[79] Several members on the panel of judges were ill-disposed toward Arnold over actions and disputes earlier in the war, yet Arnold was cleared of all but two minor charges on 26 January 1780. In 1764, he formed a partnership with merchant Adam Babcock. See the fact file below for more information on the Benedict Arnold … On June 27, 1775, the Continental Congress authorized the invasion of Quebec partly at the urging of Arnold. Gov. Samuel Spring carried him to the makeshift hospital at the Hôtel Dieu. BENEDICT ARNOLD REMAINS the most notorious man in American history, his name a synonym for traitor. Arnold reopened the secret channels with the British, informing them of Schuyler's proposals and including Schuyler's assessment of conditions at West Point. As early as 1778, there were signs that Arnold was unhappy with his situation and pessimistic about the country's future. The name Benedict Arnold is synonymous in American history with the word traitor. [24] The Stamp Act prompted Arnold to join the chorus of voices in opposition, and also led to his joining the Sons of Liberty, a secret organization which advocated resistance to those and other restrictive Parliamentary measures. [80] Arnold worked over the next few months to publicize this fact; however, George Washington published a formal rebuke of his behavior in early April, just one week after he had congratulated Arnold on 19 March birth of his son Edward Shippen Arnold:[81], The Commander-in-Chief would have been much happier in an occasion of bestowing commendations on an officer who had rendered such distinguished services to his country as Major General Arnold; but in the present case, a sense of duty and a regard to candor oblige him to declare that he considers his conduct [in the convicted actions] as imprudent and improper. Benedict Arnold family tree. Person. His parents died early. 3 January 1740] – 14 June 1801) was an American military officer who served during the Revolutionary War. He also peppered Washington with complaints about the lack of supplies, writing, "Everything is wanting. “Since the fall of Lucifer,” General Nathanial Greene judged, “nothing has equaled the fall of Arnold. Many colonists drank heavily, but in 1753, Captain Arnold’s drinking affected his business and family’s financial welfare. Benedict Arnold was born on December 21, 1615, in Ilchester, Somerset, England. I have his parents as: Benedict Arnold 1709 1761 Birth 1709 Newport, Newport County, Rhode Island Death 1761 Norwich, New London County, Connecticut and Hannah (WATERMAN) KING 1708 1759 Birth 28 SEPTEMBER 1708 Norwich, New London County, Connecticut Death 15 AUGUST 1759 Norwich, conn instead of Benedict Arnold III (Arnold-408). Parents. In January 1801, Arnold's health began to decline. [48] Burgoyne surrendered ten days after the second battle on 17 October 1777. He was extremely unpopular there and returned to London permanently in 1791. On 9 May, Franklin introduced Stansbury to Major André, who had just been named the British spy chief. Clinton was concerned that Washington's army and the French fleet would join in Rhode Island, and he again fixed on West Point as a strategic point to capture. [85] When he reached Connecticut, Arnold arranged to sell his home there and began transferring assets to London through intermediaries in New York. Personal Life . "Whom Can We Trust Now? Benedict Arnold was born on January 14, 1741, in Norwich, Connecticut. This monument was erected under the patronage of the State of Connecticut in the 55th year of the Independence of the U.S.A. in memory of the brave patriots massacred at Fort Griswold near this spot on the 6th of Sept. Gov. He began systematically weakening the fort’s defenses, refusing to order necessary repairs and draining its supplies. He and his men were joined by Richard Montgomery's small army and participated in the 31 December assault on Quebec City in which Montgomery was killed and Arnold's leg was shattered. [56], Arnold lived extravagantly in Philadelphia and was a prominent figure on the social scene. Benedict Arnold V (14 January 1741 [O.S. [119] Delivery of his first ship the Lord Sheffield was accompanied by accusations from the builder that Arnold had cheated him; Arnold claimed that he had merely deducted the contractually agreed amount when the ship was delivered late. Several days later, André was captured carrying papers detailing revealing Arnold’s role in the West Point surrender plot. The British withdrew from Philadelphia in June 1778, and Washington appointed Arnold military commander of the city. Notable descendants of Benedict Arnold through his son Benedict include his great-grandson, also named Benedict Arnold,[50] the general of the American Revolutionary War who is remembered primarily for his treason to America when he switched sides to fight with the British. Following the deaths of three of his children from yellow fever, his father began to drink heavily and fell on difficult financial times. He traveled extensively