Customers who prefer a little more insulation may also select an all-season design with 700 fill power clusters. Hot summer days often feel too warm for a comforter, but you’ll be able to sleep comfortably under the Hydrocool Down-Alternative Duvet Insert. The comforter’s baffle-box quilting provides even fill distribution, which helps minimize clumping. Eco-friendly fill composed of recycled plastics, 100-night sleep trial and 1-year warranty. Beauty sleep reaches a new level with this duvet insert that maintains an ideal climate all night long. It provides sufficient cooling and moisture-wicking during hotter times of the year, and also acts as a protective insulating layer when the temperatures dip. In this guide, we’ll share our top picks for the best cool comforters in several categories. It costs less than $40, yet it's still soft and comfy with excellent temperature-regulating properties. The Buffy Comforter is available in three sizes – Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, and King/California King – and the company backs the comforter with a free sleep trial. The cover is also highly breathable and helps regulate the comforter’s overall temperature. But it’s also important to know that thread counts can be manipulated to seem higher (through what’s known as “double counting” two-ply yarns in the material). I love the fabric and the naturally crinkled look. It showcases heat-absorbing fibers that work to cool your body down while also wicking moisture. Our Runner-Up Pick, the Down Alternative Duvet Insert from Tuft & Needle, accommodates a wide range of sleepers with light and medium weight options. The comforter boasts 600 fill power (which is perfect for hot sleepers), with 60% white goose down and 40% real feathers, making it soft and fluffy. What's great about it: Rather than traditional cotton or polyester, this unique cooling comforter is constructed with soft lyocell (which is made, in part, from wood pulp) and breathable, refreshing eucalyptus fibers. Knowing how to find the best comforter to keep you from sleeping hot. The Bamboo Whitehaven Comforter from Ettitude is constructed entirely of organic lyocell from bamboo, making it a great option for eco-conscious consumers. The comforter is available in a lighter, summer-weight design with 600 fill power down clusters and a breathable cotton-sateen casing. With all of these considerations in mind, scroll through the best comforters for hot sleepers below to find the best fit for your style and budget. While the cotton shell is already fairly breathable, the wool has moisture-wicking properties that further regulate the temperature. The lyocell filling is PETA-approved as vegan, and the comforter is certified by OEKO-TEX. Baffle box stitching ensures that the fill remains evenly distributed and lofty over the course of the night or during washing. However, the Climabalance Down Alternative Comforter offers the same soft, lofty feel and temperature-regulating comfort as many competing products with higher price-points. The comforter offers a lofty feel that also feels light, and good air circulation throughout the interior helps maintain consistently comfortable temperatures. If you’re not well-versed in sewing and textiles, it will suffice to know that higher thread counts normally indicate a shell that will feel smoother and that will hold up better over time. Our Runner-Up Pick, the Down Alternative Duvet Insert from Tuft & Needle, accommodates a wide range of sleepers with light and medium weight options. Snowe offers free shipping, as well as a 90-night sleep trial with full refunds for product returns. There are a handful of other ways that you can optimize your sleep environment to prevent from overheating at night. Free shipping and returns are also available. It is just perfect!". The most important fill materials to be aware of include: The thread count, used in describing the shell of a comforter, tells you how dense the yarns are within one square inch of fabric. What's great about it: With an innovative design that helps regulate your body temperature — whether you're running hot or cold — this comforter ranks among the best bedding for hot sleepers. The comforter is available in five sizes – Twin, Full, Queen, King, and California King – all of which are widely available for less than $110. It features a silky, sateen weave and quality stitching to keep the filling fluffy. When you buy through links on our site, we may earn a commission. The Snowe Down Alternative Comforter is our pick for this category. This combination of materials makes the comforter great at absorbing the moisture on your skin and transporting it to the outer layer of the fabric to keep you dry. The comforter is available in Twin/Twin XL, Full/Queen, and King/California King sizes. What's great about it: Although this lightweight cooling blanket isn't quite the same as having a fluffy comforter, reviewers have attested it's a real game-changer if you're someone who really struggles with night sweats. The Climabalance Down Alternative Comforter is backed by a 30-night sleep trial. One reviewer wrote: "I love this comforter. Tie straps at the corners for the duvet cover also prevent uncomfortable sliding during the night. Plus, it has wide box-stitching to keep it fluffy. Corner ties allow owners to easily attach a duvet cover of their choosing. Cool comforters can be a sound investment for sleepers with nighttime temperature issues – but many of these products cost at least $120.