15 (one at a time). She hasn't seen another rateup on JP since this, so if you need to dip into your Skadi Funds for her, I guess few people will blame you. Shortly following the Celebration is the Christmas Rerun and it's limited lottery. Does that mean we might get another salt compilation thread at last? (Mysterious.Heroine.X.Alter).full.23649651200… 2019 JP/2021 EN. Unsurprisingly. As good a time as any to spend your christmas money right away, if you're so inclined. Welcome to /r/grandorder, the central hub for Fate/Grand Order and all things related to the Fate franchise. First, we'll have the Mecha Eli-Chan Halloween Rerun which is your chance to get either your first Mecha Eli or of picking the other one this time around. I wouldn't roll in the upcoming banner. The event also sees the last rateup for Saber Shiki. She also didn't have another rateup on JP, so if you want here, now's the time. ... FGO JP Master Mission 19th October 2020. I hope the gacha is good to you and you roll all that you desire, but remember, gambling is gambling and just because you spend 600 or 1000 SQ on a servant, that doesn't mean that they will show up. Also, around the actual Christmasttime, keep an eye out for Merlin. Major advice though, while you might get a lot of free quartz during the Anniversary, this is the first and also last Skadi rateup for a long time. So, I’m just asking about…, I have just completed Shinjuku after Arc - 1 and was wondering how to get embers for…, I often find myself too worried to use the rare command code unlocks & command…, Are you confident in your SQ? Nezha doesn't release in April like you say, she releases with Salem release banner alongside Circe. But yeah, considering how we know how good she is already and how her next rateup is only 1.5 years later, it's going to be pretty brutal.