Coffee singles are available in classic roast, classic decaf and specialty flavors including cappuccino packets of french vanilla and mocha. Colombian and Black Silk roasts are popular with fans of espresso for a strong brew with a dark flavor, and both of these blends are excellent bases for sweetened coffee drinks both hot and cold.​. Fans of Folgers dark roast coffee would also likely enjoy the Gourmet Supreme roast.​. For those of us who remember purchasing coffee in bricks, this is a great bonus because the coffee remains loose and easy to scoop while it’s protected from air exposure. While I knew it would be more expensive than regular but the size of the container was much smaller than I expected. I might start subscribing to this. Product or Service Mentioned: Folgers Classic Roast Coffee. I throw 3 cups brewed coffee in my vitamix, with 1 cup ice cubes, 1 cup milk, Splenda, and 1/2 teaspoon xanthan gum. I know its roasted but smells horrible and havent taste yet. The taste is okay for its price. Per every six fluid ounces of water, a regular brewing intensity will take one tablespoon of grounds. Gourmet is my favorite and its flavor is flat. When brewing coffee, the ratio of water to grounds is critical. Most commonly, consumers tend to contact Folgers to ask questions about: Product/ Service, Request for Information, Payments and Charges. Rights Reserved, You Are About to Contact So like everyone reading this I crave caffeine but I don't handle high acid, this one seems low in acidity and then I throw in a pinch of cinnamon to make it taste like a little cup of heaven. I join the others in demanding that this commercial be removed and an apology be provided. Since I have a choice where I spend my money I am choosing to redirect my purchase to any brand. Folgers was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Sep 04, 2012 and since then this brand received 231 reviews. Review #2268506 is a subjective opinion of poster. True to the marketing habits of the time, most coffee beans were bought and sold on their visual appeal, not on their taste. Review #2259700 is a subjective opinion of poster. Recent recommendations regarding this business are as follows: "Folgers us sending me a new box of coffee pods", "folgers millenials are … If you are spending money on poor taste commercials,( a man washing another older man in the shower) you are promoting filth. The Folgers was a fraction of the cost of the McCafe. © 2020 KITCHENSANITY • KitchenSanity™ is a trademark of, Buy Folgers Lively Colombian​ Roast K-cups on Amazon, Buy Folgers Colombian Roast Ground Coffee on Amazon. Belgique Cookware Reviews 2020 Buying Guide, 9 Best Keurig Coffee Makers Reviewed 2020, How To Clean & Descale A Keurig Coffee Maker. And especially not a black guy in the shower! The long-standing Folgers Motto, “The best part of wakin’ up is Folgers in your cup,” is burned into the American coffee-drinking psyche by an easily remembered jingle. The commercial where the man is in the shower and the woman opens the shower curtain and the man stares at her woman, it is *** letch , sleaze and I hate the has nothing do to with drinking coffee. I do not enjoy Black Silk or Classic Roast and I have both. While arabica beans offer a more complex flavor, robusta beans delivery more caffeine. Been buying it for years, especially the mountain roast. The overall rating of the company is 1.6 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied.. I like to get it for $7.99 or even sometimes for $6.99 (much harder to find at this price) but I checked on Amazon and there it was for $6.99 so I ordered 3 of them. Folgers Colombian Coffee Review. I think I'll go to the horses mouth rather than a middle man process.