The habit of soaking in general knowledge will keep you busy observing your surroundings, communicating with others, and going through news websites, papers, magazines, films, and just about anything in sight that can serve as food for your brain. The more you know, the easier it will be to address a small group or crowd and build rapport. Armed with a wealth of information, you will be able to crack a joke or play a pun easily. Be an avid reader and quest for hidden truths of nature. Knowledge does much more than just help students hone their thinking skills: It actually makes learning easier. Without knowledge, one cannot be successful in life. There is no use of such knowledge that paves way for one’s own destruction, Knowledge should let you take the right course in life in a way useful to yourself and the society at large. Knowledge is also very important to shape our personality and perfect our behavior and dealings with people. It is important that we make the best use of the gift of knowledge so that we achieve great feats and heights in every domain of our life. Progress in modern science is only possible by developing rational thinking through the use of knowledge assimilated over the centuries. It is based on reason and logic, however, a child acquires understanding about the surroundings by hearing and listening. It’s all because of lack of knowledge in these people, they populate too much, they don’t get their kids educated. Unlike the physical entities, the knowledge never diminishes. If you stay current with the latest trends as well, you'll be better able to keep up with your child's worldview and state of mind in addition to being able to help them with projects and homework. Knowledge does not pertain to science and technology and the fields we study in books. Man has the power to judge situations, decide between what is good and what is bad and make decisions voluntarily. This quote has versatile shades of application and holds good in several contexts. We must make best judgments and decide on the right course that will let us move successfully. By expanding your knowledge with research, reading, and visual media, you'll be able to combine ideas, cross-reference concepts, and come up with original thoughts that can actually make an impact. Datta Swami's Philosophy Of The Three Components. For instance, if you are well versed with the movement of the stock markets, it would be easier to make profitable investments. They would elect educated representatives who are capable of understanding and resolving their issues. Market research is primarily a part of the industry and helps the companies to evaluate the business profitability of the venture before it is launched. Cultural and geographical knowledge play pivotal roles in a day and age where most cities are thriving multicultural hubs. Modern knowledge can only be acquired through education as it plays a very important role in enhancing the professional life of the individuals. A nation can have true democracy only if its citizens are knowledgeable about the social and economic conditions. It is based on reason and logic, however, a child acquires understanding about the surroundings by hearing and listening. A strong command of language combined with knowledge about a variety of subjects and current affairs will help you get rid of the fear of public speaking, as you will no longer be worried about filling long pauses and gaps. Why not make learning yours? Things that once seemed boring will become enjoyable and help you pass the time. Experience in school or for a specific job function brings out more efficiency … Knowledge is not only cumulative, it grows exponentially. Since knowledge is the fuel that drives human life, gaining knowledge is deemed the most primary activity that prepares man for a long and successful life. Solar Eclipse, June 2020 is going to be lucky for these four zodiac signs. This will allow you to engage in meaningful conversation with virtually anyone. Today, continuous learning forms a necessary part in acquiring critical thinking skills and discovering new ways … It has increased the Gross domestic production of many countries and honed the skill of the professionals. Even the art of avoiding giving an opinion and beating around the bush is made easier with a good grasp of general knowledge. Yeah absolutely true. Opining is not always about telling someone what you think or whether you like or dislike something. We can’t live without knowledge, knowledge is power and it is important to life. Having a good sense of humor is much easier if you have good observational skills and some basic knowledge on a variety of subjects. Your quest for general knowledge will make you look forward to just picking up a newspaper, book, or a magazine and spending hour after hour reading. The importance of general knowledge percolates deeper than just being able to be a good conversationalist. Knowledge is really important for our society. Your conversational boundaries will extend far beyond your core areas of interest. Here are 12 reasons why having a solid general knowledge background is an important facet of your development that will help you succeed at home, at work, online, and in your social life. It is only possible by the acquisition of knowledge through hands-on experience. General knowledge and current affairs are instant conversation starters and can help you move past typically awkward moments of silence. I love reading and writing. The same goes for current affairs. People working in different spheres of the economy should have required skills sets to do justice to their job profiles. The importance of general knowledge percolates deeper than just being able to be a good conversationalist. It allows the freedom to express the thoughts and be aware of the rights and duties as a citizen. We need to understand ourselves, our strengths and weaknesses. The science not only allows people to be more successful, but it can also impact their health. I think it's also important to look at the most basic of general knowledge - such as ethics and knowledge on currency and infrastructure. All rights reserved, Dasamahavidya - Rare Images of Feminity with Art of Drag, If you are over 60, then this health post is for you. As a parent, it is (or will be) important for you to have a solid grasp on the basics of commons subjects so you can impart the same to your kids. You improve your reactions on situations. This knowledge can help with decision-making and avoiding stressful situations.