I called in. The people I spoke with at the offices of the organization seemed genuinely surprised and concerned about the things I told them. Both my wife and I have been sponsoring since the early 90s and I have seen this organization slip over the past few years, especially when it comes to their accounting department. Many Blessings I am so blessed by sponsoring children through Compassion! Not Compassion's fault.Most child sponsorship organizations have about the same overhead vs actual aid spending. The woman on the phone offered to pray for our marriage with the other staff. It has been a blessing to us, and hopefully to our sponsored child. Quarterly Compassion International reports a lower percentage of its income going towards meeting its administrative expenses than fundraising activities, which is not the norm among most charitable organizations. I have also sponsored two children at ChildFund. I grew up in Kenya, in a family where our source of income was about $10 a month. Yes, please do Google us and read reviews of what people are saying about Compassion International. We correspond through letters and I hope to be able to go visit him one day. Felt like they were marketing to me. Because he is older, we get a little more information about his life or family and he tells us what he is learning at the Compassion Center. God bless Compassion International! I have also visited the headquarters in Colorado Springs which I felt was all in line with what I had read. I found out about Compassion International 5 or so years ago, and decided to sponsor a child from India. 09/26/2012. I gave up on my sponsorship last year. GuideStar has recognized this organization with a Platinum Seal of Transparency for voluntarily and publicly sharing Compassion also makes available trips to see the children...Our church is linked to one of the churches over in Nairobi, Kenya and we are building a relationship Church to Church. My goal is to provide her education and faith to God that anything is possible, and Compassion is providing me with the opportunity to serve God and do God's work at the same time. I disagree with Compassions reasoning behind this policy. I sincerely apologize that the service you received when you called in was not satisfactory. Having volunteered, heavily in Admin, for various non-profits for over 17 years, legitimate non-profits don't do this. I have been a sponsor for 17 years. It was with great sadness I couldn't sponsor a child because of financial issues that I had hoped would be resolved. President and CEO, Compassion International At no point did we authorize this payment to Compassion. I love the ministry and what they stand for, bringing Jesus to the least of them. We're on a mission to empower consumers to make the best decisions Colorado Springs, CO 80997. The oldest child we sponsor is now a young man. Now he is 14 and writes me letters about his struggles. They need to do better. I have sponsored a child with this organization since the early 1970s and have also been to Africa to meet the children I now sponsor with them. My wife went on line to provide additional donations to her child for christmas. I know that Compassion International is an organization that does some good work, but many of the people who work for them are corrupt. I love this organization and what it is doing for the chidden. I am able to share Scripture with him and encourage his heart. The mail is slow, phone service unreliable, and Internet often non existant.A child who has never fathomed a foreigner may be shy and not have a lot to say to a stranger in a letter. I have had the opportunity to see the work of Compassion International twice. In response to how much the CEO makes. Do not take my word for it check it out on your own. When I called Compassion, I was told that there are 123 kids in her center and on "letter writing day" it's often easier for them to "get help" with their letters. 1: Highest compensation, which includes benefits, one-time payments and deferred compensation, is based on latest available information. So, while I will continue to sponsor these children because I do want their basic needs to be provided, I want to say that the personal relationship that Compassion promotes so passionately does not exist for me with either child. I sent my child a birthday gift and he wrote me to let me know he was so excited when they called his name! They send me information about the region in which my children reside and I even get letters from the Pastors that oversee my children. I found out about Compassion International 5 or so years ago, and decided to sponsor a child from India. An organization that not only releases children from poverty, but, most importantly leads them to the only one who can release them from eternal death: Jesus Christ. Clothes purchased, etc. If you have ever heard Wes Stafford speak, the Spirit is evident in his life. When our first child stopped coming to the Compassion center I was notified as soon as it was confirmed the family had moved on. Also, they are children, children living in poverty. Compassion International This is not a bad thing, but when you let go of control there is the potential for problems. 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