", T'challa:" This man is a threat to to kingdom. he is getting ready to attack again. Okay... BP has invisibility too. Terry launched the batarangs and threw a kick at black panther. Wiz: Anyway, this land is ruled by kings known as Black Panthers. Terry cocked his fist back as T'challa lept into the air, extending his leg in a kicking motion. It also can fire energy palm blasts that can destroy walls with ease. He extended his claws with shink! Wiz: It does, anyway, terry then broke in to a creepy old mansion, and found a secret passage way to the batcave. And last but not least, Black panther took hits from the hulk, who can destroy buildings in a single strike. Terry's fist met with Panther's met with panthers foot with a loud smack.Bothcombatants were thrown backwards into the alley walls, both flying through the brick walls. His body was failing, so terry drew explosive and shocking batarangs and plced them in the launcher, pointing his hand at Black Panther. Poll batman beyond vs black panthern (18 votes) batman beyond 67% . BP should take this - superior intelligence/experience, plus his new suit and gear (coupled with whatever else tech he has) will also pull him the win. Terry McGinns is a Badass. And last but not least, Black panther took hits from the hulk, who can destroy buildings in a single strike. If you're asking something like; who's gear is better that's fine, but battles belong in the battle forums. Black panthers is seen in the back of an ambulance. Boomstick: Fear. Terry knew this had to end in one more hit. Terry and T'challa rushed at each other to resume their bought. Wiz: And Black Panther, The king of Wakanda. Batman Beyond is seen back in the batcave in a hospiltal bed. Next he became an expert in hand to hand combat, mastering many diffrent martial arts.When he was of age, T'challa became king by trial of combat. Death Battle Fanon Wiki is a FANDOM Games Community. He knew one or two more of those kicks would be the end of his suit or even himself. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. Boomstick: Well anyway, Terry stole a bat suit. But over all, black panther is one king you don't want to mess with. Terry hit the ground hard, his ribs and arm broken, his wings torn to shreds. Black panther pushed himself up, getting himself up right,now cracking his neck and knuckles before resuming his fighting stance. © 2020 GAMESPOT, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. ", Bruce:"His suit can capture and store kenetic enenrgy, before super charging it and fireing it back at the attacker. The dagger exploded. T'challa wears the deadly panther suit. Wiz: This batsuit use nanotechnology, which increases strength. The voice of bruce wayne suddenly fizzled to life in terry's ear peice. T'challa: "Is your aim really that poor?". a DEATH BATTLE. Panther dodged the projectiles with ease, laughing at beyonds poor aim. Batman and Batman Beyond:VSCaptain America and Black Panther:In this 2v2, Batman and Batman Beyond will team up to take on Captain America and Black A breakdown of 3 categories — Superpowers, Supersuits, & Intangibles can give us the fight’s winner. Beyond recovered and swung his arm blades at T'challa.Panther perryed with his claws, sparks flying from their blades. Boomstick: In versitlity, the two were equal as both had large arsenals on hand, and with the edges black panther did have he was able to give terry a run for his money, but with things just stacked up against him from the start,  and terry's flight edge,panther was unable to scratch up a win for him self. Forum Posts. Ya know, the same stuff captian america's sheild is made of. Black panther walked over to terry slowly. This suit is eqquiped with ballistic protection, meaning it can tank hits from missiles with very little damage.The suit also has a cloaking device that makes black panther fade into his surrondings, as to make him look invisible,it also has retractable claws that can cut through steel and concrete with ease. Terry could barely stand. Scenario: DCU and Marvel universe Collision-. Caused by many things, But most by these two. Then it dawned on him. Also the beyond suit multiplies the host's strength by 10 times, so with mastery in 127 different martial arts , knowledge of all possible pressure points of the human body, peak human physicality (Bruce is shown to bench press more than 500kg) so imagine the power it would generate in multiple of 10. Bruce: "Here he comes!". Wiz: Have you ever heard of the mystical Land of wakanda? Panther cracked his knuckles once more, ready to finish the fight. Wiz: All right the combatants are set let's end this debate once and for all. And the current king is a young man by the name T'challa. Terry 83% • 2 years ago. This teen was Terry Mcginns. 7 years ago. This suit is made of vibranimum mesh. Peak human strength and reflexes, one of the smartest 8 people on earth. Let's move on to strength. Until a teen who manged to join a street gang. Beyond began to plan. Boomstick: It's time for a DEATH BATTLE!! T'Challa, equally deadly/ skilled and intelligent, under the protection of vibranium suit, energy daggers and his various gadgets. Landing a few feet away from the assumed-threat, Bruce confronts T'Challa, who in turn grins and leaps on him with intention of capturing the intruder in his place, Bruce dodges and here begins the fight.. Is this Comic Beyond or Animated Beyond? This herb boosted T'challa's natural strength, speed and duribility greatly. There pinned to the top of the page. Black panther has shown him self able to throw a spear through a concreate wall, a feat which would take around 20,856psi or 10.4 tons. So Black panther decided to end this in one hit. Boomstick: For all his badassery, Black panther has many weaknesses, like his suit's limited amount of kenetic energy it can take before breaking, while being super human he can sometimes get arrogant and cocky. @battle_forum_junkie: this already is a battle and god_spawns the one who made it and also ide much rather look at results then read some really long aregument that has already been forgoten. Duribility was not a very close catagory by any means, while T'challa may have taken hits from the hulk, Whose caual striking strength is some where around 179 tons is impressive, Terry has traded blows with and even defeated super man, whose casual striking strength is just shy of 216 tons, so their duribilitys, just did not match up. Follow 35747. Boomstick: Terry's suit also has an electric field that an be activated if an opponent gets to close. He looked up and saw Beyond above him. Terry tied up the thug with a pair of bolas and got into a fighting stance. Beyond then spread his wings and took to the sky, now running his electric current over his suit. This should really be made into a battle. 0. Well versed with all African martial arts. @jayc1324: But isnt vibranium resistant to any blunt attack? T'challa sighed and assumed a fighting stance as well. Terry lifted himself up. Boomstick: Yep, turns out this house was wayne manor, you know batman's house? When it came to strength, terry can lift/strike with 192.8 tons of force. 1020. Wiz:The winner is Terry McGinns, Batman Beyond. ", Terry: "There is no way he survived that explosion. The batarang exploded sending panther flying. Batman Beyond:Bruce without any specialized armour suit has been shown to take down many powerful and heavier foes.Also the beyond suit multiplies the. - Out classed in skill, intelegence,experince and training. Poll MCU Black Panther vs DCAU Batman Beyond (24 votes) T'Challa 17% . + Had Skill, intelegence, experince and training. when terry got home that night, his dad was dead. Beyond kicked panther in the face, with his electricity activated, panther hit the ground hard. Can we all agree on something? From on top of a stone gargolye, Terry McGinns saw T'challa threatening a thug in an alley way. I'm fine, But I don't know about the other guy.". Wiz: Terry has many types of baterangs, such as explosive, ensnaring, and electric.Terry may have an amazing throwing arm, but if he ever gets tired The suit has a baterang launcher, that can fire a baterang up to 97 feet. Terry Intervened.Terry landed behind black panther. Terry has lifted a boulder weighing 192 tons while under water. Boomstick: Damn, that's fast. T'challa pulled him self out of the bed of rubble he been laying in. Black Panther swung his claws in a wide arc. As a boy he was trained to take up the mantle of black panther, however he also trained his mind by going to college and getting many doctrines. Wiz: Terry may just be a 31 year old man, but he has most of the training bruce wayne had at this age.