In line with the Bard and his music - Gamzee and his Horns, Cronus and the guitar - you however, will lack an instument - Void and all - so either: hambone, sing, whistle, clap or perhaps even air guitar your way to musical mastery. Both of these people are friendly, and generally have good relationships with people.

what they need to remember is that they cant let their sadness consume them and that they’re not bound by their aspect.

well guess what, now they’re calm and your thief is ready to rip the enemies head off and that’s about it, while it may be a little two dimensional like all thieves their abilities are powerful.

Rage players are driven to get what they want, so as long as you work with others to help guide your focus, then you can be unstoppable! Share your thoughts, experiences and the tales behind the art. On the contrary a mage of time might also have nothing scheduled at all and feels alone, bored, and lame not doing anything. Ask me to reblog posts about any specific classes, aspects, or titles. Sell custom creations to people who love your style. s I just stated the rogue of blood isn’t the best combat class, but if you get one in combat they certainly aren’t useless, as they can make their enemies teamwork fall apart while their team would work flawlessly together.

Eurhg. Could you analyze Bard of Doom? an important thing to remember is that mages also suffer from their aspect, a mage of time might overbook themselves and feel overwhelmed, never having time for them selves and hardly having free time at all. The Bard of Breath will probably collapse under all their responsibilities and bonds. The Bard of Void would sometimes be extremely intent on finding things out, but then could be just as passionate about keeping what they learnt a secret or outright destroying what they used to find it!
so a bard of doom would probably be annoying due to their depressing attitude which is why they try and act lively most of the time. they might also be able to prevent their timeline from becoming doomed and if it does become doomed they can employ the help of a doom player in order to “undoom” their timeline. Personality:A mage of time is someone who understands time, they’re someone who has everything they’re doing printed out on a schedule and they can figure out approximately how long certain things will take them. Heres a list: When it comes to them feeling threatened, going on a rampage, or being in a pinch, here are the things they would be able to do: So in short, bards of void are very edgey, so take good care of them. Aspect:Void is the aspect that governs literal nothingness, lacking, and the obfuscation or destruction of knowledge.

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Enemy know where you’re going to attack from? Generally, a void player is shrouded in some way, such as being blacked out on viewports (Roxy on Calliope’s viewport) or by creating a ‘void’ around themselves, making them difficult to reach, i.e. then need to be careful though because if they destroy all of their aspect then their powers are useless as they’ll have nothing left to destroy. That being said, being a rage player doesn’t mean you’re a horrible person! He also creates the ~ATH code for the Mobius Double Reacharound virus and also the code for Sgrub, which both doomed all the trolls’ lusii and Sgrub destroyed their planet, dooming everyone. Bard of Void is an awesome class, I really like this one! This means that they could quickly swing between their aspect and their opposite aspect. ), Minecraft, Starbound, Darkest Dungeon, League of Legends, Don't Starve, buff monster men make my heart go doki doki. unfortunately their way of showing they care isn’t exactly healthy and almost always hurts more than it helps, rage is the aspect of anger, control, dominance and well… rage. Imagine a rift opening up in the floor and an indescribable behemoth climbs out, destroying everything in its path, possibly including your own team!

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Certainly! c: Could you do the Witch of Doom and Thief of Rage powers and personality?

they get mad like, REALLY, mad when people don’t like the help that they give or don’t accept their help at all. Assuming the first statement above, the MoR would be able to sense when people are getting irate and angry, and they’d probably also be able to use their anger to intimidate really successfully!The second statement could mean that your powers include making people angry, sending them blind with rage (very useful in a fight, but could cause the enemy to be more powerful), or even be able to send someone to insanity and make them unstable and tunnel-visioned on a certain idea.Finally, being protected from your aspect could mean that you just don’t get angry, sad, and your mental stability is constant (you’d have extremely good mental fortitude!).

As a Bard, you’ll exist in a constant state of rivalling duality, one side that lacks the nothingness of your Aspect - or rather, the emptiness of it, so I imagine being very satisfied and fufilled in life - or, a state of your aspect, where you feel empty inside. Analysis Of Homestuck's Mythological Roles. Silent Hill, Silent Hill Revelations, Sinister, Lion King, Robots, Pacific Rim, Moana, Supernatural, American Horror Story, The Walking Dead, Live PD. Bard of Void: One who Invites Destruction of Void or one who Invites Destruction through Void Bards have easy going, laid back and/or avoidant, cowardly personalities. Though they don’t always actively take part in things, with the power of void they have the ability to stay hidden. Of course! People find out something you’d rather keep a secret? They may not necessarily be the best at understanding how something works, but they sure love finding out about stuff.

You will be similar but your state will focus more on how empty you feel inside. Finally, Sollux is protected from his own doom by having multiple dream selves, letting him die multiple times. What powers would he have?