There are some wonderful things that you can do with those empty coffee cans and I’ve collected 30 of the craftiest ideas for you. Fill the canister with baking soda or Epsom salts to add to your bath water or foot bath. Or worse. I’ve been on a lightning streak lately with ways to reuse some perfectly good containers vs. throwing them in the trash. Looks lots nicer than having the box sitting out! I hope you can at least try some. So aggravating some times lol) so many awesome uses for bottles such as these. I take coffee-mate containers, the ones that are found in the dairy case, and use them for sugar dispensers. Keep bread crumbs, sunflower seeds or nuts, syrup, pastas, coffee, or just about any small or liquid food that you might want to pour instead of scoop. Keep powdered things, pasta, or just about anything in them. John writes- Here is a photo of the [plastic] coffee can storage bins I showed on Saturday. I have seen these used as canisters to for lour sugar etc. I use them for dressings that I make from mixes. Tops like these called a Bag Cap sell for about five dollars each and we get these with the creamers and are throwing them away! (08/14/2008), I put rice or sand inside about a third of the way and then I glued a half of doll body and head on top. Thanks for all the great ideas! Made a little dress and sold them at the arts and crafts fair for $7. Try this!Check out these brilliant ideas below to put them to good use! I find these creamer bottles without the tops and replace them with juice container lids. 1) Fill them with Laundry detergent to bring to the laundry mat. When refilling my several feeders, it's much easier dispensing from these containers, rather than a 10 lb. Use to collect change(let kids draw pics on them and use for banks), bottle caps, can tabs, marbles, nuts and screws in the garage, craft supplies, etc. Have an empty Coffee Mate container lying round? Every winter I go through lots of creamer bottles, I don't know if I just drink more coffee then or if there are just better flavors out ... Hi everyone, I have been working on my room change for over a month now. I watch for sales on staples. Still useful, clear and ready to fill with things like: For my Kindergarten class at Sunday School, we made Santa toys out of Liquid Coffee Mate bottles. For example, milk, juice, salad dressing, water, etc. In a... i bought from a garage sale 2 folding tray. Next, add dirt, Dollar Store gems & your plant! Stack em up and just grab one each time you make your coffee!! Could you please suggest ideas and instructions for something easy and inexpensive? I fell in love with antique look of the Pottery Barn Faris Lamp, but my wallet? I save a lot of things to recycle and these containers are great for them, and they smell so good every time I open one. Also, you could fill it with stuff that would rattle when you shake it, glue the lid on, and then let your dog or cat play with it. Then open the snap top to pour beans, frozen peas, popcorn or chocolate chips from the bag without spills. Add some of your favorite plants & place anywhere in your home! How about using them for ice melt in the winter (if you don't have a large sidewalk to worry about, then you can just refill when needed (08/12/2008). Ideas For Reusing Large Coffee Creamer Canisters? So I was standing in the line at the grocery store and the person in front of me was taking an awfully loooonnnggg time. I removed the lid and washed an empty coffee creamer container, dried it thoroughly, tied a scrap of ribbon around the center, added some artificial flowers … When they do melt, you have nice cold water. See more ideas about Creamer container, Coffee creamer container, Coffee creamer. Creamer container turned into pumpkin light with flameless tea light, If you like iced mochas try this! Crafts Using Plastic Coffee Creamer Bottles? RINSE IN A.M. SPRAY & DE-ODORIZE CAN ALSO PAINT & DECORATE, REPLACE CONTAINER AFTER EACH NEW COFFEE PURCHASE, U CAN ALSO PAINT OUTSIDE & DECORATE. How do you keep the squirrels from chewing at the seed opening and emptying the entire thing in minutes. Use upcycled creamer bottles as a convenient way to store and transport cheerios! I do this for two reasons. I had fun making all the eggs and felting the bunnies. As I’ve been trying to find interesting, engaging activities for Mariah and me lately, I…. you know those Old style wooden tray. and I'm looking forward to all of the creative ideas you have. Creative Ways to Reuse Coffee Creamer Bottles . Snowmen, made from coffee creamer containers, ribbon for scarf, and some socks...enjoy, Paper Mache dress forms made from Coffee Creamer plastic containers. Organized pantry happiness: Coffee-Mate creamer bottles are great for storing dry goods! The other is to save coffee and creamer containers, and all others that I can use for food storage. Sure wish I had a few, I just moved and left mine all in CA by mistake. To the snowman lady: wonderful idea! We put up 2 squirrel feeders and keep both filled with sunflowers seed...they don't bother my bird feeders. Painted with acrylic paint, glued on wiggly eyes and yellow tape for the mouths. I quickly realized... My DIY Sugar Container! You are right, felt markers are priceless. I have a lot of those very large plastic creamer containers that hold powdered creamer for coffee. There could be more decorations added, such as hot gluing beads, painting the creamer bottle with acrylic paints, etc. I like to reuse such containers myself but I am worried about putting food products in the plastic and wondering if it's safe or not. (Tip within a tip: I don't use fabric softener on my dish towels. I even used one once because my salad dressing bottle was broken. I had a bunch of glass vases and lying around that just weren't doing it for me anymore. If you do not particularly like a lot of creamer, but just some sweetener, your container … I allowed smaller parts of the plant to peek out. 2) I fill mine with DRY creamer to set out at picnics or gatherings. Check out these brilliant ideas below to put them to good use! Post them here. LOL! I love how this looks in my room & no one will believe what it originally was! I mix my own laundry concoction, and really like it. In the kitchen, they are perfect for ice cubes in lunch boxes because they don't melt all over everything. ThriftyFun is one of the longest running frugal living communities on the Internet. Does anyone have craft ideas for the larger Coffee-Mate containers with the powder creamer? xoxo (08/22/2008). Try this! Editor's Note: Do you have any ideas to share for reusing these bottles? So I have been using my empty Creamer Jug for a sugar container :) This size holds just about the whole bag of sugar. The opening makes it easier to pour into measuring cup. I can dispense a little through the pour spout or remove the lid to measure a cup or so. I just really enjoy walking by the makes me smile. Some... Make the cutest Minnie Mouse ornaments with items from The Dollar Tree for only $3!Grab these... Hello my friends!Today i will show you how i made cute stand for eyeglass. Add some bird seed & hang in a tree for the birds! The expression on their face changes for delighted expectation to… trying to h…. So I... Hey guys! Yes! See more ideas about Creamer bottles, Coffee creamer bottles, Creamer container. Same for shampoos, etc. Very cool. Not so much. Ideas For Reusing Large Size Creamer Bottles. i like to keep a couple similar items by my brew station for cough drops & hard candy.Because these 2 items (in particular) come in a plastic bag that usually gets torn I cut the label off them & tape them on the canister to ID it!