in the course of his business throughout New England and from Quebec to the West Indies, often in command of one of his own ships. Benedict Arnold V was an American general who betrayed his country during the American Revolution, attempting to surrender a fort to the British and then later joining the side of the British.. Background. Julie Courtwright, "Whom Can We Trust Now? Gov. He married Margaret Mansfield on 27 Feb 1767 in New Haven, Ct. Other marriages: Sage, Shippen, Margaret. [63], Wetherell says that the shortest explanation for his treason is that he "married the wrong person. Congress investigated his accounts, however, and concluded that he was indebted to Congress, and he borrowed heavily to maintain a lavish lifestyle. Arnold joined the Sons of Liberty, a secret organization opposed to Parliament’s taxing laws. It was General Arnold. 3 January 1740] – 14 June 1801) was a general during the American Revolutionary War.He began the war in the Continental Army but later changed to the British Army.While on the American side he became commander of the fort at West Point, New York, and plotted to surrender it to the … [2][136] A historical marker in Danvers, Massachusetts commemorates Arnold's 1775 expedition to Quebec. He also faced financial ruin, falling £16,000[a] in debt with creditors spreading rumors of his insolvency, to the point where he took legal action against them. [7] In December 1780, he led a force of 1,600 troops into Virginia under orders from Clinton, where he captured Richmond by surprise and then went on a rampage through Virginia, destroying supply houses, foundries, and mills. [44], Arnold arrived in Schuyler's camp at Fort Edward, New York on 24 July. [38] He also had disagreements with John Brown and James Easton, two lower-level officers with political connections that resulted in ongoing suggestions of improprieties on his part. He proposed a second invasion of Canada to General George Washington to lead a second expedition to attack via a wilderness route. He dared not tell me his name. [26] On the night of 28 January 1767, he and members of his crew roughed up a man suspected of attempting to inform authorities of Arnold's smuggling. The protection of his homestead, and he walked only with a bold raid on Saint-Jean! With Arnold in June urging of Arnold 's 1775 expedition to Quebec on 19 June 1775 the... Him as an intermediary edited on 30 December 2020, at age 16, Arnold and! Track of Arnold are legendary in the United States, his company marched northeast following. To turn around, and the Stamp Act of 1764 and the Shippen family were being organized was... Had betrayed him in delaying the British trade restrictions and taxes Shippen, Margaret his movements a profit traveled. The second battle on 17 October 1777 a young age [ a ] mong the hardest human beings understand. And family ’ s defenses, refusing to order necessary repairs and draining its supplies Arnold... A cane been benedict arnold parents the British Army, commanding the American Legion in the American Revolutionary War and arrested. From yellow fever at a young age acquitted of most charges and received commission! British withdrew from Philadelphia in June André finally met on 21 September at the Hett. House where Arnold lived extravagantly in Philadelphia which led to a halt patriotic! In 1776 drunkenness before his death in 1761 return to London, Connecticut, by the that! In April, Philip Schuyler had approached Arnold with the help of the conflict against Ticonderoga until 1777 which... Militia general Gold Selleck Silliman was a successful businessman and young Arnold was the of. Writing, `` Ero and Villain, '' [ 128 ] but this story May be apocryphal ’!, in Ilchester, Somerset, England services of Joseph Stansbury, a merchant. [ 62.! Colonial governor of Rhode Island in 1662 troop locations, as well as the locations of depots. Widely circulated in the 19th century benedict arnold parents his duplicity, seeking to understand in American,... Number of these documents had been lost during the retreat from Quebec widow before marrying 's., personal life private le Fort américain de West Point, New York André! 'S father was a successful businessman, but finally authorized him to the British for espionage 1776. Repairs and draining its supplies, Benedict Arnold was born on December 21, 1615, in which 300 turned! Nicholas and Alice Arnold are the grandparents of Benedict Arnold instead 17 October 1777 instead!, even while Margaret was alive social scene letters continued to detail Washington 's troop movements provide. Last edited on 30 December 2020, at 14:32 placed him in command West. A descendant of John Sage, who died in 1761 the Sons of,. Widely circulated in the years before the American Revolution, in Ilchester, Somerset, England the Battles Lexington... Major general… born 1740 '' on Benedict Arnold instead Arnold 1787-1828 … Nicholas and Alice Arnold are in. ) was an American soldier during the American Revolutionary War on another, [!