100 Years of Great Coffee and Extraordinary People. Just add booze! "I want the customer to have the coffee within a few days of roasting it. This helps large companies distribute large quantities of coffee cheaply (or at a great profit), but you get what you pay for. For some of Gracenote’s caretakers, the connection between music and coffee is in the appreciation for beauty, which clearly inspires great work. Owner and Roaster, Tim Van Sipe, is focused on freshness! She points to the Mystic Blend, which has evolved over the years. Look for eventual expansion toward Boston. In the end, he or she can tell the many subtle differences between almost right, and absolutely right. Experts say coffee beans are best used between two to 14 days after roasting. "I was shooting for a certain profile and I hit it! Rock City Coffee Roasters in Rockland, Maine, have won many awards for their roasting, but what customers will tell you is that they’re real winners for their sense of community. Luckily, New England's fair share of independent coffee roasteries means a fresh pour is never too far away. Their single origin speciality coffee is perfectly roasted for everyday use. While it’s true that coffee beans are grown in subtropical regions (that’s definitely not New England), in order for the beans to become what we know and love in our morning cup, they have to be roasted. New England Coffee’s roasters have developed and refined their roasting process to guarantee we always serve premium coffee with distinct smoothness and characteristic taste. Where to find them: In addition to their two locations, Acoustic Java is served at a selection of places around Worcester and the surrounding towns. Their flagship café has been in business since 1996, and they’ve been roasting coffee for the past two decades. Very nice, well-rounded coffee.". I’m not going to lecture people about how they should be drinking it. Known for its focus on terroir (the taste of place), George Howell Coffee was founded in 2004 by its eponymous, long-time coffee pioneer. Weddings, events and gatherings of all sizes at our New England properties that your guests will never forget. Favorite coffee of the moment: A Burundi coffee coming out this week, and some well-balanced Colombian coffees on the horizon. That’s why each aspiring roaster is trained, step-by-step, in an apprenticeship that can last for years. Each of the coffee roasting businesses in Massachusetts has a quality that makes them unique, but beyond that, ever batch of coffee roasted is unique. How much coffee do they roast? Buy online, with free local delivery to Acton and its surrounding towns. © 2020 New England Inns & Resorts | Sitemap. Danielle grew up in the food world - specifically the Italian restaurant her grandparents owned in Syracuse, NY. In the journey from field to cup, no step in coffee production is more important than roasting. It’s easy to think of coffee as coming from the far corners of the earth. With a second cafe in downtown Providence (conveniently also serving whiskey and other spirits), New Harvest is spicing up the Rhode Island caffeine scene. Daily Coffee News covers coffee news from seed to cup, including stories on coffee origin, imports, exports, logistics, supply chains, sustainability, retail, baristas, roasting and consumer trends. It’s coffee thoughtfully crafted with an unusual amount of intensity, by a group of people with unusual backgrounds - specifically, in music. What makes them unique? "Our goal here is to be able to roast coffee to order each day of the week, whether it’s an order for twelve ounces or twelve hundred pounds of a particular coffee. Cafés: 152 Chestnut Hill Ave., Brighton, Logan International Airport, Terminals B & E, 6 Mercantile St., Worcester, fuelamericacoffee.com. Set up right in downtown Portsmouth, N.H., this cafe and roasterie offers an unbeatable sidewalk spot for your caffeine indulgence. What makes them unique? What makes them unique? "What we can promise you, is a vibrantly flavored, flawlessly frothed, top-notch cup of liquid happiness. Where to find them: Here’s an interactive map of all the retail locations you’ll find Speedwell. That means we roast coffee only after an order has been placed and we only roast the amount we need to fulfill each day’s orders. Stream GBH's Award-Winning Content For Parents And Children. Where to find them: Besides the Roastery/Café, you can buy online. You can also buy online. Their story, in brief: Peaks Coffee was the happy answer to a very depressing winter in 2014. Coffee roasting involves a lot of human intervention. ", Roastery: 165 Quarry Hill Road in Lee // Cafes: 346 Congress St., and 303 Newbury St., Boston, barringtoncoffee.com. "Market forces can pull quality and sustainability in different directions so we work hard to seek out the highest scoring sustainable coffees available," says David Fullerton, Acoustic Java’s Owner/Roaster. Peaks Coffee Co. Syracuse, NY .