ATS – Canadream Map V2.11.9 (1.39.x) Changelog v2.11.9 Update for 1.39 Changelog v2.11.8 Removed all 17 of the custom tollgate_at prefabs added by ManiaX and the… So, scroll through the list, find your needed file and complete ATS Mods Maps download. Download link incorrect? Explore new areas by riding your truck in new places just by simple Best American Truck Simulator maps Mods download button click. Therefore, we offer you a solution – American Truck Simulator Map Mods. All of your mods Great america v1.6.5(bottom of mod manager) COMBO LOAD ORDER(With other compatible maps): MAP BACKGROUND OR ZOOM MODS(LANDSAT) montana_GA_road_connection GREAT AMERICA V1.6.5 MEGA RESOURCES GREAT AMERİCA PATCH_V2 MEGA RESOURCES 2.1.13 (latest version) REFORMA SİERRA NEVADA (latest version) PAZZ MOD (latest version) This mod remodels extensive areas in northern California and the vast majority of Nevada in the base map of ATS. ... ↳ Mods ↳ Maps ↳ Map assets ↳ Models ↳ Trucks ↳ Trailers ↳ Truck accessories ↳ Trailer accessories ↳ Traffic ↳ Skins ↳ Sound ↳ Help requests ↳ Modding Guides ModsHost is a dedicated mods hosting. Mega Resources is the popular mod which a lot of maps required him like: Great American Map, Mexssimap SLP, Monkamx Map, Viva Mexico, Mexico Extreme and other ATS maps. So, scroll through the list, find your needed file and complete ATS Mods Maps download. [REL]Dalton and Elliot Hwy Extreme 1:1 Scale ATS Ver 1.38 Winter Map 18/7/20. Version 0.8... When i try to put custom lights there is none? American Truck Simulator is a game that can be modded in many ways and you should take advantage of this.

Download, If you wanted to haul goods between the beautiful islands of the Caribbean, then this map is for you! If…, Changelog v2.11.9 11.11.20 Fixed bugs adds details to other parts of the map. Download ATS Maps, American maps, Montana Maps, Colombia Map, Mexssimap SLP, Mario Map, Coast to Coast Map and much more for free. – thanks to @Chakat Blackspots the map got Alaska country definition and number plates; – The mod now also has a mod manager logo ingame. After downloading, simply unzip and drop the Montana Expansion.scs and Montana Assets.scs into your mod folder like always. Especially, when you are on expedition and rushing. Especially, when you are on expedition and rushing. ***PLEASE REPORT MAP ISSUES ON THE RESPECTIVE THREAD FOR THE MOD, AND NOT HERE*** TOP OF MOD MANAGER--environment mods----road texture mods----garage logo mods----environment sound mods, like Sound Fixes Pack----real company logo mods-----ATS Universal Satellite Background - a satellite map background by BenganJ, dOOmERdaZe, and Arayas
– winter climate, dangerous ice roads; Map “Andes Peru” v1.2 – ETS2 1.37,1.38,1.39 . © 2019 Mods Club. Version 0.8.6 Changelog:fixed viewpoint error in Sandpoint and Idaho Falls -lights added in Missoula, Miles City and rest area between Butte and Bozeman -various terrain gaps fixed -some terrain work in Missoula and Miles City - You will notice a big difference from the first moment, American Truck Simulator Map Mods free examples are one of the best boosts! Really wanted to make an Alaska and Australia map, because there aren’t many great maps of these countries and I really love making them and driving in them myself. Version 2.2.20C:Various fixesInvisible Walls Fixed... -Tunnel echos added and tunnel rain problems fixed. ”Library” This file is needed for both maps to run!
It requires all SCS map DLC’s. ”Alaska Ice Road Map” and ”Australian Outback Map” you can chose one or both.