Just look at how Americans start panicking when their government shuts down. Secondly, the question on the extent of the devolution of powers has yet to be answered. The consequences of the U.S. government shutdown, which started Tuesday, could be different, depending on how long it lasts and whether Congress decides to retroactively pay the 800,000 federal government workers who have been furloughed. On December 6, 2011, a new government was finally sworn in with Di Rupo as prime minister. As a result, this minority will lose its ability to vote for politicians from the largely francophone Brussels, meaning the move is strongly opposed by French-speakers. To eliminate this unfair advantage, the Flemish wanted to split BHV into two separate districts while the Francophones wanted to keep it intact. 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It was also decided that no more elections will be held for the Belgian Senate which will instead be occupied by representatives from regional parliaments. "). But this Friday, April 22, Belgium will become the undisputed world record holder when it hits the first anniversary of the Belgian government's collapse. Belgium equalled the world record held by Iraq, where divergences between the Sunni and Shia Muslim groups in 2010 were overcome after 249 days, leading to the formation of a government. Belgium wins Guinness World Record for political impasse. Three months on from elections, Belgium is still struggling to form a new government, as Flemish and French-speaking parties remain at odds about the need for far-reaching state reforms – including the highly sensitive issue of devolution. And in August, in Ostend again, 2,875 people broke the record for group Hula-Hooping. over 6 months, following the election, to form an interim government. We get paid, buses run, schools are open," says Marc De Vos, a professor at Ghent University and the general director of Itinera, a Brussels-based policy institute. The first ever report on the state of the rule of law in the EU due to be published this week by the European Commission marks a significant change in its mindset. Government; Country; Tourism; Coronavirus COVID-19 :stricter measures as from 2 November. 06/11/2020. But not the Belgians who managed just fine with the help of a caretaker government, a well-oiled bureaucracy, and a naughty sense of humour even as their politicians spent a year and a half bickering away. On Feb. 17, the country hit 249 days without a government, breaking a record set last November by Iraq. COVID-19: the Consultative Committee proceeds to stricter lockdown. Belgium managed its national affairs under a caretaker government run by Leterme. We celebrate 20 years of independent, expert news on Europe. Divisions between Belgium's squabbling Flemish, Dutch-speaking and Walloon, francophone, political parties precipitated the collapse of the government last spring. "This will have a negative impact on democracy and reinforce the gap between government and citizens. The tongue-in-cheek celebrations follow other efforts to push politicians into agreeing on a government, including a march last month through the streets of Brussels to protest the deadlock, a campaign to get Belgian men to quit shaving until a government is formed and a suggestion by one MP that politicians be denied sex until they can agree on a coalition. Please specify in your request: your name and first name your address your date and place of birth the reason for your request You can also attach a scan Some foreign authorities might charge a fee for issuing that document. About Belgium. That set a record as the longest Belgian government formation, one that has since been broken by the 2010 formation. (Read "Can Protests Push Belgium to Form a Government? Belgium's political impasse has easily broken a 289 day world record set by Iraq after its general election in 2010, the first that was openly and fully contested, despite violence from insurgents, since the US-led invasion on 2003. The country is recovering well from the downturn, with growth last year at 2.1% (compared with the E.U. Search legal information for Belgium and access government resources for courts and case law, education, government, lawyers, legislation, Parliament, anti-corruption, banking, finance, constitutional law, consumer protection, domain names, elections, intellectual property, privacy, telecommunications, and other government and legal information. "In a globalized world, the relevance of a cohesive national state has diminished," De Vos says. Photo by @edanhier • • • • • #WELOVEBRUSSELS . First, there is the sensitive issue of the electoral district of Brussels and its neighbouring Flemish municipalities. Five weeks of negotiation on forming a centre-right government in Belgium have collapsed in failure with rival French- and Dutch-speaking regions unable to agree on a division of power. BHV was an electoral district composed of the bilingual Brussels-Capital Region and Halle-Vilvoorde, a unilingual territory belonging to the Flemish Brabant Province. The temporary government did not make big decisions regarding budget (though money still flowed as before), the national debt, foreign policy and defense, leading some to worry that a debt crisis could occur and affect all of Europe. . However, this week saw what is probably the most dubious of the lot: Belgium broke the record for the world's longest wait for a government. your membership gives you access to all of our stories. (Read "Can Protests Push Belgium to Form a Government?"). From this date, Belgium went 589 days without an elected government. You will also receive our weekly newsletter. After about 18 months of negotiations led by various mediators and negotiators appointed by the Belgian King Albert II, the Flemish and Francophones finally reached a compromise deal in October 2011. As one electoral district, BHV voters could pick from the same list of candidates coming from both Flemish and Francophone political parties since Brussels is a bilingual area. However, this week saw what is probably the most dubious of the lot: Belgium broke the record for the world's longest wait for a government. That meant French speakers living in the Flemish area of Halle-Vilvoorde would have the privilege of voting for Francophone candidates. And if that happens, it would be less a victory for regional self-determination and more one for cynical complacency. Because of the differing views on the need for a state reform on both sides of the language border, it took the parties 196 days, i.e. A caretaker government has been running Belgium since elections on June 13, but despite countless negotiations among the fragmented political parties, the nation's leaders are not even close to an agreement on a new coalition. The marketing manager for Guinness World Records has added insult to injury by warning that Belgium's dubious honour might not make it into their bestselling annual, Vaccine excitement has been squashed by fear and fatigue, Scotland 'must make quicker Covid progress' if family Christmas to happen, Marlborough racing tips and best bets for Friday, November 13, Exclusive: Martin Bashir's career lies in tatters and he 'will never work for the BBC again'. 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